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Dueling Cardinals: Mexico's Rivera and LA's Mahony's stories don't match

Democrats and the Bishops

Problems in the Gateway City

Pope's Banker

Cardinal Walter Kasper

John Kerry

Bishops Manuel Moreno and Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson

Cardinal Edward Egan of New York

Archbishop Charles Chaput will host USCCB Conference next week

Louisville Attorney William McMurry tabs Pope as complicit in cover-up

So many questions, so few answers. Why? Can you say 'denial'?

Former President Ronald Reagan

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger

Archbishop Harry Flynn dismisses Catholic doctrine

Cardinal William Keeler - more backtracking from the Sacred Deposit of the Faith

Bernard Law rewarded for scandal with church in Rome!

Boston church with Latin Mass destined to close

The only Way to clear up the mass confusion!

    When it comes to all these ungodly laws being passed by liberal judges because of the lobbying and intimidation of a small minority out to do away with the natural and supernatural order, it is wise to keep in mind the following:
"Unjust laws are, properly speaking, NO LAWS!"
His Eminence Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church
  • The Dallas Morning News provides more proof of cover-up as two cardinals get caught in their own bafflegab Despite denials by the Salesians in ZENIT, no proof has been offered by them or by anyone else that the newspaper's accounts are not factual and the latest revelation shows a doublespeak between Mexico City's Cardinal Norberto Rivera and Los Angeles' notorious liar Cardinal Roger Mahony. In fact the latter had the audacity to state "we do not admit priests with any homosexual problems" when everyone and their brother and sister know that is a laugh, especially with Mahony's track record, the sodomite bishops on the west coast and the homosexual sexcapades in Camarillo and San Diego documented by many sources, particularly Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful. The story revolves around a Mexican priest, but the real culprits are the wolves in shepherds' clothing both north and south of the border.
  • Proof positive that the Bishops and Democratic Party have been in cahoots since the Johnson administration An article released in America magazine for its June 21-28 issue reveals that Joseph A. Califano Jr., President Lyndon B. Johnson’s top aide for domestic affairs and President Jimmy Carter’s secretary for health, education and welfare reveals why and when the bishops compromised the Faith and jeopardized countless souls in selling out to the Culture of Death. Califano affirms: "We crafted an uneasy truce: If the president used the term ‘population problem’ — which also allowed for solutions like increasing available food — rather than ‘birth control’ or ‘population control,’ the bishops would stay silent." Because of that silence millions upon millions of babies have been aborted and countless souls lost to perdition. Ah, yes, the great compromise!
  • The Dallas Morning News breaks story on "Runaway Priests Hiding in Plain Sight" Evidence of more cover-up by Religious Orders and the prelates in charge. More of the "fruits" of Vatican II.
  • Insurance firm suing St. Louis Archdiocese over sexual abuse settlement Poor Archbishop Raymond Burke. He has inherited a mess from the previous administration of Archbishop Justin Rigali as the insurance company of the see is now balking at paying 1.5 million the Archdiocese expected them to pay. They are using the excuse they were not notified within 30 days of discovering the abuse. This kind of disavowal by insurance companies could have repercussions with other dioceses around the country and world.
  • Alleluia! Mel Gibson named most influential and powerful celebrity in the world! Whoda thunk it? A Traditional Catholic as the most powerful and influential person in the world!?! What better time to strike than when the iron is hot for the cause of Traditional Catholicism? No one is hotter right now and could do more for the cause in so many ways from saving the abandoned churches for sale in Boston and New York, to funding a national network to reach Novus Ordo Catholics with solid Catholic Truth and Tradition compared to the pabulum being produced on EWTN and in neo-conservative Catholic publications who only parrot what they are told. Mel could be such an influence in helping establish the new Christ the King College and so many other ways in helping bring down the revolutionaries. Pray he will and pray others will come forward to uphold the Faith who have the kind of influence Mel presently enjoys.
  • Pope's Banker tells all in a book with accounts, agendas, rogues and intrigue right out of a Malachi Martin novel The late Fr. Malachi Martin was closer to the truth than many give him credit and a book by the Pope's personal banker Angelo Caloia will bear this out as a reporter Sandro Magister writes, including the subhead: The Pope’s Banker Speaks: “Here’s How I Saved the IOR” After almost fifteen years as the head of the Vatican bank, Angelo Caloia breaks his silence. He gives the names of both friends and enemies. And he accuses Catholic finance of selling its soul for power. Where have we heard that before, the Church selling its soul? Too many times for our own good. The article definitely brings to light the corruption that has been going on since Vatican II and the temporal treasures modern Rome has sought at the expense of spiritual treasures being sacrificed.
  • Kasper the friendly ghost is at it again with more anathemas What won't this apostate prelate say next? Now he is justifying non-Catholics receiving the communion wafer. As one writer submitted, This sounds like an endorsement for:
      A. O'Malley permitting non-Catholics like Kerry at Communion
      B. The South African bishops support for Clinton's (sacrilegous) Communion
      C. The Pope handing out Communion to the pro-abortion protestant Tony Blair
      D. All of the above
  • 'Pope' Kerry calls Bush "out of line" for asking John Paul II to uphold Catholic truth You knew it would be only a matter of time before Kerry betrayed the fact that he is in no way Catholic whatsoever and that was made evident when he stated that the President was "out of line" for asking the Pope's support for upholding the sanctity of life and necessary morals by entreating the bishops, which John Paul II appointed, to toe the line and uphold moral virtue in all areas. Memo to John Kerry: There is no separation of Church and State when it comes to morals and God's infrangible laws!!!
  • The Inquisition was not all it was trumped to be by foes as Vatican report verifies Despite unwarranted apologies by John Paul II during the Jubilee Year, there was a necessity for the Inquisition and it wasn't as bloody or as unyielding as many - especially revisionist historians - would make it out to be. These were some of the findings of a commissioned panel which just released their conclusions. Maybe we need to bring it back not just for infidels, but to hold the bishops in line. If only there were someone holy enough to enforce it and to run it. Morality and righteousness would return with such disciplines in place. The revolt from the Faith is what prompted the Office in the first place. If it was ever needed, now is the time!
  • Sun setting on the Diocese of Tucson as bankruptcy looms from poor management. Though Tucson's Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas inherited the vast majority of the mess Bishop Manuel D. Moreno left him, is coming back to bite both the bishops as Tucson runs dry on funds siphoned to pay for a failed Television station and sex abuse settlements. More of the barren fruits of Vatican II, folks.
  • Senate Adds Sexual Orientation, Gender to 'Hate Crimes' Law Thank you, Ted Kennedy for being such an apostate where you celebrate and promote the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance. Soon, your legislation could become law and to hate sin will be a crime. Welcome to the tribulation! To see who voted for this abomination, see Those promoting an anti-Christian agenda
  • Thank God He stays in the Pledge of Allegiance Supreme Court comes to their senses and throws out lawsuit by atheist agitator in California. Now lets throw out the rest of the activist judges and depose the ACLU for their insanity! It's time to restore God in America, not store Him!
  • Are we going to let the Bishops get away with RAPE?!? It stands for Ruses, Abuses, Pathetic Excuses in a strongly-worded no nonsense news editorial by Anthony Flood of As the mitred ones gather in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains do they realize what they have become? They could move mountains if they but had the faith of a mustard seed, but because they have deceived so long their faith is dead. Cardinal Edward Egan has clearly exhibited his callous attitude about closing churches - Traditional churches in New York. Flood provides the evidence on his web page with various articles.
  • Confusion Reigns Supreme in the Rocky Mountains on the Eve of Bishops' Conference as U.S. Bishops Come Home from Rome with Widely Differing Views of Rome's Position on Politicians What is it? Archbishop Charles Chaput says the Pope and Cardinal Ratzinger back strict enforcement of not giving communion to pro-abort politicians, while Bishop Donald Pelotte of Gallup, New Mexico says he doesn't. Which is it. The answer lies in the flip-flopping of Ratzinger and Cardinal Arinze as they hedge their bets. Part of the skimble-skamble of modern Rome in delaying a definitive doctrinal point from being widely known so as not to offend the offenders. The fact is any complicity in abortion from voting for, legislating, holding the scalpel or the mother herself and those who approve are guilty of MORTAL SIN. As Dr. Droleskey wrote in the latest issue of Catholic Family News: EXCOMMUNICATE THEM ALL!
  • Louisville Attorney taps top man in the Church as culprit in the sex scandal cover up Attorney William McMurry has named John Paul II as a defendant in Class Action Cover Up Suit against the Church for the silent complicity in the sex scandal abuse. As Father Moderator says, "Has the Pope met his avenging angel?" It was bound to happen for in any organization the buck always stops at the top. Those who think this pontiff knew nothing or is trying to right the ship never heard of the smoking gun or still have their heads buried in the sand. The truth is, folks, the emperor isn't wearing any clothes! The bad fruits of his humanist ecumaniacal agenda and his appointments of the sorry group of modern prelates, which almost every diocese is stuck with, have stripped him of any credibility or, sadly, trust.
  • Here we go again! Abe Foxman is at it again! This time it's Mel's totally Catholic inspiration: Anne Catherine Emmerich Sure enough the ADL is trying to pressure the Vatican into rethinking the Pope's plans to beatify Anne Catherine Emmerich, mystic and visionary whose work The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ inspired Mel Gibson in his masterpiece The Passion of The Christ. Foxman, like Caiaphas, won't stop until it's too late! What is even more shocking is that the Vatican has admitted that her book is not being taken into consideration regarding her beatification! Since when is a candidate not scrutinized for all their works? Again more of the disintegration of the canonization process that used to be so trusted and cherished. Other than a few "certain saints" like St. Padre Pio, a vast number of the plethora of candidates elevated have come into serious question and, for the present, it is this editor's opinion that all beatifications and canonizations should be halted until a fail-safe Devil's Advocate system can be re-established. Discretion is always the better part of valor and the more who are elevated only cheapens and demeans the process and diminishes the validity of those worthy. Enough is enough. In this case we must agree with Foxman but not for the same reasons because we truly believe Anne Catherine Emmerich is worthy of sainthood, but in God's time, not man's. Therefore, we entreat the Holy Father to restore sanity and sanctity to the process and be motivated by God and not man or money, such as was obviously the case in so quickly elevating the questionable Jose Maria Escriva!
  • We Must Resist This! Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey has just released a startling news article that makes it imperative to prepare our sons and daughters and to put on the Armor of God for the denials of the draft are a smokescreen. It's a reality of the New World Order and few there are who will escape this Masonic plot. Tom shows how so cleverly they have concealed it until the citizens are so dumbed down they'll go for anything. Our Lady warned at Fatima of this very thing.
    Bush Brought a Gift for the Pope: The Alliance Between Catholics and Evangelicals In a news piece from we can more readily see how the Great Facade is using more smoke and mirrors to fool so many as the One World Religion continues to take hold with the Protestants proud of the way Catholics act today. Why not? They're no longer Catholic but practicing the very same apostate beliefs that caused the Protestant Reformation and the spill-off of thousands of sects away from the True Church. Read it and weep.
  • Where is the Devil's Advocate when you really need one? No where to be found as is evident from the latest announcement of the fact the Pope is getting set to beatify the co-founder of the very questionable Focalare movement. The fact is he wrote 4,000 articles. Has every one of those been studied with a fine tooth comb to assure there is no heresy? Of course not. To overlook this was unheard of before Vatican II.
  • The Last American Hero has left us With the death of former President Ronald Wilson Reagan on Saturday, June 5, an era dies with him for he is the last of the great American heroes who was the secular leader of the conservative movement in the United States. The legacy he leaves will be hard to follow for those following because so many have compromised the values and principles he fiercely defended. We are not here to canonize the man, but to honor him for his work in public service first as Governor of California and then 40th Chief Executive of these United States. All who remember his era are sadder today - for the Gipper is gone.
  • UNFPA uses Catholics to advance agenda Austin Ruse, President of Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute exposes an insidious agenda of the UN in how they have manipulated gullible clergy to undermine the hierarchy of the Church and Catholic doctrine on sexuality.
  • graphic from AOL USA TodayChurchgoing Closely Tied to Voting Patterns Who wins in November may well be decided by the Christian vote as religion begins to build as an issue that cannot be denied. The campaign against Kerry's stand on abortion and sodomy is coming to the surface as the campaign heats up toward the summer months.
  • Is Liberal Rome ready to put the kibosh on bishops who would deny persistent sinners communion? That possibility exists with the announcement that Cardinal Ratzinger has fired a warning shot across the bow not to be too hasty about withholding communion. Evidently the Democratic Party has infiltrated the Vatican itself as Catholics in America grow more confused over the lack of enforcing Catholic doctrine universally, especially in the United States.
  • God help Terri Schiavo as her Legal Battle Heads to Florida Supreme Court Once again liberal judges are destined to sit in judgment of an innocent human life and the outlook does not look good for pro-lifers in the face of the euthanasia agenda of Michael Schiavo's attorney. Over the objections of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, a Florida state appeals court has sent the lawsuit over Terri's Law to the state's highest court. The Florida Supreme Court will hear the case filed by Terri Schiavo's estranged husband seeking to overturn a law Bush signed that saved her life. Attorneys for the governor say they want the case halted while the issue of whether Michael should have the authority to speak for Terri is resolved.
  • Communion Confrontation as Sodomites get bold and bishops don't even flinch! While Cardinal Francis George toed the line in Chicago on refusing communion to sodomites or sodomite sympathizers wearing the rainbow sash, in the Twin Cities Bishop Harry Flynn continues to ignore Church doctrine and not prevent his priests from withholding communion. It was left to a group of lay men - "Ushers of the Eucharist" who tried to defend against the insanity. In LA Mahony is all for the rainbow movement. Who is surprised at what this apostate prelate will do anymore?
  • More scuttlebutt from the cads posing as cardinals, this time from Baltimore! IF it is not the business of bishops to choose who receives Communion, as Cardinal William Keeler claims, then why even have bishops!??? Such disregard for shepherding their flocks under the cloak of staying under politics is a travesty before the Triune Divinity. It's time to stand up and tell these bishops: If you cannot be loyal to Catholic doctrine, GET OUT! Millions of souls are in jeopardy because of these spineless charlatans in miters! Keeler's closet is full and he doesn't want anyone looking in so he's straddling the Democratic platform line. This isn't about politics, it is about SALVATION!
  • Travesty is Rewarded! Where will it end?!! Cardinal Law, who resigned in disgrace, is granted the prestigious titular position of St. Mary Major in Rome! That is a scandal in and of itself and is a slap in the face- not only of the Patron Saint of Rome St. Philip Neri on whose feast the appointment was released - but an insult to the most pure Blessed Virgin Mary and the major Basilica in her honor, not to mention Catholics everywhere to whom the message is being sent that the Pope does NOT take the terrible sex abuse scandal and COVER-UP seriously!!! That is evident by the very fact it was John Paul II who APPROVED the appointment of the offending prelate as archpriest of the Basilica? The message the pope is sending is for the bishops not to worry, they'll always be safe no matter how much they've offended God as long as JPII is in charge while millions of souls are lost! So while 67 churches are being closed in Boston, thanks largely to Law's mismanagement and cover-up, he is rewarded for his sins and incompetence. Ah, ain't the 'Civilization of Love' great!?! There is no truth to the rumor that other disgraced prelates Rembert Weakland and Thomas O'Brien are next in line for appointments to be archpriests of the privies in St. Peter's but that's where they should be! In fact the New Order should be flushed down the toilet for that's where it belongs. It has become such a scandalous joke that even Novus Ordinarians have to see by now all is fruitless in following the false religion of Vatican II! It is an utter, scandalous disaster far worse than any disaster portrayed in the controversial movie breaking Friday in theaters - 'The Day After Tomorrow' The devastation of Vatican II and the New Order have been much more violent to souls for the casualties have been calamitous as in forever!!
  • The Archbishop of Boston cares little for the devotion to Tradition as church with Latin Mass among those to get the axe. O'Malley to close 65 churches. More of the barren fruits of Vatican II and the shameful scandal that will bring the dioceses to their knees for Our Lord has affirmed in Matthew 7: 15-20 that a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. It is barren and bound for the eternal fire. This includes indult churches for to place oneself under bondage of these Masonic modernist miters is to sell out the Faith. The picture to the left is definitely a Latin Mass. How can one tell? How many times do you see mantillas in a Novus Ordo? How many even dress up any more? Ah, yes, the bitter dividends of the New Order as shepherds turn into real estate agents to pay off their dirty little secrets.
  • An Introduction to the “Sexual Underworld” within the Church On the heels of the revelation by Atila Sinke Guimaraes in his book Vatican II, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia, Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful continues to investigate the charlatan Masonic marauders of mammon in miters as he exposes the dark underbelly of the sodomite agenda within the American hierarchy, especially in Joliet, Albany and Rochester just to name a few of the pits of sin in the chanceries of this nation.
  • Confirmation of Hindus worshipping at Fatima Shrine The Portugal News provides evidence that syncretism has already begun at Fatima, reporting that, "Arriving in Fátima the pilgrims made their way to the Chapel of the Apparitions, where from the altar a Hindu priest led prayer sessions. Their God is not the Holy Trinity but pagan gods such as the goddess Devi. More blasphemy in God's holy place and a sure slap against our Blessed Mother. A commentary on the service was given by the TV reporter who explained: “This is an unprecedented unique moment in the history of the shrine. The Hindu priest, or Sha Tri, prays on the altar the Shaniti Pa, the prayer for peace.” The Hindus can be seen removing their shoes before approaching the altar rail of the chapel as the priest chants prayers from the altar’s sanctuary."

  • 'The Passion of The Christ' to be released on Video and DVD AUGUST 31st! Twentieth Century Fox, which originally passed on the rights to distribute Mel Gibson's masterpiece have decided they better not pass on a sure bet the second time around and thus have announced they will be releasing on video and DVD Mel's masterful film on the Tuesday just before the Labor Day Weekend. Gibson's own film company Icon Productions released the news in a news release Monday. It is expected that over half the people who saw it in theaters will purchase the video or DVD to own and to have as meditation and inspiration, especially for next Lent and Holy Week. It also coincides with the news that the mystic Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich has been slated for beatification in the fall. It was her book as the result of her private revelation from our Lord The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ which inspired Mel to do the film.

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