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"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost, he illustrates the fruits of the new world order and those who would seek to usher it in whether they be high potentates posing as pope or despots posing as madmen intent on bringing about the events of the Apocalypse. They speak of peace, but there is no peace because in stubbornly building the tower of pride - today's Tower of Babel - they have rejected the only Tower that can provide lasting peace - everlasting peace - Jesus Christ - for He is the King of all, and must be the King of all hearts. How sad, on this feast of Our Lady of Ransom, how the conciliar popes have ransomed so many souls to the devil by bowing to the UN and seeking finite favor rather than the Infinite. Every man-made religion has abandoned the infrangible truth of the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ in favor of humanism through ecumenism, even if it means compromising infallible truths for the sake of man's sensibilities as we saw last week with the pathetic and pernicious pabulum of BeneRatz' apology awash in ambiguity in forsaking the patrimony of the true Church in order to pander to infidels. Oh, forgive him, St. Pius V, forgive him, all ye Christians, who shed blood for Christ, forgive him for his grievous scandal. Truly, as today's Gospel asserts the proud will be humbled and the humble will be exalted. That is Father's message, to hang in there for only the true Roman Catholic Church can provide "the breadth and length, and heighth, and depth" of God's love and power which can only be found in the fullness of His Church as St. Paul attests in today's Epistle. And yet, as Christ has pointed out, so many are "Slow of Heart to Believe"
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost, he brings home the fact that the more one caters to the world, the more one sows corruption as St. Paul emphasizes in today's Epistle that God will not be mocked and yet, as Father shows, that is exactly what this generation does when it discards His commandments, His Church and the infrangible tenets set down and intended to be specifically carried out at His charge by His Church which He established as the only means for salvation - Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. But His Church has been usurped by the robber barons who wage their own jihad against Holy Mother Church by joining the chorus of chaos and carry more souls to hell than all the natural and man-made disasters in the history of the world. The lesson of today's gospel - of being free of mortal sin by Christ's resurrecting the young man of Naim - is lost on today's Catholics. Thanks to the jihad against Catholic truth by the very ones who should uphold it, and through the wall-to-wall 24/7 cacophony of images, sounds and impressions, today's youth have been programmed to accept evil as good, and reject good as weak and something not to be tolerated, to mock. And in their mocking they mock God. And the greatest mockers are those who have a responsibility to stand against the world, the flesh and the devil in warning the flocks and instead, as the conciliar church has done for well over 40 years, kowtow to the devil with ambiguity and lukewarmness. The uproar against Benedict XVI over the true words he quoted on Islam is merely a by-product of the devil's progress. A true Pope would stand strong against false religions and wake the world from its subterranean slumber. Unfortunately, the conciliar architect has no backbone to stand up to the infidels and speak the truth, but instead backtracks to please man, fearing for the body, but having little if any regard for the soul. Because of that most remain dead. Not only will God vomit them from His mouth (Apocalypse 3: 16), but there will not be left A Stone upon a Stone
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost, he focuses on St. Paul's vital formula to the Galatians to stay the devil from conquering souls, our own and others. In order to assure this, we must have control of our concupiscences if we are to win in the battle against the world, the flesh and the devil. He reminds that it is only by walking in the light of the Holy Ghost by remaining in the state of Sanctifying Grace that we can overcome the flesh, for the age old idiom is true: "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." That is why satan plays on this Achilles heel of man's fallen nature. That is why Catholics must truly know their Faith, know Who Christ truly is and all He has handed down through His one true Church from Peter through Pope Pius XII so that all who hear will willingly choose to follow the Son of God by subjecting themselves, body, mind and soul to the King of kings. To be His willing servants, man, who has been given a free will, must be willing to make reparation and exercise his mind and body through the heart of prayer in order to abhor sin and heresy for they are the siren of satan. The choice between the Son of God or the son of perdition could not be clearer as Father points out in today's Gospel for indeed "No man can serve two masters" and yet the conciliar church has the audacity to contradict this basic truth by pandering to followers of mammon, to unbelievers who claim to believe but by their rejection of the Kingship of Christ in their hearts and their laws, have, without a shadow of a doubt, cast their lot with satan. The choice is ours. We can surrender or, with the grace of the Holy Ghost and girded by the garments of spiritual warfare defined by St. Paul in Ephesians 6: 12-18, and in imitating Christ in all things, we can continue Fighting for the Kingdom
"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for the Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost, he emphasizes how Sacred Scripture affirms how, what, Who, when, where and why God's Promises to mankind have been fulfilled and only in and through the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity Jesus Christ our Lord and Redeemer. In keying on today's Epistle of St. Paul to the Galatians and the Gospel of St. Luke in which only one returns to give thanks because only one truly believed and practiced what he believed, confirmed by Christ in His words "thy faith hath made thee whole," Father points out how the faith has waned in those overwhelmed by the three enemies of man: the world, the flesh and the devil which Father further identifies as prosperity, pleasure and power of those who may call themselves Catholic, think they are truly Christian, but in truth they have abandoned the infrangible tenets of the True Faith - the only Faith by which they can overcome sin through the divinely-ordained Sacrament of Penance. False prophets have arisen to pervert the meaning of Sacred Scripture whereby the vast majority are led to believe that Christian Zionism is the answer which contradicts Christ's Own words and all that is recorded in Holy Writ. The truth is that the Promises have been fulfilled and the only way to observe this is through the Church He established upon the Rock of Peter and the pure means of worship Christ instituted - the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Appropriately today is the feast of Pope Saint Pius X, the holy Vicar of Christ who lived these very Promises to the core and fervently promoted all things Catholic with his motto Instaurare in omnia Christo - "To Restore All Things in Christ." A far, far cry from what we have today. In living this way we attest that In Him the Promises Are Fulfilled
The Straight Stuff
The burning question has been posed by Griff Ruby that, through proper research and development, help determine the status of one who claims to be pope. With all the speculation running amok it remains similiar to the age-old question: Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The feathers are sure to fly whenever the question arises between sedevacantist and sedeplenist because there is no set formula or procedure for fully answering the unprecedented circumstances Catholics find themselves in today thanks to something no saint, holy Pontiff or Doctor of the Church ever envisioned: conciliarism. Griff proposes a procedure to help Traditional Catholics not end up with egg on their face or chicken out when syllogisms lead to the obvious in determining how we can define when, where, why, what, who, and how the current conciliar popes veered from the true Faith and into that void called conciliarism. Griff, standing by the code of unity in all things essential, freedom in discussing speculative theology which this essay covers, and charity in striving for the goal of what is best for the Mystical Body of Christ, intends to tweak the discussion as he develops the hypothesis of the process for determining, once and for all, what universally constitutes the decisive conclusion of deciphering between a true Pope and a false one. He applies some initial strategies, simply called The Procedure
Traditional Thoughts
In honor of the holy Pontiff Pope St. Pius X whose Double Feast we celebrate on September 3rd as a commemoration to the Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost this year - we highlight the only true Pope to be canonized since Pope Saint Pius V. We provide a detailed essay on his life and accomplishments for during his reign all was right within Holy Mother Church. It is true that outside the gates of Rome, the Modernists, Masons and Communists were plotting, but due to his strong pontificate they didn't dare show their heads, remaining in the shadows. One would have thought his strong decrees including the Oath Against Modernism and his encyclical on the dangers of Modernism Pascendi Dominici Gregis would have been enough to stave off what he referred to Modernism as the "Mother of all heresies," but then who would have thought Quo Primum would ever be tinkered with either. Nearly a century later we must remember the wisdom of this holy Pope and do all we can to restore all things in Christ - Instaurare in omnia Christo. That begins with each one of us doing our small part. His life helps inspire us as you'll see in The Pope of the Blessed Sacrament
Gabriel's Clarion

For this September we are rerunning several articles in redux, and want to share the very first article submitted by Gabriel Garnica, an educator and attorney. Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel's notes have proved to be music to traditional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's conciliar world. In his very first he presented a non-compromising choice we all needed to make. His words today are more relevant than ever as he sounds the clarion in asking us to take up the whip and drive the modernists out of Holy Mother Church as he explains in his column Overturning the Moneychangers

Living in Tradition
The ides of September bring us the Feast of the Seven Sorrows or Dolors of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Editor Michael Cain shares a reflection on those seven sorrows and how they apply in this most sorrowful month of September when we remember tragedies of the recent past such as the terrible events of 9-11-01 and present day in the aftermath of the horrific Hurricane Katrina. When it seems there is no hope, we can learn much from the Mother of God if we turn in confidence to Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows for she is the Comfort of the Afflicted, Consolatrix afflictorum. Cain points this out as he enumerates each of the seven sorrows in his reflection, Seven Sorrows of the Immaculate Heart
The Sanity of Sanctity
We have been remiss over the past several months in bringing you the Litany of the Saints for each particular month. Thus, once again we resurrect this practice with all the saints honored in the Liturgy during this Month of the Mother of Sorrows. We encourage all to add this extra devotional prayer to your daily Rosary, helping you to remember all of the saints whose feast days are celebrated this month. Many of these saints are little-known and often are not, for that reason, invoked in our prayers. Litany of the September Saints
Doctors of the Church
The final day of the month, following immediately the Double of the First Class Feast of the Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel, is the feast of the holy Doctor of the Church St. Jerome. He was born into a wealthy family and used those riches to receive the finest education at the hands of the world's greatest professors in Rome and then employed that wealth of knowledge for Christ's holy Church. He amassed all of the Scriptures and translated them into the Latin tongue, all wrapped up in the magnificent Latin Vulgate. This masterful Doctor, the "Father of the Mother Tongue" was Saint Jerome

We complete our individual Tributes to this year's inductees into the prestigious TOWER OF TRENT HALL OF HONOR with a tribute to Father Anthony Cekada. Here is a man who knew Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre very well and was considered one of the hard-liners which eventually led to his leaving the Society of St. Pius X in 1983 over the very fact that one could not give obedience or even credence to a known heretic even if the formal heretics were popes or had not been anathamatized by any in the conciliar church. At the time of his departure he fiercely opposed the Thuc consecrations but it was his and his colleague Bishop Daniel Dolan's thorough research that uncovered the truths and verified that indeed, the Thuc consecrations are valid and licit. On that very subject it has been Father Cekada who has led the crusade to inform the faithful that the current conciliarists from pope on down can't possibly be Catholic and to emphasize that point, has recently published an airtight document testifying that the 1968 Episcopal Consecrations and Ordinations are "Absolutely Null and Utterly Void." Those very articles and his thorough refutal of the anti-sedevacantist enterprise brought his name to prominence this year in the voting. He remains the leading apologists in the Traditional Movement in verifying that the conciliar church and its hierarchy can in no way be Catholic. For his years of dedication to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church we salute Father Anthony Cekada and present him the Truth of Trent Cross and and pay tribute this week to Father Anthony Cekada

We continue our individual Tributes to this year's inductees into the prestigious TOWER OF TRENT HALL OF HONOR with the two living recipients. The first to be honored during the week of August 9 through August 15 is the 61-year-old Society of St. Pius X Bishop from Sallanche in Haute-Savoie, France. He gained the votes, most likely not for his biography of Marcel Lefebvre, but rather because of an interview he gave at the time of the voting in which he spoke out publicly in calling Ratzinger to task for heresies written as a priest. He himself was ordained a priest by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1975 he became a close confidant of the founder of the SSPX and was one of the four made a bishop in a time of Epikeia in the now famous Episcopal Consecrations of June 29, 1988 that prompted the conciliar church to distribute an illegal excommunication. Regardless of the conciliar interdict, Christ has said clearly how we will know them and that is by their fruits. Comparing the Society with the conciliar church it is clear to see where the fruits truly lie and they are not with the barren robber barons of Modernist Rome. It was to Bishop de Mallerais the Society turned in finding the ideal biographer for the life of Marcel Lefebvre. For his years of dedication to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church we salute Bishop de Mallerais and present him the Truth of Trent Cross and and pay tribute this week to Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais
We continue our individual Tributes to this year's inductees into the prestigious TOWER OF TRENT HALL OF HONOR. This week's honoree is the little known, but devoted Cistercian monk Father Urban John Francis Snyder who shared prayer and penance with another well known monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani in Bardstown, Kentucky in the 50's - Father Louis, known to the world better as Thomas Merton. While the Cistercians today make their claim to fame on the infamous ecumenist Merton, it is Father Urban Snyder who truly has done proudly before God in the Cistercian Order, even though he left the Order for several years because of their penchant to embrace Modernism. No matter where his ministry was - whether in Kentucky, Rome, Econe where he helped his close friend Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre establish an English-speaking seminary there and later in the United States, or in Genesee, New York, where he spent his final years in solitude with his fellow monks, this mighty monk of bluegrass blood stood firm to Tradition just as St. Paul asserted. For his years of dedication to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church we salute posthumously Father Snyder and present him the Crimson Cross and and pay tribute this week to Father Urban John Francis Snyder
Doctors of the Church
In honor of his feast today, we present the holy wise one who was decreed the thirty-second Doctor of the Church. He was born near Naples and received a law doctorate in his teens. He had the world as his oyster and chose to cast his net into the sea in being a fisher of men. He founded an order dedicated to redeeming souls and he wrote volumes during a time when the enlightenment was already threatening the foundations of the Church. He vowed never to waste a moment and never did. He was the outstanding moral theologian who held the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as the greatest gift any Catholic could partake in. He foretold the very crisis the Church is suffering today. He is considered the Patron Saint of Moral Theology and Confessors, two attributes and professions that are sorely deficient in holiness today. We would all do well to invoke his help during these trying trials of the Church and the world and remember this great saint, known far and wide as the "Keeper of the Moral Compass": Saint Alphonsus Liguori.
Treasures of Tradition
On this feast of St. Peter in Chains, and in light of the Epistle and Gospel from this past Sunday, it is good to remember that we will all be held accountable for our stewardship and whether we have given in to the "mammon of iniquity." Too many times Traditionalists can get too self-righteous and therefore a piece like Father Paul Trinchard, S.T.L. has written is a necessary reminder of the rut we can all get in and why the petty bickering serves no one except satan and his minions. In order to break the chains we all need to pray for the grace of recognizing our fellow Traditionalists for what they truly strive to be and live: Catholics. Fr. Trinchard points out the fruitlessness of bickering about the little things while the main issue Traditionalists are in agreement with - the Immemorial Canonized Latin Mass - is undermined further by the conciliar church as countless 'Catholics' continue to applaud and follow the conciliar emperor, not realizing he has no clothes. In fact, considering the fruits as Christ said in the holy Gospel for the Seventh Sunday After Pentecost from St. Matthew 7: 15-21, one would surely say, this "emperor" is "fruitless" as well. This very word is ideal for describing the modernist church. What also is fruitless is for Traditionalists to continue to argue uncharitably over the little things. Father emphasizes that we all need to look at the bigger picture and unite in things essential as he explains in his article Traditionalists Give Traditionalists a Bad Name.

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