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Festivities abound over weekend as Journalists and Migrants combine for festive events with many surprises
    St. Peter's Square was filled with a sea of colors in a Jubilee festival organized by the Italian Federation of Musical Bands. There were a series of parades throughout the morning, starting in Castel Sant'Angelo, moving down the Via della Conciliazione, and ending in St. Peter's Square. Upon seeing this magnificent sight, John Paul II thanked everyone for their presence.continued inside

Holy Father bonds with journalists from around the world, emphasizes importance of human dignity and ethics in bringing about lasting peace of mind for all
  The Journalists' Jubilee, which was attended by more than 7,000 professional communicators, ended shortly after midday on Sunday with a Papal meeting. During the meeting, held in the general audience hall in the Vatican, John Paul II said, "I have greatly looked forward to this meeting with you, dear journalists, not only to be with you on your Jubilee journey, as I am doing with many other groups, but also to pay a personal debt of gratitude that I have with innumerable professionals who, over the years of my pontificate, have worked to make the words and works of my ministry known." continued inside.

Russian Orthodox spokesman puts kabosh on Pope visiting Russia anytime soon despite Putin's visit to the Holy See this week
Vladimir Putin    Leave it to the Russian Orthodox Church to throw a wet blanket on any possibility of a trip by Pope John Paul II to Russia. It is is unlikely to result from Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to the Vatican next week, said a spokesman for the Moscow Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church on Thursday, quashing rumors that such a trip was in the works. continued inside.

Holy Father celebrates "Catholic character" of the Church with an assembly of characters from all walks of life during Migrants' Jubilee Festivities
   On June 2, St. Peter's Square became the scene of a multiethnic festival, which included the participation of 30,000 immigrants, refugees, gypsies, circus performers, sailors, and many others, reflecting a vivid picture of the "catholic" character of the Church. The Migrants' and Itinerants' Jubilee culminated in a Mass celebrated by John Paul II, during which he made it very clear that one cannot be both a Catholic and a racist at the same time. continued inside.

"Catholic Day" or "Katholikentag" draws one hundred thousand for opening ceremonies with special message by Pope celebrating the ecumenical flavor of Germany
   The German "Katholikentag" (Catholic Day) began May 31 with an message from John Paul II containing a meditation on time. This 94th edition of "Katholikentag," held every two years, takes place for the first time in a city with a Catholic minority: Hamburg. continued inside.

What's going on behind closed doors? That's what Pro-Life groups want to know at UN
   Led by the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), Pro-life groups at the United Nations this week complained that important talks surrounding the Beijing+5 conference, including negotiations regarding "reproductive rights," are being held in secret, in violation of UN rules. continued inside.

Every little bit helps as US shows slight improvement in number of seminarians studying to be priests
   Though it's not much, any improvement in the status of America's seminaries is good news. The number of Catholic seminarians rose 4 percent this academic year, according to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University. Hey, every little bit helps, but more prayer and sacrifice are needed to make those numbers really significant. continued inside.

German Court confirms the obvious: Abortion is today's Holocaust!
   A German federal court has settled a battle of several months over whether pro-life demonstrators could use the term "Babycaust" to refer to abortion, according to an article in todays "Telegraph." The dispute arose when protesters handed out flyers in front of an abortionist's office refering to the "murder of children in their mothers' wombs." The slogan was "Holocaust then, Babycaust now." Hospital authorities sued to ban such language and won, but yesterday's ruling overturned this. continued inside.

Third Secret of Fatima released, puts to rest apocalyptic tales of doom and shows prophetic nature of John Paul the Great's pontificate
Pope meets with Sister Lucia who received the Third Secret   Because we were out of the country and couldn't bring you the news of the release of the Third Secret of Fatima during the time His Holiness Pope John Paul II was beatifying Blessed Francisco and Jacinto Marto, we bring you the official text read by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, the Secretary of State. The Vatican has promised more later, but for now this will suffice to quell the rumors and sensationalistic tendencies the unknown can foster. continued inside.

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