May 8, 2002
volume 13, no. 88

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To Say That You Are A “Gay” Catholic Is To Admit That You Are Not A Catholic

by Gary L. Morella

    The Church is not in the business of rehabilitating those suffering from severe developmental disorders, but rather of saving souls.

    There is no such thing as a "gay" Catholic. You cannot be a practicing homosexual and be Catholic, PERIOD! To say that the present crisis in the Church has nothing to do with homosexuality is a heinous lie! We're talking about men abusing boys, here, which are homosexual acts first and foremost. And, if you are a person inclined to homosexual acts, your inclination in the eyes of the Church is to an intrinsic moral evil, thereby making the inclination itself objectively disordered. You need prayer and help to overcome these unnatural temptations, which should disqualify you from any consideration for the Catholic priesthood. Candidates for the priesthood have enough baggage with natural problems, let alone unnatural ones.

    We need our best men for such a vocation, not those who have demonstrated that they have some serious problems with their sexuality, problems that are to be addressed via maturation by professionals qualified to do so. The priesthood is not that place; it's primary job is to save souls, not provide a vehicle to baby-sit immature men who are not sure about their sexuality. If you are not sure about your sexuality, you have no right for consideration as a candidate for seminary.

    The phrase, "We looking for a few good men" is nowhere more apropos than for the Catholic priesthood, with the emphasis on "men" in the full masculine sense of the word because priests act as alter Christus, another Christ whose masculinity was undeniable. How could that be otherwise if the Church is the "Bride of Christ"? What normal individual wants to be a bride to someone whose masculinity is in question? The theological analog in regard to Holy Mother Church is no less compelling, given its clear invariant teaching on faith and morals since its founding by Christ upon the Rock that is Peter. Nationally known priest, Fr. John Trigilio, Jr. says, "Our seminaries NEED chaste, manly men to lead them; orthodox men to teach them; and reverent, prayerful men to help them worship God properly."

    Would individuals inclined to other disorders such as alcoholism, kleptomania, and sadism be good candidates for the priesthood, despite the fact that they may not be currently actively involved with them? Any sane answer would have to be NO! Would you as a personnel director hire such individuals for your company who admittedly have serious problems with such inclinations? Not if you're interested in the well-being of your organization, in particular organizations who are in a service area, given the potential bad example on the part of your employees, which has a much higher probability of occurring as a result of your negligence.

    Why should the Holy Ministerial Priesthood be any different when we're talking about the spiritual well-being of souls, the highest calling for any of us? The fact that for some in the Church to include bishops it isn’t, is testimony to the apostasy that is rampant in many of our dioceses, an apostasy that allowed a "gay subculture" to get a stranglehold in many of our seminaries, an apostasy that was the inevitable result of unchecked dissent from the Church's teachings on faith and morals since Vatican II, an apostasy that must be rooted out if the Church in America is going to survive.

    God's promise that “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church" says nothing about the survival of the Church in any particular country. We would do well to remember that.

May 8, 2002
volume 13, no. 88
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