We accept all four major credit cards for any amount over $15. and our server is secure. You may send this form by hitting the submit button below or print this out and mail to the address in Vista. This ministry has been recognized by the IRS Tax Code under 501 c (3) since 1990. Tax ID #58-1976694. Without your support, this ministry will cease to exist. As we pray for you every day, please keep us in your prayers.

If, through prayer and your sincere generosity, you would see fit to set up an automatic deduction from your credit card each month as a donation, please fill in the information on the form and please indicate the Amount you wish to donate. Thank you and God bless you.

YES! I wish to be a true disciple of Our Lord by helping. I believe in what you are doing with the DAILY CATHOLIC and want to support the Ministry of MIR-A-CALL Center in carrying out the command to evangelize to all.

E-MAIL address:
First Name:           MI:    Last Name: 
City:                        State: Zip: 
Day phone: ac      
Eve phone: ac      
Fax phone: ac       
Credit Card:         
Name on Card:     
Expiration Date:    
Donation Amount:
Other Amount:      

For all donations over $100. How would you like us to send receipt?   

I would like to contribute on a regular basis to this worthwhile ministry.
I authorize the following amount to be taken out
Each month

I would like to consider adding this ministry to my Trust or Will.

NOTE: If the amount is not filled in, the ministry will automatically deduct $25.00 as is the normal policy when left blank. Also, we cannot accept any donation under $15. via credit card because of charges by the credit card firms. Thank you for your understanding.

(If Corporate Donation:)

or: Send Fax to:
or: Print & send via US Mail to:
1585 Green Oak Road,
Vista, CA 92083

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