April 10, 2001
volume 12, no. 100

Let us help shoulder the heavy Cross

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, again, today, the Holy Spirit prompts me to write to you. We are now in Holy Week. It is at this time, my brothers and sisters, that Holy Mother Church commends to us to meditate upon the Most Sacred Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    But how many of us meditate upon this Infinitely and Most Powerful Sacrifice of God's Only-Begotten Son only at this time, on Good Friday? Do you meditate often upon His Most Sacred Passion? This is of utmost necessity for all Catholics who are seeking to deepen their spiritual life, to come to an understanding, as far as is possible, to the Most August Sacrament of the Altar - the Blessed Sacrament.

    In meditation upon Our Lord's Most Sacred Passion, there is one thing that I would ask you to consider, if you have not already done so. That is, to include in your meditations not only the Five Most Sacred Wounds, which we venerate and reverence, but also the Sacred Wound in Our Lord's Shoulder. There have been many private revelations, approved by Holy Mother Church, in which Our Lord commends to us this Wound, which came from the weight of the cross, heavy laden by its wood, and by the sins of the world.

    We, today, do not often pause long enough to consider ALL of the Wounds His Most Sacred Body endured for all mankind, past, present, and yet to come. I would ask that in your meditations during this Holy Week you ponder a while, and think about this Most Sacred Shoulder Wound. It is not that we neglect ALL of His Wounds when we venerate the Five Wounds, which we kiss on Good Friday, during the solemn liturgy of that day. It is, rather, that we are called to go deeper, to seek to be drawn into each of Our Lord's Sacred Wounds, for in them we find a deeper calling to Come Unto Him, Who is are ALL. We deprive ourselves of the riches of His Most Sorrowful and Sacred Passion, when we try to fit in meditation upon them only on Good Friday.

    As the Joyful Mysteries precede the Sorrowful, thus we cannot arrive at the Glorious Mysteries without first having meditated upon and having understood the depth, breadth, and width of the Sorrowful Mysteries, for in them we see the fallen nature of man, his basest instincts, and in them we also find ourselves…weak, numb, in a sense, to this Infinite Sacrifice of Love for our sake.

    Our Lord bore the weight of the cross not for the COLLECTIVE SIN of the world, but for each one of us individually. The individual is thus part of the Mystical Body of Christ, which embodies all of the sins of the world, and calls out to us to "Wait and watch with Me for one hour" That 'one hour' must be part of our everyday prayer life, our meditation, our longing to receive Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament with all reverence that we can give to the King of Kings, not out of a false sense of 'duty' but rather because of our deepened understanding of just how much we are loved and cherished by God.

    To meditate upon Our Lord's Sacred Wound in His Shoulder is to recognize the weight of our own sin. It should prompt us to pray with more fervor to seek to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation not only during the Easter Time, but also throughout the entire year. If matters not if your individual pastor downplays this Sacrament of Reconciliation, and it is offered only for a half hour at your parish. You, my dear brothers and sisters, are called to this Sacrament of Reconciliation in order that Our Lord may draw you deeper into the Refuge of His Most Sacred Wounds, which then leads us into a deeper, more profound desire to pay all homage and reverence to the Most Blessed Sacrament.

    To begin to understand what Our Lord truly suffered on the Cross, it is necessary that we first see our own sinfulness, and seek to cleanse our souls through the Sacrament of Reconciliation. But also, my dear brothers and sisters, it is also necessary for us to seek to be 'hidden' within Our Lord's Most Sacred Wounds, for there we will find refuge, we will find Infinite Love, and we will also find our way to His Most Sacred Heart, which throbs with Infinite Love for us in the Blessed Sacrament.

    It would seem to me that very little is asked of us these days, since the 'spirit of Vatican Council II' has permeated into every diocese, every chancery office, every parish, and has left a void within our souls - a void that hungers for God.

    Yes, we are called also to rejoice on Easter Sunday, and so we should. But that joy is not fully realized until we have probed, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, into the Sufferings of Our Lord for the sake of all mankind.

    Try to think for a moment of those offenses you have committed against God. Try to imagine, if you will, that each offense is a weight that causes pain for one to carry. Multiply those offenses that you have remembered by the length of your lifetime since you were seven years of age. Once you have come to an understanding of what you have caused Our Lord, then you can benefit greatly from the reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and how much more fervent you will be in receiving Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

    By venerating the Wound in Our Lord's Shoulder, you are mindful of your part in His Crucifixion. Oh yes, He knew you by name. He knew every act you would do that would please Him, and He knew also the many times you would fail. He also knew if you would seek Him in the Sacramental Life of Holy Mother Church, and He knew also the depth to which His Sufferings would impact your life as a Catholic.

    I humbly ask you to think about His Most Sacred Shoulder Wound as you are called to relive, through the Liturgy of Holy Week, all that Our Lord suffered just for YOU! When you have begun, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, to plumb the depths of His Sufferings for YOU, only then can you begin to see how each sin of each individual affects the Mystical Body of Christ, and tears down His Body. When we sin deliberately, that is, with intent, we must know that we have caused the nails to be pounded into His Hands and Feet, that we have caused the Crown of Thorns to be placed about His Sacred Head, that we have caused the whip to be lashed across His Sacred Body, and we have added to the weight of the Cross He Carried with so much love that we shall not fully comprehend it until we are united with Him forever in Heaven.

    We cannot wait for that moment of reunion. We must start now, and each day we must be mindful of the Passion of Our Lord. In this way, we will perceive life differently. We will joyfully pick up our daily crosses with a spirit of lightheartedness that only God can give to us. We will not be resentful, impatient, disobedient, self-absorbed.

    You and I are part of all of His Wounds, and we are the weight He bore on His Sacred Shoulder that we may have life eternal. This world is passing away. This world is in such a state of sin that even Sodom and Gomorrah did not have this much evil within their walls. By our silence, by our actions, and by our self-seeking of pleasures and treasures in this life, we shut out the Sacred Passion, and though we don't realize it, we cause Our Lord to tremble and weep in the Garden of Olives. We betray Him by our laziness, our lukewarmness, and by our self-seeking. We are only too glad to "have" to do the little that is asked of us these days by the erroneous 'spirit of Vatican Council II.' Nothing was altered in the Dogma, Doctrines, Traditions and Sacred Scripture by this Council, but its 'spirit' has been one of destruction to our souls, our very spiritual lives.

    Therefore, join with me during this Holy Week and seek to venerate with sincerity all of Our Lord's Wounds, particularly the Wound in His Shoulder, which dug deep, all the way to the bone. Let us, as it were, lift that weight just a little by our sincere love of Our Lord, which is manifest in a holy a righteous life.

    I am praying for all of you, and ask your prayers for my family and myself. I extend the best to you all in receiving the graces of this most Holy Week so that you will better merit the graces of His Resurrection on the glorious day we celebrate as Easter, a day made into commercial crassness with the 'easter bunny,' and such, but a day we still joyfully celebrate the magnitude of His accomplishment. He conquered death for us.

    Your very little sister in Christ who loves you in His Name,


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April 10, 2001
volume 12, no. 100
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