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February 25:

What Lent is all about. Lenten Thoughts

Ecumenical summit in Egypt a year ago Jubilee Memories

Pope meets with cardinals and guests. News from ROME

Museum Director dictates free speech his way. USA News

Centurions to the rescue! Pro Life News

A Pope cuts off a Queen. TIME CAPSULES

Iraqi Patriarch pleads for his people. Universal News

Job had the right idea of what a job suffering can be. SIMPLY SHEEN

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February 25, 2001

February 26:

Discovering what's on the Inside. CATHOLIC PewPOINT

We can't get through Lent without living the Beatitudes. VIEW FROM A PEW

February 25th Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje. MEDJUGORJE

Pope retraces footsteps of Moses at Mt. Sinai. Jubilee Memories

Pope has miles to go before he sleeps. News from ROME

Bush rethinking sanctions on Iraq. USA News

Planned Parenthood must pay big for botched abortion. Pro Life News

Russian rules freezing out Faith. Universal News

Mass held in first church in America. TIME CAPSULES

Our pain would be insufferable without Christ. SIMPLY SHEEN

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February 26, 2001

February 27:

The only beads to seek are Rosary beads. CATHOLIC PewPOINT

It's the little things that add up to great graces. Symphony of Suffering

Pope to call Extraordinary Consistory in May. News from ROME

Catholic youth have hope survey shows. USA News

Supreme Court won't hear pro-abort appeal. Pro Life News

Successor to Cardinal Daoud named for Syria. Universal News

The necessity for self-denial. SIMPLY SHEEN

Saint Helena gives birth to Constantine. TIME CAPSULES

February 25th Message from Our Lady of Medjugorje. MEDJUGORJE

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February 27, 2001

February 28:

Holy Father's Lenten Message THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

For the sake of Life it's Time for the Bell, Book and Candle!

Ted Kennedy: Time to repent or get out! HEROD'S HEROES

Dr. Frank Joseph asks why the silence on the cancer link? PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS

Pope trying to soothe schism on the Right with Ecclesia Dei. News from ROME

Ohio bishop is the Pope's man in the Caribbean. USA News

New hope for Pro Life cause out of Scotland. Pro Life News

Take our churches but leave our homes alone. Universal News

...These and much more in Today's issue for
Ash Wednesday
February 28, 2001

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