December 12-15, 2004
vol 15, no. 194


Whether they sweat or shiver, we gotta get 'em squirming!

      Enough of being the nice guys. It's time to get tough with heretics, apostates and those who would call themselves Catholic but by their deeds and words prove they are not. If they are not we must warn others of the danger to souls everywhere. Our own spiritual welfare depends on it.

    Two months ago, the perennially hated New York Yankees had the loveable losers - the Boston Red Sox - on the proverbial ropes in game 4 of the American League Championship series and couldn't put them away. The result, as we all know, defied all odds. Even baseball's best team - the St. Louis Cardinals - were no match for the juggernaut from Bean Town that had picked up unstoppable steam. I use the sports analogy here, but this phenomenon, known simply as "momentum" has seen many an upset over the years, dating all the way back to when a skinny kid named David, in desperation yet with the inner confidence that only God can instill, picked up several stones and turned them into mighty projectiles via the low-tech gismo called a slingshot. Mighty Goliath tumbled to the turf and history was never the same.

    As 2004 draws to a close, I look back on this pivotal year and see that the momentum generated right from the get-go this year is, sadly, seemingly fizzling out with two weeks to go before 2005 makes its debut. I say that because it held such promise. If you recall everyone was buzzing with anticipated excitement for Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ and he didn't disappoint as he literally took his masterpiece through the roof, if you will, garnering nearly 700 million worldwide. But after a few interviews, Mel has practically dropped out of sight in the last half of this year. Yes, he did come forward to aid the cause against the ACLU to eliminate the cross, as tiny as it was off to the side on the Los Angeles County Seal. Never mind that front and center blatantly obvious was a pagan goddess. But we'll hold on ranting about that until the new year.

   In fact, the last I heard, Mel was sighted scouting islands in the South Pacific to purchase. Yes, the question automatically comes up: Is he thinking of setting up his parish there? It would sound quite inviting providing it would not become a cult, but rather a rallying point where Traditional Catholics from all over the world would be free to worship at the Immemorial Mass of Tradition - the Latin Mass. No one did more this year in promoting this than Mel and one of his chaplains - Father Stephen Somerville who didn't flinch when his ordinary Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic, who somehow became a cardinal, suspended this priest. Why? Because Father Stephen was doing what he was ordained to do: Tend to souls and provide the sacraments. Strangely Toronto's clueless cardinal didn't realize the only other ones doing such Catholic works were the Society of St. Pius X. Can't have that now can we? The same happened earlier with the sorry Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza in Houston when this cad posing as a Catholic and who has allowed every abuse to continue unabated, lowered the boom within 24 hours on Father Stephen Zigrang, and to his credit, Fr. Zigrang stood his ground and took up refuge at the SSPX Priory in Dickenson, Texas.

 &bnsp;  On that same subject, I have got to address the rubbish, nay, heresy being promoted on EWTN's web site by people who have no clue what Catholic teaching is in denigrating Traditional Catholics, in this case the SSPX. In a question on December 9th submitted by a Michael Solimanto he expressed his obvious confusion over a Father Gantley's contradictions. He wrote: "The pope offers joint liturgical services with schismatics (orthodox) who will not give him homage as Head of the Church." Hmm, maybe the schismatic Greeks have something there. But Gantley didn't have the cahungas to respond, even though Solimanto put it bluntly: "Do Protestants and Orthodox schismatics get better treatment who do not even acknowledge the papacy?" Instead another of those quasi Canon Lawyers EWTN is fond of digging up in the mold of a Peter Vere responded, this time a man named Robert J. Flummerfelt (I kid you not, that's the name that appeared on the site with a J.C.L. behind it!) wrote, and I kid you not about this heretical answer: "Orthodox and Protestant Christians are NOT considered schismatic, but SSPX clergy are. Why? SSPX clergy are personally responsible for ending full communion with Rome. This happened in 1988." I would say bravo to the SSPX clergy if they really did end full communion with Modern Rome by not acknowledging the imposters and apostates. The fact is they have not ended full communion with Eternal Rome. Flummerfelt and company, however, have for he goes on to say, and he really did write this: "In fifty years or more, if their schism continues, then SSPX clergy would be recognized as Orthodox and Protestant Christians are now since these clergy most likely were born into their SSPX faith and were never in full comunion with Rome? Do you see the distinction I am making here?" Mr. Flummerfelt you flubbed it big time. Can you say heresy? Do you, Mr. J.C.L., see the distinction between promoting what Gary Morella called "a bald-faced lie" and Catholic truth? Evidently not.

    It is heresy because the Council of Trent - you know, all ye advocates of EWTN, that dogmatic Council with infallible decrees that set in stone what Catholics must believe - decreed that Protestants and Orthodox and every other religion not in union with Eternal Rome were schismatics and heretics and reinforced the thrice-defined dogma Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus which has been consigned to the dust bin by the manipulators and enablers of the new religion that sprouted from Vatican II and who had the audacity to call itself Roman Catholic despite the fact that has veered further away from Our Lord and His Mystical Body than Martin Luther ever hoped to in his blatant rebellion. Yet Flummer says, and I quote: "We do NOT consider Orthodox Christians who fell out of full communion with the Catholic Church around 1054 and Protestants who began falling out of full communion with the Catholic Church in 1517 and 1534 schismatic since they most likely always believed in their Christian ecclesial community or Church and never were once in the Catholic Church and then left the Church personally. Now, those Protestants in the 1540s who were once in full communion in Rome and then jettisoned themselves were certainly considered schismatic. I think the definition that you are using for schismatic is an outdated use from before Vatican II. Please note our current usage." "With the SSPX clergy it is a different story. During their lifetime they were actually in full communion with Rome and made the conscious decision to BREAK OFF THEMSELVES from full communion with Rome. Do you see the difference?"

    Oh, we see the difference, Mr. F, and because of it you had better add yourself and all followers of the anathema Novus Ordo service to your list of those not in communion with Eternal Rome. Yes, that includes all the conciliar popes. Did not Our Lord say clearly in Matthew 7: 20, "By their fruits you shall know them"? My question is who is "We" and "our"? I can guarantee you it is not the Primacy of Peter majestic plural that past reliable Pontiffs always applied in referring to the most august office of the Church. The sad fact, dear readers, is that John Paul II and those before him who laid the groundwork from John XXIII and Paul VI to even the brief month with John Paul I have made a shambles of this august office, tearing down the respect and awe of the Papacy both in their deeds and words, causing grave scandal the world over.

    Speaking of "The World Over," wouldn't it be interesting if Raymond Arroyo would take this question on and truly seek answers instead of being a spinmeister 'yes' man for the progressives. He nods so much you have to make sure he's not a bobble-head doll. You may have noticed I'm being pretty hard on EWTN, but why shouldn't I be, why shouldn't you be, why shouldn't more be for they are being fed a pack of lies and I'm willing to bet 95% of its viewers never picked up a Denzinger or read the Council of Trent. Hey, they probably have never read word for word any of the conciliar popes' drivel either or they'd eventually wake up. If I could finally be aroused from my lukewarmness and stubborn defense of the indefensible, than anyone could be awakened. Of course, this would all be a mute point if the bishops of Vatican II had truly read and dissected the documents they rubber-stamped.

    So what happened to EWTN? Mother Angelica had Cardinal Roger Mahony, the worst of the lot of bad, bad prelates appointed by Karol Wojtyla, on the ropes by taking him to task for his sacrilegious and anathema-ridden document "We Gather Faithfully" which he had mandated for all parishes. This was back in 1997 I believe and she flat out said it was heresy on the air. Mahony bared his fangs and threatened to shut her and EWTN down and went to Rome to do just that. That was the last anyone heard of the rift. However, it wasn't long afterwards that programming on EWTN became less critical and Mother backed down. What was the bargain struck? Considering that the bishops in almost every diocese suddenly dropped their behind-the-scenes resistance to trying to keep EWTN off cable stations and openly promoted the station it reminds me of the compromise, oh, say the Pact of Metz or the Synod of Wurzburg or countless other heretical meetings, formed by the diabolical diaspora called "dialogue" which had as its objective the abandonments of the True Faith. Like Roncalli, Mother let in the exiles and they infiltrated faster than a tick on Walter Kasper's nose. In one last try to keep the facade of conservatism up, she began televising a hybrid Indult Mass and the bishops were immediately up in arms. She was told that she could not televise the priest with his back to the camera, facing God. Any priest saying mass had to get with the times and placate man and the fiends in scarlet and purple. Of course, Mother caved and they sprinkled the false synthetic rite with morsels of Latin to dress it up. Most viewers didn't know the difference and honestly think it was traditional. Yeah, I'm not kidding. So much for any hope of Catholic programming. Within a year EWTN became the charismatics' haven. In all fairness to Mother Angelica, if she hadn't had a few strokes and become unable to stay on top of the interlopers, there is a possibility she would have had the strength to resist. But the fifth columnists were already inside. Today EWTN and the NCR, in a twisted way, have become the mouthpieces for the USCCB. Poor Sunday Visitor. They always thought they had a monopoly on that.

    On the subject of mouthpieces, that is what ZENIT has become in touting the New Order and going out of their way to forecast clear skies for the 'New Springtime of the church' while the black clouds swirl and close in, making like pea soup fog on a narrow cliff. Let's face it. We've had 40 years of this rot and it's not getting better, folks, but worse, much worse.

    That was the intended message of the latest foray into reaching these ostriches of the Novus Ordo persuasion launched by Father Nicholas Gruner. I have much respect for him as a crusader, but as far as producing the video "Heaven's Key to Peace" - well, one viewer wrote me and I have to agree with his assessment: "much of it came across on our PAX Channel as poorly programmed - visual, audio, and message. It was like it was put together for a non-Catholic High School audience by a high school electronics Department." I hate to say it, but he's right. It also came up short simply because it didn't go far enough! I really was sad that it didn't because if any organization were going to document the undeniable truths, the Fatima Center would be the right one since Fr. Gruner has already been tried in the fire of rejection and experienced first hand the typical conciliar corruption. He had so many right in the palm of its hand, ready to open so many eyes to the deception that has been perpetrated on everyone, but viewers could easily have closed their eyes as in doze off just in the first few minutes when the producers of the video chose a weak-voiced Brit to narrate under, and I do mean under - as in hardly intelligible with the music conflicting with words for audio perception - while vying for images from World War I, the Bolshevik Revolution, World War II, etc. The number one rule in television programming is to grab the audiences' attention in the first 15 to 30 seconds or they'll be quickly clicking to another channel. I fear that might have been the case more often than not because of the garbled audio in the intro. I knew what was being said and I had a difficult time hearing it, so think of someone who didn't have a clue what this was about and I fear it would have lost them. In fact, if viewers hadn't switched off by then, when John Vennari appeared as one of the first to comment, one might have thought he was shouting. He wasn't of course, but that is how bad the audio was, so if one turned up the volume to accommodate the barely audible Brit, one would have been blown out of their woofers when the others - John, Fr. Gruner, Fr. Paul Kramer, Chris Ferrara, Gerry Matatics, Fr. Gregory Hesse, Bob Sungenis, Cornelia Ferreira and a Rabbi volunteered valuable information. That was well done, but it's a sad commentary that, outside of the excellent syllogisms posed by Matatics, the Rabbi was the most convincing of the lot.

    Their description and laying out the purpose and importance of Fatima was good, but they put more emphasis on the miracle than the message and the means to fulfilling the message: the Rosary. Though they scrolled the offer of a free Rosary and Miraculous Medal, they didn't thoroughly explain these powerful weapons to the common viewer. I'm sorry, folks, but I have to say it: I got the sense that most of those on the program were treading too carefully, as if perhaps Wojtyla might see it and they wouldn't want to offend him. Never mind that the latter has offended souls plenty, not to mention the Blessed Mother whose request he has not only not fulfilled but has overseen the fabrication of Heaven's words and flat-out lied to the world. I was most disappointed that they did not bring up the devastating Pact of Metz in putting the conciliar apparatchiks where they actually are - outside the True Church. I truly expected men the caliber of Fr. Kramer, Ferrara, Sungenis and even Fr. Gruner would let loose with both barrels, but they seemed to be holding back. Why? They don't when they're writing. Were they camera shy? I wouldn't think so. All I can think of is that whoever edited the program must have left much on the proverbial cutting room floor because I cannot believe such heavyweights as these would be so milquetoast in their insistence that we've been duped and the evidence is overwhelming. Take off the kid gloves, we're in a war with the enablers of satan. We must resist and expose the charlatans for the good of souls. That is not hate speech, that is 'love speech' for we have a deep desire for love of God to help our neighbor get to Heaven.

    I never like to take fellow traditionalists to task, but please take this as constructive criticism published here for the sake of convincing more souls of what is obvious to every Traditional Catholic. My advice, for what it's worth, is carry through with the same hard-hitting, no-nonsense style exhibited on, in the Fatima Crusader, in Catholic Family News, on Sungenis' excellent Catholic Apologetics International site, etc. Take a cue from Father Moderator at the pioneer Traditional site Let's face it, folks, we've tried the route of soft-stepping so as not to 'offend' those of the Novus Ordinarian profession and where has it gotten the Church? In fact, isn't this what got the Church in this mess to begin with? Trying not to offend man by dialoguing ad nauseum while increasingly offending God and His Holy Church. More people are settling into their comfort zones, just going through the motions, holding hands and clapping, with surface feelings that fall apart when push comes to shove because they are not firmly fixed on the Rock. They need the solid, true, unadulterated Faith and we can't pussyfoot around them any longer. Christ didn't and neither should we. It's time to flat out say as Jesus did to His disciples, "will you too walk away?" We can't save everybody and if, through their own stubborn free will many choose to remain in their status quo state of complacency, well, they'll someday regret it for we know what lies ahead in Apocalypse 3: 15-16.

    "Heaven's Key To Peace" can indeed be a powerful tool, but right now it's missing on a few cylinders, especially technically. Like a film that is run by a test audience and needs retooling, I strongly recommend, providing the Fatima Center hasn't invested too much in producing beaucoup copies of the current program I saw, that the chief authorities send it back to the production room and dub in a more powerful voice and tone down the background music. Then, take some time to edit a few of the comments and put the exclamation mark on it. Follow through with the knockout punch! Time is of the essence and if we're going to put our support behind a project that could rally the troops, let's make it the best it can be. It can truly be a uniting vehicle, but it needs a tune-up. Though I'm guilty of mixing metaphors, they had the modernists on the ropes and they let them off. A few right hooks should do the job in the next round.

    One reason I say that is because the opponent is ripe for a knockdown. This past year has shown more visible undeniable evidence of the rotting fruits of the conciliar church where covering up for sodomite clergy and deceiving the flocks is rewarded with cush appointments to one of Rome's most prestigious positions as head of Sancta Maria Maggiore. Are you comfortable, Cardinal Law? This past year we saw bishop after bishop and every American cardinal openly deny Catholic doctrine in order to be politically correct and placate Democrats at the expense of countless unborn souls. I don't know about you, but I think that's called apostasy! I know for a fact it's anathema because St. Paul confirmed that in Galatians 1: 6-12. In fact nearly every day there is a report somewhere of the bizarre happening in either Rome or one of the diocese. Bizarre has become the rule rather than the exception in the New Order church and what is the saddest is that few are conscious of this. This past year we saw bishops and John Paul II cower under the pressure of the militant homosexual blowhards in Europe, America and Canada. And just this week JP II is ending just as he began, with more haven't-got-a-clue statements such as praising these inept incompetent bishops for trying to please everyone as he concluded his ad limina visits with the American contingent. He said, as stated in CWN on December 10, I have "witnessed your determination to deal fairly and forthrightly with the serious pastoral issues which have been raised as a result." If only they were dealing "fairly and forthrightly." He was of course talking of the shameful sex scandal and that is about the only time any semblance of recognition of that comes from his lips. How many realize he is directly responsible for the scandals? He appointed the rascals. Is that not a greater scandal? You could blame it on his Parkinson's if it weren't a lifetime trait of speaking out of both sides of his mouth with such ambiguity tinged with the savor of heresy. He's made a buffoon out of himself with his accommodation of the ridiculous and those covering his tracks haven't a clue either which was obvious at the beginning of the year when the flip-flopping really started in earnest - and we're not talking John Kerry back then, folks. Even though the liberal media, ADL and USCCB unfairly pummeled Mel about anti-semitism, he didn't flinch for what he was presenting was true to Catholic doctrine in every way. Yet, the famous or should I say infamous statement "it is as it was" and subsequent waffling to the enth degree of incredulity depending on which wind was blowing that day by Juan Navarro-Valls only compounded the obvious circus the Holy See has become since the advent of Vatican II. You note that though Mel was incensed, he was not embarrassed. But those who give any credence to the present Vatican being a Catholic institution should be embarrassed at their lack of comprehension. It's obvious, folks. The emperor isn't wearing any clothes.

    In this past year there have been several more coming to this reality and returning to traditional chapels and communities, but more need to if the Resistance is going to make a dent. Two or three priests a year just doesn't cut it. We need a mass defection of consecrated ordained men to walk out of their corrupt circumstances and seek purification in what Father Faber called "the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven" - the Traditional Latin Mass of Sts. Peter and Paul - the Mass of All Ages. The problem is the lukewarm rule and in the new year of 2005 all those who truly believe the Church from Peter to Pope Pius XII is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Christ - outside of which there is no salvation - need to participate. How? They can contribute their tithes to only traditional causes, first their traditional parish, then to assure traditional ministries such as ours, Christ the King College, Tradition in Action,, and traditional publications and websites are able to continue and reach more souls. Besides prayer, your financial help and word of mouth is the only way the traditional movement will be able to grow stronger and more united in purpose, setting aside the petty bickering over nuances within traditional circles. It's time to put aside prejudices against the Society of St. Pius X. Tell me one SSPX priest who isn't giving his all for God's Church. It's time to put aside slander and name calling of such dedicated congregations as the CMRI and SSPV. Let's face it, folks, in the not too-distant future we're all going to be sede vacantists for when Wojtyla breathes his last the chair will visibly be empty and then, hopefully through the grace of God, the masses will awake from this 40-year slumber and rouse others to take up arms, turning up the spigot and boil that water or ice it down. Either way get out of the lukewarm lake which will soon feel the sting of regurgitation as Our Lord promised in Apocalypse 3: 15-16.

    Our mission is to provide the information and vehicle to spread the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church so that more will KNOW THE FAITH in order to KEEP THE FAITH through conversion, never compromise. Your mission is to help us accomplish that through your financial and prayerful support and positive encouragement to all who endeavor to spread the Word. This encouragement includes constructive criticism of our work and other traditional media in the spirit of strengthening us all in our fight. Together as a team we've got to, for the sake of souls, either turn up the heat or pack in the ice. Whether they sweat or shiver, we gotta get 'em squirming!

Michael Cain, editor

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    December 12-15, 2004
    vol 15, no. 194