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Holy Father closes International Eucharistic Congress in style and with renewed vigor
         John Paul II concluded the International Eucharistic Congress this evening with a Mass in St. Peter's Square. The Congress brought together representatives from 80 Episcopal Conferences from different parts of the world, 50 Cardinals, 250 Bishops, and more than 1,000 priests. John Paul II brought to a close the week he described as the "heart" of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000: 7 days in which the entire Church was united to Rome in recalling that its life and mission have no meaning without the Eucharist, and in adoring the sacrament day and night. continued inside.

Next International Eucharistic Congress to be held in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2004
Mexico    When opening the Congress on June 18, John Paul II referred to it as the "heart of the Jubilee." Sunday he placed its fruits in Mary's hands and entrusted "the next International Eucharistic Congress to her that, God willing, will be held in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2004," and took advantage of the moment to greet Mexican pilgrims, who received the news of the forthcoming Congress with great enthusiasm.continued inside.

Free at last! MadagascarChurch succeeds in getting clemency for 3,000 prisoners in Madagascar
Cardinal Razafindratandra    Thanks to the tenacity of one priest, the government of Madagascar has released some 3,000 prisoners serving time for minor charges in its severely overcrowded prisons. Father Angelo Buccarello, with the blessings of his Archbishop Cardinal Armand Gaetan Razafindratandra, has been successful where weightier international organizations and associations concerned with human rights, have failed. As a sign of reconciliation during the Jubilee, he requested this amnesty. Among its beneficiaries are minors and many pregnant women, and others with small children, obliged to serve time for lesser offenses in inhuman conditions. continued inside.

Chinese Catholics who fail to adhere to Rome could get the bell, book and candle!
   In a statement released on Saturday, June 24, the Vatican has said that the ordination of bishops without papal authorization is "a painful wound to Church communion." The statement goes on to say that the "seriousness" of such an illicit episcopal ordination could merit the "severe sanctions" laid down by canon law. The measure is aimed at Red China who have openly ordained bishops for the Patriotic Catholic Association and the Holy See has had enough. continued inside.

Former Jew, now a priest sees hope for peace in Mid-East but it won't be easy
SyriaIsraelPalestine    Several recent developments in the Middle East have suggested that change may be in the air. Israel has withdrawn its troops from southern Lebanon. Bashar el Assad has succeeded his father as Syria's leader. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators continue to explore peace possibilities. The Ehud Barak government in Israel appears to be fragile. Christians and Jews in the region have been drawn closer together by the March visit of Pope John Paul II. The agency Fides sought out a priest who is an expert on the latest developments and provide an insightful interview with him on possible peace in this region so hungry for peace. continued inside.

India's Prime Minister, who will finally meet face to face with Holy Father this week, has a lot to answer for
India    After Archbishop Alan Basil de Lastic's funeral tomorrow in New Delhi, India's Prime Minister will seek an audience with the Pope in response to the Church's concern with what is happening in India. The Holy See wants answers because the federal coalition government led by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's pro-Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is widely considered to be closing its eyes - if not actually encouraging the organized attacks on church targets. Over 200 incidents of atrocities on Christians have been reported since the BJP assumed power under Vajpayee's leadership in 1998. continued inside.

Austrian cardinal stresses need for Confession before Communion during Eucharistic Congress
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn    Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who at 55 is one of the youngest Cardinals of the Catholic Church, addressed the topic: "Eucharist, Conversion, and Reconciliation," revealing the intimate bond that exists between Eucharistic communion and confession, and he mentioned how in some countries, especially in Europe, the practice of confession has all but disappeared. Given this fact, he asked a very honest question: "Do we need reconciliation?" He said that if believers today do not feel the need to be reconciled with God it is due to the crisis of the "consciousness of sin." continued inside.

Vatican shows capital gains as it rebounds from banking woes after Vatican II
  At present, figures in the red are a distant memory for the Vatican. Archbishop Sergio Sebastiani, president of the Vatican Prefecture for Economic Affairs, announced Friday morning during a press conference to present the Vatican's Net Consolidated Revenues and Expenses for the fiscal year 1999, which registered a net gain of $5 million, 3.5 million more than in 1998. continued inside.

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