April 2, 2001
volume 12, no. 92

Restore reverence and respect for Holy Mother Church.

    Yesterday we all set our clocks ahead one hour in the annual ritual of Daylight Savings Time. But this year, for some reason, time seems to be moving at breakneck speed. Everything seems in a state of acceleration. Quiet time is hard to find. Noise and rudeness assail the soul at every turn. This is especially true of loyal Catholics as the assault on our decency and tenets we have been taught are constantly challenged from all sides.

    If ever the world was topsy-turvy it is in these times. We find ourselves in a virtual time warp where every day more and more the abnormal is being accepted as normal. We've seen this in society and, sadly, within our own Church. At the forefront of this assault on decency is the evil homosexual agenda that, even as we write, is threatening the ramparts.

    As I have stated so many times, the sodomy agenda is something that disgusts me not only because of its perversity but also because it goes against all natural law. Sorry, politically correct ones, your arguments are not natural either. Yet, so many Catholics are missing the point, caving to the intimidation of others and buying into the doublespeak spin, not wanting to offend and fearing they'll be charged with intolerance. Yet, running from it is not the answer as a Christian either. Too many of our bishops have, like the ostrich, buried their heads in the sand, not willing to acknowledge the problem, not willing to address it, not willing to offer solutions. They themselves have succumbed to the victim mentality so prevalent in today's culture of death environment.

    We received an e-mail from a representative for Priests for Life who said one reason we can't count on the bishops taking action in exacting discipline of pro-abort 'Catholic' politicians is because of the following: "Fr. Pavone has asked me to respond to your email. Excommunication of pro-abortion politicians is a strategy that many in the pro-life movement favor. Apparently the American Bishops are afraid it will turn them into "martyrs" and do more harm than good. Frances Kissling of Catholics For A Free Choice has practically begged the Bishops to excommunicate her. She knows this would get her publicity which she craves, sympathy from the media and donations. The Bishops have explicitly said that this is not a bona fide Catholic organization. Also by the fact that she promotes abortion she has excommunicated herself by that very action. A formal excommunication is not necessary."

   According to latae sententiae in Canon Law it is not necessary, but actions speak louder than words and if only they would walk the walk, more Catholics would walk with them, yeah, run with them in unison with God's Holy Will. Yet the bishops continue to stall as Father Peter West wrote from PFL, "The Bishops believe that in the long run it is better for us to use the power of persuasion than the power of excommunication which plays into the stereotype of the Church as harsh and authoritarian."

    Ah, there's the rub - they're afraid of their image. Like Bill Clinton they watch the polls more than the pews. NCCB even has a lengthy poll at their site asking for input from the laity. Just read the questions they ask and you can see the insincerity of their intentions. Find me the questions about reverence, the need to return to a more prayerful spiritual life. Enough said. Many of the bishops dictate their actions on how the public will perceive them instead of how Jesus Christ sees them. That is a sad commentary, but true. It sounds like they've chucked the hierarchical government in favor of a democratic one here in America. Yet rather than democracy, it's more of a fascist socialism that has despiritualized man and, in the process, desensitized him...and her as well.

    They have become overly sensitive to the feminist agenda and that has greatly clouded many decisions they have made. Too many of the bishops are afraid to be persecuted. Can you imagine where we would be if Saint Paul and the rest of the Apostles had caved to those fears? Instead of standing strong for Christ and taking the heat, they cower in their ivory towers, putting up impenetrable chancery walls to protect them, to give them an excuse that they didn't know. It's called denial. Is that living the Beatitudes? Please read Pat Ludwa's excellent column today on the Beatitudes to better understand what Catholics should do. We cannot hate even though the opposition hates us with a passion. Look around you and see the saturation of the gay lifestyle in the media and commercials. I've never seen so many articles on the sodomy agenda. Now look at the legislation that has been foisted on civilization from Europe to Canada to the United States.

    A few years ago the good people of Colorado voted down a gay initiative and have been labeled as hate-mongers for doing so. Following that Matthew Shepherd, a gay man was murdered. The militant homosexual lobby used him as a martyr to cleverly and sadistically legislate sin as legitimate. Any opposition to this is labeled "hate" and all opposition to the perverse should be ostracised. The Catholic Church remains the strongest opposition. This same tactic is used by pro-aborts against Pro-Life advocates. A good example of this was expertly explained in yesterday's column by Dr. Brian J. Kopp. Other examples can be gleaned from the Reverend Louis B. Shelton's Traditional Values Coalition which can be found at No, it's not Catholic, but it is more in line with Church teaching than many of the bishops.

    Strangely, alarmingly, too many of our shepherds have been very silent about these gay legislation bills. Sorry, but silence is consent. And that is what is truly alarming. There are many bishops we strongly suspect are gay. There are many priests, too. Yet there are many more who are not, yet for either fear of persecution or recrimination, or to save their reputation, remain silent. In respect to their office and not knowing their intent, we will not publish who they are for now. We need absolute proof before we make a definitive statement such as this. However, there are a few who need to be singled out and drummed out because of the great damage being done and there is documentation that they are not only gay but greatly pushing the gay agenda within the Church. We know for a fact that Cardinal Roger Mahony has allowed an openly gay priest to promote homosexuality in his see and other dioceses as well. He is Father Peter Liuzzi, a Carmelite priest who is not only venting against the Church, blaming her strict structure for suppressing them, but spreading this ridiculous rationalization to other priests and bishops. In addition, he was approved by Mahony to be one of the featured speakers at the annual Los Angeles Religious Education Congress in February where 37,000 from the western states gathered for a weekend to be brainwashed by the amchurch agenda. We will be publishing in our "Father, forgive them..." series more details of this which has already been made public. We do so not to promote scandal, but to stop it from spreading further.

    One who is trying to help is Gary Morella who has written Baltimore's Cardinal William Keeler about "hate crime" myopia of the masses. The Archbishop of Baltimore has been silent in letting the politicians have their way with so called "hate crime" initiatives. It has nothing to do with "hate" but rather tolerance for the sin of sodomy. Gary wrote his eminence, "This is where Catholics are blowing it BIG TIME. The Baltimore Archdiocese needs to realize this that the only purpose for such laws are the furthering of the homosexual agenda. It is that simple. There are no such things as special hate crimes. All crimes involve hate of some sort. To create a protected class under such an umbrella makes a mockery of equal justice under the law." He goes on to say, "what's really happening here is the bastardization of our laws to suit the special interests of a radical fringe who will stop at nothing to MAKE society accept their vices as virtues." We include his entire letter in today's Oppose bogus "hate crimes" legislation.

    We have been criticized by a few, and only a few - the regular "raggers" if you will - that we are being too harsh in our assessments of some of the prelates of the Church. We again repeat, when they are purposely leading astray the faithful we have a duty before God and His Holy Church to speak out.

    I'm also alarmed at the mindsets of some in the Curia who are trying to sabotage the Holy Father's efforts to reconcile with the Lefebvrists, of which I addressed in my last editorial. What bothers me is two news report from Catholic World News last week. One featured a story that the Pope had called together various cardinals and curial heads to get some feedback from them on a possible reconciliation with the Society of St. Pius X. The one opposing it the most was the recently appointed red-hat Cardinal Walter Kasper from Germany. He is part of the leadership that led the "German resistance" against the Pope over the abortion counseling certificates for so long.

    He and the other new German cardinal Cardinal Karl Lehmann, a known liberal as well, were surprize last-minute picks for the College of Cardinals and many are still asking why. There have been some reports that the Pontiff was threatened by the germchurch that they would bolt in schism if he didn't appoint certain German bishops to the Conclave. Maybe that is why the Holy Father waited a week to announce Lehmann and Kasper. We don't know for sure, but we do know it's called politics and even the Pope has to play it at times. It is also documented that Cardinal Kasper has made statements that deny the miracles of Christ and even raise questions as to His divinity, putting forward modernist thoughts that the Resurrection itself didn't necessarily take place. He is a true relativist. Maybe the Holy Father appointed him so he could keep better watch on him within the Vatican.

    Yet you have to be concerned at the position Cardinal Kasper has been given, that of President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. He moved up through the ranks, serving as the secretary to Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, who, because of age, had to retire. Evidently Kasper was the best Rome could do. That's sad. I say that because it is Kasper who opposes reuniting the Lefebvrists as CWN reported on March 28: "The Pope and cardinals spoke about the possibility of rescinding the 1988 excommunication of the Lefebvrist movement. Two solutions were presented, that of a personal prelature identical to that of Opus Dei or that of an apostolic vicariate which would offer the movement almost total autonomy from diocesan bishops.

    "Two cardinals were apparently opposed to the idea, according to Il Foglio, namely Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity, and Cardinal Mario Francesco Pompedda, prefect of the Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature. These two cardinals reportedly renewed the arguments of certain French bishops who were opposed to a rapprochement with the Lefebvrist movement."

    Cardinal Mario Francesco Pompedda is another of the new cardinals. His duties as Dean of the Roman Rota is to oversee the ordinary court of appeals for cases appealed to the Holy See. It is best known for its competence and decisions in cases involving the validity of marriage. It was first reorganized by Pope Saint Pius X, the namesake of the Society whose creed is to live what this holy Pontiff taught and to help swing the pendulum back to the Right within the Church. Yet Cardinal Pompedda opposes it? Do I sense another liberal? In these times when everyone is seeking annulments and Rome is inundated with appeals, the Society of St. Pius X teaches marital fidelity and that marriage is forever. Yet Cardinal Pompedda opposes adding them to help stabilize things? You tell me.

    On Cardinal Kasper, I ask, why would Kasper oppose a group whose beliefs are totally in union with Rome and yet, as reported by ZENIT in today's issue, Kasper is conducting talks with the Presbyterians here in the United States. Note he hasn't objected to being open to a sect that has been quite liberal in ordaining women and accepting homosexuals. But he is trying to block the return of a group who have upheld all that Holy Mother Church stands for. Yes, folks, something is rotten in Denmark!

    Let's face it, folks, Kasper is trying to protect the liberal agenda at all costs and he will fight the reunion of the pious Society of St. Pius X whose members have impressed everyone else at the Vatican; enough so that they can see the sincerity and, whereas before they might not have hankered to such a thought as healing the "schism" caused by the ordination of four bishops by the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, now they are open to it.

    We can only hope that the Holy Father is not swayed by a few modernists within the Munus and will listen to the other German cardinal whose voice has been influential to him throughout his pontificate. We're talking, of course, about Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, who is at the opposite end of the pole philosophically and theologically with Kasper. Cardinal Ratzinger knows the trouble the Church is in because of the modernists' deconstruction. He knows one way to stop the bleeding and begin the healing will be through readmittance of the Society of St. Pius X. When you weigh the pros and cons, the Vicar of Christ cannot pass on this golden opportunity to help restore reverence and respect for Holy Mother Church.

Michael Cain, editor

April 2, 2001
volume 12, no. 92
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