June 12-13, 2000
volume 11, no. 113
June 26-27, 2000
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   After a forty-year wait, the "Third Secret" of Fatima was officially released on Monday morning in Rome by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Prefect for the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Accompanying the brief words written down by Sister Lucia, was a commentary by the cardinal. For the latest breaking news on this, see Fatima Secret
Doctrine of Incarnation and Motherhood of Mary

On Tuesday we commemorate the Feast of Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Bishop and Doctor of the Church. We attribute to him masterful treatises on the doctrine of the Incarnation and the Dogma of Mary as Mother of God. St. Cyril was elevated to Doctor of the Church in 1883 by Pope Leo XIII. Also, we feature the June 25th Message of Medjugorje on the occasion of the 19th Anniversary of the apparitions.

For more, see INSPIRATION.

The Holy Father capped the half-way point - which he calls the "heart of the Jubilee" - Sunday evening in closing the 47th International Eucharistic Congress in St. Peter's Square during the traditional and solemn Statio Orbis with Mass and ceremonies that included over 10,000 First Communicants. Also in attendance were 50 cardinals, 250 bishops and over a thousand priests celebrating the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.

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"Bad morality is bad medicine"
Cardinal John J. O'Connor

Pat Ludwa bemoans the attitude adopted by so many in society today that we must accept immoral behavior because it is inevitable. Pat points out, just because everyone is doing it doesn't make it right. Cardinal John J. O'Connor said, "Bad morality is bad medicine" and yet political correctness has been prescribing deadly 'cures' while ignoring the consequences and mortal side effects.

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Pope Saint Benedict II

On Monday we commemorate the 1,316th anniversary of the election of Pope Saint Benedict II, the Roman-born 81st successor of Peter. Though his pontificate lasted just under a year, (he died on May 8, 685) he is remembered for restoring the privilege of Sanctuary. He reinforced it to curtail many marauders who had failed to honor it and slayed thousands who had taken refuge in the churches. He also liberated the Church from Justinian interference.

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"How narrow the gate and close the way that leads to life! And few there are who find it."    Matthew 7: 14
    The Narrow Path is the only way to Heaven but we need self-control to keep us from opting for the wide road strewn with roses leading toward hell. Sometimes the only deterrent is to enforce discipline to prevent us from speeding into more danger.
    In our editorial in this issue, we question why the world is so permissive today and come to the conclusion it is because self-control is not taught in our schools, in our homes, in our society and, sadly, even in our churches. It is the emergency brake to keep us from rolling out of control down the wide road that is strewn with false promises and ends in a dead-end. But too many don't want to make the effort or the energy to step on the brake, to steer sensibly. Rather they persist in putting the pedal to the metal and racing pellmell towards hell. We need a tune-up to make sure we're running on all virtuous cylinders and we need mechanics who we can trust. Also we need to make sure authorities uphold virtue themselves and enforce the consequences. God is giving us plenty of warning tickets. When will we learn to slow down and listen? For the commentary, The answer lies in practicing and promoting self-control!, see, CATHOLIC PewPOINT


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