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February 13:

Never presume Heaven is so hard to reach.

Pope empathizes with the sick during Angelus News from ROME

Archbishop Chaput stresses values and ideals to business leaders USA News

Pro Life Victory in Florida Appeals Court Pro Life News

Bells to ring throughout Sri Lanka for peace Universal News

Twisting words of virtue for vice. SIMPLY SHEEN

The "puppet Pope" who begot the Guelphs and Ghibellines TIME CAPSULES

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February 12, 2001

February 14:

Part 2 of a story of Faith, perseverance, family love, and American resolve! The Whittaker Family's story!

Dr. Frank Joseph spills the "Heinz 57" variety of pro-aborts in the House in his PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS

Feast of Saints Cyril and Methodius DAILY LITURGY

Pope digging in for long haul with 3-year plan. News from ROME

LA Cardinal apologizes for poor judgment in Clinton fiasco. USA News

Canadian Catholic Hospital in hot water over Clinton invite Pro Life News

Devastating deja vu quake paralyzes poor El Salvador Universal News

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February 14, 2001

February 15:

Jane Dalton shares the loving similarities between "Daddy" and daddy.

Two Popes who had a significant impact on history were elected on this day, 630 years apart. TIME CAPSULES

The Curse of Communism casts a dark shadow. GIFT OF FAITH

Pope sends regrets to El Salvador; stern warning to Old World News from ROME

Man found guilty on threats to Philly Cardinal's life USA News

Madrid Cardinal warns world of dangers of Human Cloning. Universal News

Pro-aborts' Aim: Make pill available without scrips. Pro Life News

The Light of Faith! SIMPLY SHEEN

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February 15, 2001

February 16:

Part Three of a multi-part series on the feats and fiat of one family's efforts to end the culture of death.

Fighting the addiction of wanting more! Sr. Lucy's column

Melkite Patriarch looking forward to Papal Visit to Syria. News from ROME

Catholics take a licking from "Chocolat" and Jesse Jackson USA News

Pro-aborts to apply double-standard litmus test Pro Life News

Jew, Arab and Christian come together in sorrow. Universal News

Catholic editor tried to warn the world of Nazism in 1933. TIME CAPSULES

Illuminated by the Light of Grace! SIMPLY SHEEN

...These and much more in Today's issue for
February 16, 2001

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