April 1, 2001
volume 12, no. 91

No Relation to James Kopp or all the Relativists and Reactionaries!

By Dr. Brian J. Kopp

    Given the press over the arrest of James Kopp, and the fact that I share a proper name with him, as well as the broad label of the main stream media of being "anti-abortion," I think I need to address the mindset which so many have been led to believe because of the brainwashing by the Left. As for relations with this other Kopp, there is no relationship by name or philosophy. We are related only as children of are all the children in the womb who merit respect and protection.

    As we hear about this case in the coming news cycles, we need to keep basic principles in mind.

    There is a simple test anyone can apply to the morality of an act. When someone who calls themself a Christian tells me that a woman should have the right to choose, that God is Merciful and wouldn't force a woman to carry a child she did not want, or that was a result of rape or incest, implying the act is somehow NOT immoral, I ask them a simple question:

    "Can YOU picture Jesus Christ dressed in surgical garb, at an abortion clinic, ripping a baby piece by piece from a woman's womb?!? Is that Merciful? Would Jesus Christ EVER commit such a crime?"

    The answer is as obvious to us as it is to pro-abortion men and woman.

    Likewise, can anyone imagine Jesus Christ dressed in fatigues and black face, hiding in bushes behind an abortionist's home, clutching a high powered rifle, waiting for an opportunity to take the life of that abortionist? Can anyone imagine HIM killing an abortionist who would then die unrepentant in his sin, damned eternally to Hell?

    No. The answer is obvious. EVERY man, no matter how vile his crime, must have an opportunity to repent and be saved. Jesus would never hide in the bushes with a rifle to take the life of a sinner.

    It is not hard, however, to imagine Jesus quietly praying on the sidewalk for the unfortunate women entering the abortuary. It is also easy to imagine them drawn to His presence, quietly pouring out their suffering and pain. Finally, His words to them, as they decide to keep their child, we already know:

    "And neither do I condemn you."

    But because He loves them and wants what is best for them, He would ALWAYS add, "Go and sin no more."

    Perfect justice exists ONLY in Heaven. Due to Original Sin, we will NEVER have Perfect Justice here on earth. An anti-abortion activist that resorts to violence is not acting in the way of the Lord. Period.

    On the other hand, a large percentage of abortuary clinic bombings and arsons happen not at the hands of protesters but by the hands of clinic owners themselves, their petty rivals, and even boyfriends whose child was killed in the womb by the abortionist.

    Likewise, many of the murders of abortionists were a result not of "anti-abortion violence" but of the consequences of the debased immoral lives abortionists live. Here's a few examples from a Wanderer article of December 10, 1998:

    "Among some of the more grisly-though not exactly atypical-deaths of prominent abortionists are these few from the files of the Pro-Life Action League in Chicago, provided to The Wanderer for this report:

    " San Diego abortion clinic director, militant radical feminist, and lesbian Deborah Fleming, 35, shot herself in the head on May 26th, 1990 in a motel room in Yuma, Ariz. She was, apparently, distraught over her inability to conceive a child.

    " Abortionist Lynn D. Weller of Kansas City was shot to death in his home in September, 1973 by two masked gunmen, hired by rival abortionist Dr. William Carlos, who was angry that Weller was having an affair with his ex-wife.

    " Notorious Chicago abortion mill owner Kenneth Yellen literally died in the gutter after his gangland-style execution in November, 1979: five shots in the head as he walked to work. Police discovered that Yellen-who also was involved in the gambling, prostitution, and pornography- businesses -was more than $1 million in debt.

    " George Patterson, who operated abortion mills in Alabama and Florida, was gunned down outside a porn theater in downtown Mobile in august, 1993, where he was a regular customer."

    Is James Kopp guilty of murdering an abortion doctor? God alone knows. However it must be remembered that he was an effective pro-life presence, and the administration that launched the international manhunt for him was virulently pro-abortion, was also guilty of Ruby Ridge and the deaths of so many children at Waco, and held a visceral hatred for pro-life efforts in general. If Kopp is guilty he must be brought to justice. If he is innocent, I fear he will not find justice in our courts.

    But we must remember that there is Perfect Justice in Heaven for both baby killers and baby killer killers.

    In His Peace,

Dr. Brian J. Kopp

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Editor's Note: Dr. Brian Kopp is a regular contributor to The Wanderer, a very orthodox, conservative Roman Catholic Weekly publication out of St. Paul, Minnesota founded on the Feast of Our Lady of Victory - October 7, 1897.

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April 1, 2001
volume 12, no. 91
"Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do."
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