August 13-15, 2001
volume 12, no. 142

The Bishops' righteousness rings hollow!

    The pharisaic response of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sends a hypocritical message of outrage that rings hollow when you examine the circumstances.

    Have you noticed how the bishops have no fear of speaking out against a Republican president, but cower from criticizing a pro-abort Democrat president and congressmen, including senators and house members who claim to be Catholic? This was made all the more evident in the aftermath of President George W. Bush's decision to allow federal funding only for existing stem cell research. While many on both sides say he didn't go far enough, it was a predicament he inherited.

    It is true that Bush reaffirmed his campaign promise, that under his watch, NO embryos would be killed. Research with federal funds can ONLY be done on the 60 stem cell lines, which already exist. But what does that accomplish? In truth, it was a no-win situation for Bill Clinton had already laid the groundwork, set the traps.

    Parkinsons’ groups were all over Bush, as were all other groups who represent various diseases. They are angry, because Bush said NO to the killing of embryos. They say none of 100, 000 embryos left over from in vitro fertilization clinics, so their stem cell can be removed, should be off limits to their killing.

    Then there was Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who made a rare TV appearance denouncing Bush’s decision. It seems that the good Cardinal and other Catholic bishops do not think that research on stem cells, which had already been removed from embryos should be used for research, because they, after all, resulted from embryos which were killed. Where was he before these embryos were killed? Where were all the other bishops except for a few who weren't afraid to speak out?

    Now McCarrick speaks out! It's like closing the barn door after the horses have fled. As the shepherd of Washington, D.C. he has a moral responsibility and mandatory duty to censor those politicians who claim to be Catholic but by their actions cause great scandal. It is not like he is unaware. He knows. He has been contacted, that I can guarantee. If he would only speak out as strongly against the 13 pseudo Catholic pro-abort Senators, the 54 psuedo Catholic pro-abort congressmen/women and the 4 supposedly Catholic pro-abort governors. If Cardinal McCarrick and his colleague prelates were all to be as vociferous in stating publicly that these pro-aborts have excommunicated themselves, it would send a message loud and clear to the entire country -- that the Catholic Church will NOT stand for anyone, who condones, or propagates the killing of God's precious children. If most (not all) of these Catholic politicians honored the sanctity of human life, Roe Vs Wade would be overturned in short order.

    But he's been so silent prior to this that few even realized who he was. At least, I finally know what Cardinal McCarrick looks and sounds like. The sad reality is that for the bishops it was politically expedient to speak out against Bush's decision not because of moral principles and to stave off criticism from the Pope, but because it parrotted, in an ironic way, the same kind of 'diss Bush' mentality the Democrats promote. In other words, his reaction pleased Democrats. 'Atta boy!' they're smilin'.

    Why do you think the pro-aborts would be happy that the Catholic bishops were so vehemently against Bush's decision when, in truth, it curtails the culture of death by assuring no new embryos will be destroyed, unlike what Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle are calling for?

    It's very simple really. There has been a lot of buzz lately about Bush courting the Catholic vote. This doesn't sit well with Democrats who, for decades, have had the Catholic bishops in their hip pocket. Therefore, if the bishops speak out against a Republican president that sends a subliminal message to the regular Catholic not to trust a Republican. Ergo, stay with the Democrats. Can you see now how this plays right into the pro-aborts' agenda? So they lose a battle, they're looking at the long-run.

    In the long run it is the Democratic party that will accept totally the homosexual lifestyle and legislate to mandate everyone accept the sin of sodomy as normal and right. It is the Democratic party that will continue to promote that we can do anything we want as long as it is politically expedient, from bedding interns to encouraging the killing of innocent unborn children, from promoting their sexual exploits in publishing rights with obscene profits to playing God by creating humans in a petrie dish. The Democratic party is more interested in preserving animals than humans. They forget God's command in Genesis 1: 28, "Then God blessed them and said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, the cattle and all the animals that crawl on the earth."

    What is even worse, everyone seems to have forgotten Isaiah's prophetic words, "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who change darkness into light , and light into darkness, who change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter!" (Isaiah 5: 20). Because of that, the Catholic Church in America through its bishops have allowed evil to be called good. When are Cardinal McCarrick, his fellow cardinals and the bishops going to speak out as strongly against the Kennedys and Daschles? Not anytime soon I fear.

    Other bishops, also were at odds with Bush’s decision. Bishop Joseph A. Fiorenza, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said, “The federal government, for the first time in history, will support research that relies on the destruction of some defenseless human beings for possible benefit to others. However such a decision is hedged about with qualifications, it allows our nation's research enterprise to cultivate a disrespect for human life.”

    This is a misleading statement by Bishop Fiorenza. It had already been set in motion by Clinton. The federal government under Bush does NOT support the destruction of human beings. Only federal funds will go to research on the 60 stem lines already in existence. NO money will be given for any research on any other stem lines resulting from the killing of embryos. The president made this very plain. The killings occurred on the Clinton watch when the bishops were not being very watchful or speaking out. Where was Fiorenza then? They must share the blame.

    If a private company kills embryos to recover their stem cells -- they get NO money. That is really what the culture of death is all about: money! greed! The day after Bush's announcement stock in companies holding these stem cell lines dropped! Why? Because the federal government was now getting involved. It is the Democrats who want to spend your tax dollars on embryonic stem cell research, no matter that it is at the expense of the innocent unborn. Bush's decision assures for now that no more will be killed. But Daschle has already made it known he will fight in the senate to expand it. Will the bishops speak out against him for this action? I doubt it.

    There were also priests on TV, condemning Bush’s decision. Wow! If only the Catholic clergy put this much energy in the media to condemn the killing of babies while still in their mother's womb, Roe Vs Wade would soon be history. In football terms, it was an all out blitz.

    Why didn't they blitz when Bill Clinton was president and could easily have been kicked out of office for his immorality and perjury? Where were they before Clinton vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortions? Where were they in the two months prior to the last election? Why didn't they tell the pastors and priests to speak up in their sermons every Sunday condemning the killing of God's precious children?

    Why didn't they recommend that the word “abortion” not be used? Instead, speak the truth and say the “killing of unborn babies.” Why didn't they tell the priests to tell the flock to vote for pro-life candidates and to remind everyone weeks prior to the elections?

    In our parish, there was no mention -- even the sugar coated word, “abortion,” was not used. In other words there was no mention of an election coming up and that one of the candidates for president was a pro-abort and if elected president would also veto the ban on partial-birth abortions.

    When Clinton was president and vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortions, I didn't see such an all out blitz from the Catholic hierarchy. Father Dridan, who teaches at Georgetown University, (Catholic) even testified on behalf of Clinton at the Impeachment hearings, knowing full well that if Clinton remained as president, he would veto the ban on partial-birth abortions.

    Father Andrew Greeley, who has written many books, was on TV supporting the most corrupt and morally bankrupt president in the history of our country -- a serial adulterer and a perjurer. But, then I understand that he gives most of his money from his books to church interests that allow this abomination to continue.

    The bishops are in fine company. They have Ted Kennedy, Tom Daschle and John Kerry on their side. These three Senators, were the three, who spoke up immediately after Bush’s announcement. All condemning it, not for the reasons stated by the bishops, but because they wanted, unlike Bush, to fund the killing of embryos to extract their stem cells. And wouldn't you know it, all three of these Senators claim to be Catholic.

    However in the Catholic Church, they have a free ride. They can sign the death warrants for the killing of unborn babies, even when they are 80% born and don't get this much flack from the Catholic bishops. These three and ten other Catholic pro-abort Senators should have been publicly excommunicated long ago. Why not, is a mystery.

    Though they are contaminating the rest of the flock, apparently that doesn’t bother the bishops. The rate of Catholic women killing their children is higher than the Evangelicals. The rate of Catholics voting for pro-abort candidates is higher than the Evangelicals. The bishops’ weak and pathetic effort to end the killing of unborn babies is abominable. I don't think that I am asking too much. All I am asking, is that the Catholic Church in America does as much to stop the killing of unborn babies as the Evangelicals and that Catholic women do not kill their children at a higher rate than the Evangelicals.

    Bush was between a rock and a hard place. He gave the best and most heartfelt speech that I have ever heard come out of any president's mouth. If he would have denied federal funding to the stem cell lines that already exist, (I'm not talking about killing any embryos) his political career would have been over. He would have been a one term president. Out next president would be a Democrat, because of the mindset perpetrated that Republicans don't care about people suffering.

    I can just hear them now -- the entire country would be saying that Bush doesn’t care about people who are suffering from Parkinson's, Diabetes, Strokes, Alzheimer's, heart problems and cancer. He is just a cold blooded person. The media, which is mostly liberal, would have crucified him. The Catholic Church, which seems to love Democrats, would have left him in the lurch.

    Thank God Bush is our president. No thanks to the Catholic Church. If Al Gore were our president, he not only would have vetoed the ban on partial-birth abortions, but would have allowed federal money go towards the killing of as many embryos as the researchers needed. He would not have struggled with such a moral decision as Bush did.

    When we finally get a man of integrity and character -- a man who wasn't afraid to tell the world that the person, who influenced him the most was Jesus Christ, as president, he is treated like dirt, by the Catholic clergy. No, Bush is not a saint, not even a moral giant. He is a sinner like all of us, but he is trying to do right. That is more than you can say about the former president and the pro-aborts on Capitol Hill. As Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap pointed out, "President Bush's effort to prevent federal support for future destructive research involving human embryos is a step toward the rediscovery of an honest moral vocabulary in our country. But the decision to federally fund research that has its genesis in the destruction of human embryos could lead to a coarsening of our American attitude toward the dignity and value of human life." I have to agree that it could lead to that, but we can also be thankful that the moral bar has been raised by a president who has a conscience.

    They should get down on their knees and thank God that Bush is our president and NOT Al Gore. I just wonder if the Catholic bishops would have given Gore this much flack? Sadly, I think not.

    I just don't know what this affinity is with the Catholic Church and the Democratic party. A party that condones the killing of God's precious children and embraces homosexuality. A party that is satan’s pride and joy.

    I am a Catholic, but sometimes I feel that many Catholics do not fear the wages of sin. Maybe they think they can sin all they want -- even vote for pro-abort candidates and have their children killed and just go to confession and all will be forgiven. Could that be it? If it is, then may God have mercy on their souls.

    One thing that I DO KNOW, and that is that we will get rid of the killing of unborn babies when the bishops say so. Right now, they are of no mind to. It's as simple as all that. For that -- they had better have good answers when they are ready to meet God. I would respectfully advise them to read and meditate on Isaiah's words in Isaiah 5: 3-30 more fully and the consequences that arise when one condones evil. I think you'll agree the Church is in the state it is today because it did not heed Isaiah's prophecies.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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August 13-15, 2001
volume 12, no. 142
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