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February 1:

Cardinal-elect Van Thuan shows Bill Gates the true gate he should take News from ROME

Non-profit religious orgs get boost from Prez
USA News

Abortionist on trial for murder in Phoenix. Key witness paints chilling scene. Pro Life News

Still digging out in El Salvador Universal News

Pope: Support Family and Children February Intentions

Balance between employer and employee rights are key to upholding the 7th & 10th Commandments GIFT OF FAITH

Stalactites of sin can only be removed by grace SIMPLY SHEEN

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February 1, 2001

February 2:

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord on World Day of Consecrated Life DAILY LITURGY

Pope Saint Leo the Great's role would seem to be lost on history if we allow the herestorians to alter the annals

A lie is a lie no matter how you color it Sr. Lucy's column

Bush consults with more Catholic leaders on faith-based programs USA News

Marriages are not to be manipulated Pope tells Tribunal News from ROME

Stop attempts to clone humans now! Pro Life News

Slovakia accord shows it can be done Universal News

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February 2, 2001

Ground-Hog Day

February 3:

Abortionist's guilty verdict speaks volumes USA News

Consistory confluence News from ROME

Dissecting causes & effects of rejecting encyclical AT ONE WITH GOD

Second Day of Lourdes Novena Prayer & Devotions

Blessing of the throats custom continues DAILY LITURGY

Time to walk the walk for Pro Life Pro Life News

Bishop's murder trial on after year delay Universal News

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February 3, 2001

February 4:

No doubts on Bush's Pro Life Stance USA News

Pope douses doom and gloom. VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

From Prison to Prince of the Church News from ROME

Third Day of Lourdes Novena Prayer & Devotion

Abortionists' pasts catching up with them. Pro Life News

Three Year Review on Failed Promises in Cuba. Universal News

Bishop Sheen: The Heart is Home. Simply Sheen

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