DAILY CATHOLIC    WEDNESDAY     May 5, 1999     vol. 10, no. 88


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      This new feature that we introduce today will spotlight each member of the Conclave. We find this necessary as our dear Sovereign Pontiff Pope John Paul II grows older, clinging to hope, as we join him, of seeing the light of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart with the dawn of the new millennium - the Jubilee Year 2000. How much longer this 264th successor of Peter has left on this earth only God knows for sure, but His Divine Mercy is evident in allowing him to be with us this long for he truly is a saint for our times, truly Christ's Vicar on earth in these waning days before the glorious Reign of the Sacred Heart, the Time of Peace, the Era of the Eucharistic Presence, the New Pentecost, the Second Advent, the Age of the Holy Spirit. What 1999 will bring we have no idea, nor does anyone else, but with John Paul II at the helm, we feel much more secure in knowing God's Will will be done. Nevertheless, we want to preview the future Pope whether that be soon or much, much later, for no one lives forever and eventually one of those prelates will be selected as the 265th successor of Peter. This will give the reader a better insight into the man whom the Holy Spirit will move the conclave to choose. Thus we bring the reader vignettes on each cardinal in alphabetical order gleaned from the Catholic Almanac, Inside the Vatican and other sources.

52.   Cardinal Alois Grillmeier, S.J.

          A life-long professor who corroborated with the Holy Father on various writings before Cardinal Karol Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II, the cardinal we feature today Cardinal Alois Grillmeier joined the Jesuits at an early age. Born in Pechbrunn, Germany on January 1, 1910 during the pontificate of Pope Saint Pius X, he enrolled in the Jesuit seminary in 1929 and eight years later was ordained into the Society of Jesus on June 24, 1937 just prior to war breaking out in Europe. He struggled with the backlash of Hitler and the antiCatholic sentiment permeating Germany at that time. Nevertheless he transferred to Innsbruck where he received his doctorate in Theology and became a professor of Dogmatic Theology and the History of Sacred Dogma, first at the University of Pullach from 1944 to 1948 and then from 1948 to 1950 at the University of Bueren in Westphalia. After various other teaching and pastoral assignments, he continued to write and his writings and intuitive knowledge prompted Bishop Wilhelm Kempf, ordinary of Limburg, to invite Cardinal Grillmeier to the Second Vatican Council in 1962 where he quickly became a member of the Council's Theological Commission. It was here that he first met Cardinal Woytyla and worked with him in writing various works, papers and documents including Gaudium et Spes,Lumen gentium, Dei verbum and Digitatis humanae.

          The bond between Cardinal Wojtyla and Grillmeier was strong and when the former became the 264 successor of Peter he remembered his friend and colleague from those days, elevating him to the cardinalate in the Consistory of November 26, 1994 receiving the red-hat as a cardinal deacon and the titular church of St. Nicholas in Carcere, Germany. Now nearing ninety years of age, Cardinal Grillmeier lives out his days in retirement at Kaulbachstr. 31a, D-80538 Munchen, Germany. His most famous single work Jesus Christ in the Faith of the Church has been translated into multiple languages and sold worldwide and he has long been respected as one of the Jesuits' leading theologians and writers.

May 5, 1999       volume 10, no. 88


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