April 11, 2001
volume 12, no. 101

What Pro-choicers Condone and Propagate: "Crucify Him and His innocent ones!"

    In two days we commemorate the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, Son of God. What He went through for us is what every innocent unborn goes through when he or she is ripped unceremoniously from their mother's womb with their own mother's permission. Can you imagine that? The mother dispatching her own flesh and blood as if it were merely a mass of tissue. Look at the pictures below and tell me those wretched figures are just masses. Yes, they're difficult to look at, but what's even more difficult is to look at your own soul if you condone this butchering of human life.

    To all people, who claim to be pro-choice, and to all politicians, who say that they will always defend a woman’s right choose [to have her unborn baby killed], the pictures below are for you.

    This is what you condone. Let these pictures be permanently etched in your brain. Because of you, our once Godly and compassionate country is no more. You are the architects of the “culture of death.”

    There are 40 million such pictures, since Roe Vs Wade in 1973, (1.4 million a year) although not all captured by the eye of an earthly camera, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the Eyes of God sees them, and the condoners of these atrocities (pro-choicers) will not be forgotten by their Creator.

    And why are these precious children of God killed? Because it will be more convenient for the mother. 96% of ALL abortions are done for convenience sake. “My child, you must die so that I won’t be inconvenienced.” The word adoption escapes their cognizance -- that too would be inconvenient -- how sad.

    So far, I’ve been reluctant to put these pictures in my column. Not any more. I've called most of the politicians featured to date in "Herod's Heroes." I've also called many of the bishops. Naturally, they are unapproachable and the people I do talk to haven't a clue. Maybe if they take the time to look at these pictures they'll understand. Maybe they'll realize they've been living a lie. Maybe their hardened hearts will be softened if they have even an ounce of decency left. Maybe, just maybe, they'll rediscover why they are Catholic and what our Faith adheres to regarding the abuse of others, the murder of others. Maybe, just maybe, they'll realize the Ten Commandments are not suggestions. Maybe, just maybe, they can convey this to the bishops.

    The politicians and bishops have all stated they were outraged by what happened during the Holocaust in Germany. How could those German officers and soldiers do such a thing? Do they realize they are doing the very same thing to even a more dastardly degree today by sentencing tens of millions more to the same horrible death? Do the bishops realize that by their silence they are no better than the SS, Gestapo and other officials who stood by and let it happen? No, Hitler is not involved today. Instead we have a consortium of Hitlers in NARAL, Planned Parenthood, UNFPA, NOW, the Democratic Party and the media who have lulled civilization into believing the Mein Kampf of Roe vs. Wade.

    So, no, I have no compunction to put the pictures on-line. The slaughter must stop. We must, like the Jews and the world in unison after World War II, say "Never again!" The images I have seen of the emaciated nude bodies stacked thirty feet high at these death camps will forever remain with me. So also should the emaciated, nude bodies of the innocent unborns. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words -- how true. I want pro-choicers to see what they condone and propagate, when they say that a woman should have the right to kill her unborn baby if she so chooses. The pictures below give proof to the depth of the moral degeneracy of our country. We can plainly see we are no better than Hitler. In fact, worse, because Hitler did not conquer the world, the consortium has with their ideology of the culture of death.

    This is where legalized abortions have led our once civilized society. Can there be any doubt that we have become a country of barbarians. Do these precious babies look like a lump of tissue, as Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion mills tell the mothers?

    How can you, pro-choicers look at these pictures and STILL have the gall to say that a woman should have a right to have her unborn baby killed if she so chooses? Even if you are one of the 8%, who do not believe in God and the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” means nothing to you, how could you condone the killing of JUST ONE of these babies, let alone over 40 million.

    You must know down deep in your heart that God wants you to honor the sanctity of human life and protect life at all costs and NOT be a party to its destruction and remember, no good will EVER come from an EVIL ACT.

    Is it any wonder that the perception that life is cheap abounds in our country and when it rubs off on children and they kill each other, please remember these pictures and what you (pro-choicers) are a party to -- just by the fact that YOU condone them, by saying that a women has a right to do what is displayed in these pictures below.

    Shame on you. I ask during this holiest of weeks when the One you persecute so suffered and died for you, that you truly rethink what treasures you are building up on this earth. You must realize you can't take it with you. Youth and sexual pleasures are so fleeting. But what you do on this earth will have resounding results in eternity. Look again at these pictures and realize that what they did to Him on Calvary is the very same thing you do to every innocent in the womb. When you say, I am pro-choice, in effect you are saying "Crucify Him, crucify His little ones."

God's children get thrown out with the trash. These dead babies had reached fetal ages of 18 to 24 weeks. It's enough to make you cry.

This child above was dismembered and aborted at five months of development on May 11, 1987. He would have have been 14 years old in September this year. This abortion was performed at the Michigan Avenue Medical Center in Chicago by the D&E (dilation and evacuation) method. By this "procedure" the abortionist used large forceps to crush the baby inside the mother's uterus and remove it in pieces.

According to the mother, "I had a saline abortion and felt the baby thrash inside me for over an hour." In addition to the health hazards to women, saline abortion has caused live births. The gasping baby is then left to die, or is disposed of in some other distasteful way.

This baby's head was found in a plastic trash bag outside an abortion mill in Houston, Tesas. 8 bodies were found there in 1987. On August 8, the abortionist denied that he or his staff had thrown the babies' bodies out. But three days later, pro-lifers found bodies there again. The abortionist said that he disposed of bodies according to Texas law. This may be true; it is not clear that tossing babies' bodies out to be eaten by dogs, rats and other vermin was illegal.

To see more photos and the ones above even larger, go to for "The American Holocaust."

Dr. Frank Joseph

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April 11, 2001
volume 12, no. 101
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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