The following articles are timely essays from various sources that deal with the state of the world or Church in 2003.

  • December ADVENT issue 2003
    installment 27: Making John Paul III - by Rod Pead, editor of Christian Order

  • August, 2003
    installment 26: Liberalism is a Killer - by Bishop Richard Williamson with his next to last letter on the dangers of modern Rome

  • May 4, 2003
    installment 25: What are the sheep to think? - Comments by Gary L. Morella on the priorities of modern Rome

  • April 27, 2003
    installment 24: Sacrificing Santorum on the Politically Correct Altar of 'Intolerance'! - Open Letter of Christian love to those antagonists of Senator Rick Santorum

  • March 2003
    installment 23: Patriotism, Papolotry, and Passivism toward Perdition - Comments by Gary L. Morella on a National Catholic Register piece

  • Sunday-Saturday, December 8-14
    installment 22: On Lidless Eyes and Lepers - by Mark Fellows

  • Wednesday, October 16
    installment 21: Semper Idem? - by Jacob Michael

  • Friday-Saturday-Sunday, October 11-13
    installment 20: Killing Michael Rose - by Dale Vree

  • Late Summer Hiatus Issue, September 2-30
    installment 19: The Liturgy of the World - by Christopher A. Ferrara

  • Early Summer Hiatus Issue, June 10-30
    installment 18: Standing for the Truth! - From the Desk of the President of Roman Catholic Faithful, Inc. by Stephen Brady

  • Monday, May 27
    installment 17: Bring it on!!! - a faithful Catholic stands and delivers

  • Wednesday, May 8
    installment 16: To Say That You Are A “Gay” Catholic Is To Admit That You Are Not A Catholic by Gary L. Morella

  • Friday, May 3
    installment 15: In the Absence of Faith by George Neumayr

  • Thursday, May 2
    installment 14: Homosexual Groups Go into Spin Mode on Catholic Crisis by Allyson Smith

  • Wednesday, May 1
    installment 13: Reading Between the Lines Translation of Cardinals' Text by James Bendell, RCF

  • Tuesday, April 30
    installment 12: Water Boys Abound by Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey

  • Monday, April 29
    installment 11: While you were sleeping... by Catharine Lamb

  • Tuesday, April 24
    installment 10: 'Not a crisis of Faith?' You've got to be kidding! by Michael Cain, editor, The DAILY CATHOLIC

  • Tuesday, April 9
    installment 9: Spiritual Frankensteins by Timothy A. Chichester

  • Tuesday, April 2
    installment 8: Man With A Mission. part three by Mark Fellows

  • Tuesday, March 26
    installment 7: Man With A Mission. part two by Mark Fellows

  • Tuesday, March 19
    installment 6: Man With A Mission. part one by Mark Fellows

  • Tuesday, March 12
    installment 5: Chaos, Common Sense and the Church Catholic Today by Ervan Park

  • Tuesday, March 5
    installment 4: The smoke of satan in the house of the Lord part two of interview with Vatican Chief Exorcist

  • Tuesday, February 26
    installment 3: The smoke of satan in the house of the Lord part one of interview with Vatican Chief Exorcist

  • Tuesday, February 19
    installment 2: Contradiction of Divine Revelation?

  • Wednesday, February 6
    installment 1: Profile of the Pedophila Problems


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