April 9, 2002
volume 13, no. 67

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Spiritual Frankensteins

by Timothy A. Chichester
    It is the Catholic Family Association of America's position that the failure of bishops to consistently and loudly teach that it is a grave sin to knowingly vote for pro-abortion politicians has resulted in their nurturing spiritual Frankensteins such as Davis.

    Editor's Note: This article was first published on Tim Chichester's crusading Catholic Family Association of America, Inc. site. We've worked with Tim in exposing the pro-abort politicians who claim to be Catholic. In the following article Tim writes an ultimatum on California Governor Gray Davis whom we first wrote about in Herod's Heroes just over a year ago on March 20th. Since that time Bishop William Weigand has taken no action while Davis is running out of control in going counter to everything Catholicism teaches. Now it's time for action as Tim calls for in the following article, which he prefaced with a news release at www.cathfam.org/PR040402.html.

    It is no surprise to pro-life Catholics that the "Gates of Hell" are clanging wildly near diocesean chancelry offices across the country.

    It's been like watching a mad professor with a spiritu-psycho erector set bolting the contraption together down in the Church cellar. We saw the welcome received by dissidents such as the CNN puppet Fr. Richard McBrien, the stifling of pro-life initiatives, the snide attacks on Paul VI and John Paul II, the unholy diocesan newsrags distorting orthodox teaching, the 'tolerance' fixated clerics, the militant trashing of Catholic colleges pursuing 'academic freedom' when they meant deconstructing Catholicism. Pieces all coming together to build the contraption.

    We saw it in the seminaries ( I often slip and use 'cemeteries'), like those used by the Diocese of the Living Dead, in Albany, NY, where only the 'less rigid' need apply, and in Altoona-Johnstown, PA, where potential seminarians are screened by a homosexual activist who preaches against Church teaching. We saw it in the smiling face of a Prince of the Church, a soul wrapped round about by seamless arguments. We saw it in the intractable sex ed, forced into our Catholic schools, in Baltimore and elsewhere, holding the eyes of our future super-glued wide open, burning their innocence to power the machine. The fuel best loved by the Devil is innocence - it burns brightest and hottest.

    What did we see? We saw the machine.

    What machine? Why, the monster machine of course! We saw it abuilding. We ran to and fro to the Church authorities, incessantly waving our wooden pitch-forks and other peasant paraphernalia, pointing at the machine in the Church cellar. Naive peasants. We guessed, but inaccurately, the level of betrayal of those ferociously guarding the cellar.

    We saw the first products of the machine lurch out into society, the spiritual Frankensteins, the monsters nurtured in the bosom of the Church, programmed to turn on her like Manchurian Candidates. Programmed to deconstruct what was once Christendom into an Orwellian politically correct rigidity via the mechanisim of social anarchy. One might even reflect on the fact that Shelly's original monster, unlike any of ours, spared innocent life.

    Various models rolled out: the original Kennedy model, constantly retro-fitted with the latest anti-Catholic soul-ware; the Daschle Mark I, forever "disappointed" that he hasn't struck a final mortal blow against the cause of unborn; the Leahy Liar-Express, delusionally maintaining his Irish-Italian Catholicity while witch-hunting professed Christians in government; et.al. ...

    The latest example of one of these spiritual Frankensteins is Governor Gayout Davis, so fundamentally flawed in the exercise of his Catholic faith that one wonders whether "sinfully stupid" should be used to describe him because "dullness of intellect" might escape him.

    The Culture of Death so ardently supported by Davis, and witnessed by his many anti-life actions, is back-lighted by his mindless advocacy of homosexual marriages, disguised as "civil unions", in which one man pretends to be a woman while another pretends that he is - the very essence of scatologicaly centered sterility. This is akin to placing the last bits to the edifice of fuel about his person for the spiritual self-immolation he apparently seeks.

    Can this Frankenstein be saved? Does he really have to go up in flames? As he lurches through the countryside, is there a power enough to stop him? Yes. No. Maybe.

    Were Bishop William K. Weigand, of the Diocese of Sacramento to publicly deny California Gov. Gray Davis reception of all sacraments excluding that of repentance, under pain of excommunication, and do so that the interdiction is applicable throughout the Church, not just his diocese, then the remnant of Christianity in Davis might respond. The threat of excommunication worked for Archbishop Milingo and he didn't even have to worry about what a few million Catholic voters might think.

    The Vatican certainly thinks that the bishop has a duty to do everything possible to protect his flock, especially in regard to legislative proposals concerning homosexual 'rights'. Its 1992 revised 'Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons' states "The church has the responsibility to promote family life and the public morality of the entire civil society on the basis of fundamental moral values, not simply to protect herself from the application of harmful laws." A heavy responsibility.

    The bishop needs to exercise pastoral responsibility in a public manner befitting the public threat to faith and morals that Davis' notorious public behavior has brought about. Failure to publicly take an active leadership role may be interpreted by the public as acquiescence to evil, a cowardly a failure to protect his flock. The Lord knows we've seen enough active cooperation with this particular evil by Bishop Gumbelton of Detroit.

    It is the Catholic Family Association of America's position that the failure of bishops to consistently and loudly teach that it is a grave sin to knowingly vote for pro-abortion politicians has resulted in their nurturing spiritual Frankensteins such as Davis.

    Indeed, as the realization grows that one present crisis in the Catholic Church is the inability of homosexuals to live an ordered life in the presence of the strictest moral code in the world, it is incumbent on all the bishops of California, and the nation, to loudly and publicly condemn the civic institutionalization of this grave disorder as a public good.

    Note: [editor's bold, brackets and italicized words used for emphasis]

April 9, 2002
volume 13, no. 67
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