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April 16, 1998             SECTION ONE              vol 9, no. 74

The Chief Marks of the Church: ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC

"There shall be one fold and one shepherd."

      Those are Jesus' words recorded in John 10: 16, which verify the chief marks of the Roman Catholic Church as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. That is the subject of today's installment on the Church today where we earmark why the Catholic Church is the True Church founded by Christ and all others that broke away from the main body of the tree are branches in schism from the earliest centuries through the Protestant rebellion up to today when radical factions within the Church spew heresy and lobby for the removal of Pope John Paul II. For the sixty-fifth installment of our on-going mega series entitled ferreting out the imposters! click on WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM?.

Wake-up Call to all Catholics the thirty-first clarion

installment sixty-five

One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic - part twenty-five: ferreting out the imposters!

"Even if we or an angel from Heaven should preach a Gospel to you other than that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema."

Galatians 1: 8
     In the issue before Holy Week we focused on agendas underway to remove Pope John Paul II from office as part of a plot hatched by the legions of satan and which have been prophesied in numerous messages throughout the past two centuries. Only prayer and penance will mitigate the threats against our supreme pontiff and our Holy Church. So what is the precedent for this type of agenda of plots against the Pope from within? Has it happened before? Not successfully. In also researching and writing another series in this publication - THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH, we have discovered there have been many rascals who became Pope, but if elected by the conclave and loyal to the Dogmas and Doctrines, they were not ousted by those within the Church. Only one Pope ever officially resigned. That was Pope Saint Celestine V in 1294 when this holy man realized the papacy was being used as a political football in the hands of powerful medieval lords and declared that the new Pope had the right to refuse his election. That new Pope was Boniface VIII, another holy man of great stature who agreed to succeed Celestine with his blessing. Other than that no Pope has ever resigned. John Paul II has confirmed that he is aware there are those who are coercing him to resign, but that was not God's Will that he do so. If ever he would, it would be of his own free will and we could only honor his successor if the John Paul II beseeched us to give another allegiance and recognize the new Pope as the legitimate Vicar of Christ. This may be one reason the coup has not yet occurred for those plotting against the Pope know that these safeguards do just that, protect the Church from usurpers. There have been many schisms and numerous antipopes but no legitimate Pope was ever deposed permanently. Many have been forced to flee the Vatican, but still ruled the Church from such exiled locations as Avignon, Salerno, Naples, etc. There have been cardinals and bishops who have campaigned to remove a pope, but regardless of how they feel, they owe allegiance and obedience to the Vicar of Christ on earth. In the long history of the popes, now nearing nearly 2000 years, there have only been 264 legitimate successors of Saint Peter. Schisms and heresies are nothing new to the Church. From the earliest centuries there have been these thorns in the Church's side from Ophitism in the second century to the threat of Manichaeism early in the third century to Donatism in the fourth century to Nestorianism in the fifth century to Jansenism and Monophysitism in the sixth century. In the middle ages Albignesianism and Waldensianism unveiled their ugly heads of heresy, not to mention the serious scourge of Arianism. We're talking about those who started out within the Church and decided their agenda was better than what Jesus Christ established when He gave Peter the Keys of the Kingdom. We're not talking about Islamism which had its roots in the 600's, but we are talking about the Protestant Rebellion nearly a millennium later in the sixteenth century when the schisms of Lutheranism, Anglicanism, Calvinism, Presbyteriansim, Methodism, Jansenism, Universalism, and the Huguenot heresy came into prominence. Even the Free Masons evolved from within the Church, first with the Knights Templars in the middle ages and then with its founding in 1717 by the Rothschild family. The only difference is they maintained their heresies transforming them into religions the way they wanted people to believe, interpreting God's will to fit their agendas. It really is no different than such groups within our Church today as We Are Church, Catholics for a Free Choice, and Call To Action. These groups continue to disobey Rome, promulgating their own doctrine that fits their programs, even enlisting bishops and a few cardinals to their causes. Many of these prelates would like nothing better than to remove our present Pope by whatever means is expedient to their purpose. While there have been and always will be disagreements, those who strive to change things must realize that the Holy Catholic Church was founded by Christ and cannot change its doctrine for it bears the four marks that no other church can claim - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.

     These are the chief marks of the Church. One means that Christ intended His Church to be One; therefore the True Church must be One and its members united in doctrine, worship and in government. It was Jesus Who said in Mark 3: 24, "If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. and also in John 10:16, "There shall be one fold and one shepherd." The second mark is Holy and in order to be holy it must teach a holy doctrine in faith and morals because its Founder is holy. He made it mandatory that His Church provide the means for its members to lead a holy life through the Sacraments and graces granted. In John 17: 17-19, Our Lord said, "Sanctify them in truth. Thy word is truth. Even as Thou hast sent Me into the world, so I also have sent them into the world. And for them I sanctify Myself, that they may be sanctified in truth." Catholic means "universal." Christ intended His Church to be universal when He dispensed His disciples in Matthew 28:19, "Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations." Jesus asserted that His Church would be propagated by His Apostles and the doctrine and traditions of His hand-chosen group would be handed down intact as He affirmed to Peter in Matthew 16: 18 and Saint Paul confirmed this in Ephesians 2: 20 when he said that the Church is "built upon the foundation of the Apostles."

     Those who are not willing to follow the directives of the chief marks of the Church are not in union with Rome and therefore not in union with Jesus. This includes those who call themselves "Catholic" but, in reality, are not. Therefore, the next obvious question is: Is a Schism on the horizon? The answer is no, it's already here! But it can be mitigated, as we mentioned above, if we pray and are obedient to Christ's true Vicar on earth - Pope John Paul II. In the next installment we will continue with exposing the schism that threatenes to do great harm to our Holy Church and remove our beloved pontiff. We will also site prophesies that verify this.

Fishing for Meatless Fridays!

     In today's editorial we bring you word of a campaign to bring back "Meatless Fridays" as mandatory for all Catholics. The reason is to use this as a means for prayer and fasting in an all-out assault to Heaven to end the "culture of death." The president of the American Life League spearheading this campaign, Judie Brown, a staunch Catholic who has been involved in the pro-life crusade for thirty years, has set as the organizations goal to reach ten million Catholics with the message in hopes the faithful will pledge their support to fast and pray. She hopes to present the pledges to the NCCB before their annual June meeting. Her strongest ally is Cardinal John J. O'Connor one of the staunches pro-life prelates in America. For our take on this campaign, entitled Getting to the meat of "Meatless Fridays" for the sake of America's soul!, click on Thursday's CATHOLIC PewPOINT

Getting to the meat of "Meatless Fridays" for the sake of America's soul!

      Yesterday we dealt with the "culture of death" platform advanced by the N.O.W. organization and it's elected head Patricia Ireland, an avowed abortion proponent. We follow that "negative" with a positive response, this coming from Judie Brown the tireless Roman Catholic president for the American Life League. As one of the leading advocates for pro-life since 1969, Mrs. Brown is mustering support for encouraging Catholics to abstain from meat on Fridays. That's not an original thought for meatless Fridays were a staple of the Church for centuries...until Vatican II. What is encouraging is that Cardinal John O'Connor of New York is strongly behind this movement to enhance pro-life. He wrote Mrs. Brown saying, "I can not begin to thank you adequately for the support of the American Life League in encouraging 'people of life' to abstain from meat on Friday as a penance and act of solidarity with the vulnerable in the cause of human life. This is the kind of action which will one day win the battle for life." The good cardinal also pointed out that "some demons can be cast out only by prayer and fasting." That's exactly what the Blessed Mother Mary has been repeating constantly throughout the last two centuries, especially these past few decades and especially at Medjugorje where she asks us all to fast and pray! That is her constant refrain and finally America is getting the message. And not just to traditional, loyal cardinals like Cardinal O'Connor but also to Cardinal Adam Maida, the controversial prelate of Detroit who succeeded that liberal and gay crusader Thomas Gumbleton. Cardinal Maida wrote, "I commend and thank the 325,000 families of the American Life League for committing themselves to working for the creation of a culture of life here in the United States by abstaining on Fridays. Remembering the Gospel teaching that some evils can be cured "only by prayer and fasting," [Matthew 17: 21] we, the Bishops of the United States, have offered the suggestion of a return to Friday abstinence as one part of a larger effort to demonstrate the solidarity of our conviction about the dignity of human life from the first moment of conception until its last natural breath. While there are many admirable and appropriate forms of penance, so many of us are familiar with the traditional practice of abstinence from meat on Fridays. We can recall the way it helped to identify Catholics. This relatively simple act of changing our normal dietary pattern forces us to remember the needs of others, especially those who are the most vulnerable and most in need of our prayers and concern. We need to proclaim the 'Gospel of Life' not only by our words, but, above all, by our deeds and by our very persons!"

      We are hopeful all the rest of the bishops will be in unison toward this movement back to meatless Fridays because it is the right thing to do. In the Diocese of Dallas, after the shocking trial last summer regarding the sexual abuse case of former priest Rudy Kos, the Bishop Charles V. Grahmann implored his constituents and parishioners within his diocese to go on a one year fast of meatless Fridays in reparation for the sins committed and in prayerful hope healing would come. More bishops need to divert their attention away from the administrative politics of their chanceries, close their ears to the squeaky wheel liberals and open their eyes and ears to those who are truly loyal to all that is synomymous with the Roman Catholic Church. This is one of the great concerns of Mrs. Brown who alerts us that the bishops passing this this spring is not a fait accomplis. She ambitiously is aiming to reach ten million Catholic households and accrue as many pledges as possible toward commitment from the faithful to meatless Fridays for the specific purposes of fasting and praying to end the "culture of death." Bishop James T. McHugh from Camden, New Jersey, who was a member of the Vatican delegation that moved the Cairo conference to reject mandatory population control through abortion, remarked that "Political and public relations efforts to replace the 'culture of death' with a 'culture of life' will not succeed without a spiritual component - prayer and fasting." Mrs. Brown goes even further, stating "This may well be our last chance to avert total moral collapse in America!" Those are strong words but so true. She expresses fears that this proposal will get lost in the shuffle of parliamentarianism where it will be studied but by the time it is brought before the full body of bishops for a vote this June it could very well have been watered down so that it will have lost its impact and what God truly wants. Bishop McHugh echoes this possibility and is openly lobbying for it among his fellow bishops, claiming "The problem is that if there is no specific discipline, everyone forgets and nothing penitential takes place." That is a very good point for if left up to each individual or by diocese you know what the outcome would be. There would be a faithful remnant that would adhere to meatless Fridays for praying and fasting, but the majority would rationalize that since it is not mandatory they don't have to. That is part of the fallout of today's society which the Holy Father has cautioned us on. So also does Mrs. Brown when she remarks that "in order to be effective, the 'Meatless Friday' proposal must be mandatory...for all Catholics." She reminds us that's how it used to be and that this set Catholics apart from all others. She laments that it is no longer that way today. "Many Catholics have lost this spirit of sacrifice and atonement for sin. One of the results of this is the fact that our entire world has 'lost the sense of God,' as Pope John Paul II rightly puts it." For more on the storied history of "Meatless Friday" we refer you to an excellent accounting at the American Life League web site.

      The League is also an advocate for stopping liturgical abuse because it is all part and parcel of satan's plan to divide and conquer. Mrs. Brown echoes what we have been saying in these pages for years: "The devil has entwined himself throughout every element of today's society - our schools, our government, our courtrooms, our news centers, our entertainment industry...even our Church!" She gives such examples as the Georgetown University debacle with removing the crucifixes which would have been returned sooner if it weren't for a liberal administration that had to "study" the proposal and examine if the University, a Catholic and Jesuit University no less, should "redefine its mission in a pluralistic society." She states in no uncertain terms that a "Catholic University's mission is to TEACH the TRUTH as defined by the Magisterium!" Her greatest fear regarding the grass roots petition to make "Meatless Fridays" mandatory once more is that it will get bogged down by those bishops who sense a conservative push behind it and therefore will stubbornly forestall it. She cites the facts that many bishops are "being defied when they attempt to curb liturgical and theological abuses in parishes." Cardinal O'Connor used the word "solidarity" to rally the faithful to the cause and this is the battle cry Mrs. Brown employs asking all lay Catholics to "band together in SOLIDARITY with these bishops and deliver this message to all our bishops: Lead us! Shepherd us! We will follow!"

     For those who would like to join this crusade and who realize now is the time for Catholics to PRAY and FAST!, we are including the American Life League's Survey where you can pledge your prayerful support toward "Meatless Fridays": SURVEY. This National Catholic Survey is only four questions and should take you all of ten seconds to complete but the more who throw their support behind this movement, the more the bishops will sit up and take notice in June. If we can do that, and the bishops can follow suit, then we can be confident that God will do the rest. So put aside the steak, chicken and burgers and break out the bread, fish and cheese. Peanut butter sandwiches also serve their purpose to remind us that it is a sacrifice. This editor can attest to that first hand! Yet, despite what meatless foods we may opt for, it is only through our commitment to pray and fast on Fridays that we'll be able to get to the meat of "Meatless Fridays" for the sake of America's soul!

Michael Cain, editor

"Evil shall not triumph!"

     Those are Our Lady's words in her messages, specifically Message One Hundred Forty-One from January 8, 1992. Today we bring you that message and Message One Hundred Forty from January 7, 1992, both of which the Blessed Mother encourages us to stay the course and not be fooled by the trappings of the world, all cleverly gift wrapped by satan. The problem is when we tear away the tinsel it is pure evil that wil engulf us if we are not rooted in her Divine Son and obedient to her Son's teachings through His Holy Church and His representative on earth - His Vicar Pope John Paul II. She promises if we stay the course her Immaculate Heart will triumph over all evil and we will be secure forever in the Two Hearts. These messages were imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart in late 1991. For the two aforementioned Messages, click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

Message One Hundred Forty, January 7, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, do you understand more clearly your role as my voice, your role as my victim soul? It is not you who chose me, but I, the Mother of God, who chose you, that my words may come to all my children. Do not grieve over those who persecute you! Rather, rejoice for you have remained in the True Light.

      My dear children, heed your Mother's holy words. I have come to warn you that the security you see in your world, in your lives, is but a shadow. Like a wisp of smoke it shall scatter before you, and if you are not prepared, you shall lie stricken with terror as the evil one snatches you from eternal life and sends your immortal soul to an eternity of pain and suffering.

      I tell these things to you that you may know to what depths of depravity all humanity has willingly sunk. I tell you these things so that you may awaken to the True Light, which is my Divine Son Jesus Christ. He alone forgives all sins and makes new what has been corrupted. The time of Mercy shall not last. I solemnly tell you that even as I speak to you the angels gird themselves for the final battle. They, the heavenly host, are prepared. But are you? Have you heard my loving plea, which has grown more urgent each time I speak? Have you responded with all your being? Or do you remain skeptical?

      My dear children, the moment fast approaches when the Author of All Creation, the Triune Majesty, shall, in one swift moment, so chastise the world that no trace of evil shall remain. Come to me, for I bring all to my Divine Son. Do not persist in your openly blasphemous ways which deny my Son's Divinity and my Immaculate Heart as His Mother. Convert your hearts. Seek constantly the grace of the Holy Spirit that the entire world shall become one mind, one heart in union with my Son's Most Sacred Heart. I solemnly tell you my Immaculate Heart shall triumph and the evil one, the antichrist, shall be crushed. I call all my children to my army. But my tears are overflowing at the large numbers who refuse my invitation. I shall increase my visitations to my little ones. Many more shall hear my voice. These are extraordinary graces given for an extraordinary time. Do not reject them. Pray! Pray! Pray! Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Forty-One: January 8, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, I have come to tell all my children that soon all mankind shall witness a supernatural event that no man whose heart is open shall deny as God's work. Yet, I solemnly tell you that even then many of my beloved children shall be stirred to unspeakable fury and denounce me and my Divine Son Jesus Christ. You, my Hidden Flower, see and hear my tears shed for all who refuse God's Infinite Love and Mercy and choose their master - satan!

      How wretched these times, my dear ones, for so perverse has man become as to believe and propagate the demon's lies. How many of my children do not believe satan exists? Does God lie? It is not possible! His Holy Word is in Scripture, but even these Holy Words you abuse by the futile power of human reasoning. I am here to tell you God exists, and the Father of All Creation shall no longer be able to stay His Perfect Justice.

      Never has such evil pervaded the earth as in these times. In every corner of the world, in every aspect of society it is satan who rules. Abominations against God's Law abound. The youth are raised in ignorance of my Son and are less accountable than those who have deliberately raised them to such dark ignorance.

      Often I have told you that preceding the tangible three days of darkness shall come the reign of spiritual darkness. You have not looked at your world with the eyes of your soul. You refuse to acknowledge that your world is sinking in evil. It is everywhere, a true deluge of hatred of every kind and form, cleverly disguised as social progress.

      But evil shall not triumph!

      My Immaculate Heart will triumph, as ordained by the Triune Divinity. Those who refuse to acknowledge me as Queen of Heaven and Earth will see the might of God and their pride and stubbornness shall bend, their eyes shall perceive Truth and know God is not diminished by bestowing honor upon a mere creature, but rather, is exalted because of my obedience and virtue.

      I am the Ever-Virgin Mother of God, the Gate of Heaven, the Bearer of the Second Advent. I come among my children to bring to fruition the coming Reign of the Sacred Heart of my Son. All who are in my Son have my protection and intercession and therefore shall fear nothing. Those who, of their won free will, deny Jesus and my role as Co-Redemptrix, deny Truth and shall be swept away by the demons of hell, whom they have chosen as their god.

      Yet I solemnly tell you I desire the salvation of all my children and to this end I remain with you, speaking to many, appearing in many places that all may believe and convert.

      Woe! Triple woe to those who are so hardened as to deny the Truth. God's power shall cause your voices to fall silent before His Majesty, and my little ones, my treasured army of victim souls shall see their pains bear glorious fruit.

      I tell you again. Pray! Fast! Reconcile yourselves to one another. Receive the Sacraments and persevere in the faith. Pray for my beloved son Pope John Paul II who has been fashioned by me for this age of extraordinary graces given to fulfill all that Scripture contains.

      My words at LaSalette, Fatima, Garabandal, Medjugorje and countless other places throughout the world shall be fulfilled as ordained by God in this your age and time.

      Now Mercy still reigns. But the moment comes and shall leave you breathless when the Holy Justice of God sweeps the universe.

      Pray! Pray! Pray! You do not perceive the gravity of these days. You are deceived, looking at all things in a finite, fallible way.

      Please, dear children, your mother loves you beyond any description. Come to me, for I lead all to Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten of the Father.

      Pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit that you may be of one mind, one heart. This, my children, will take place as my Immaculate Heart triumphs. I bestow upon you God's Peace. I remain with you. Thank you, precious children, for responding to my Call!

NEXT WEEK: Messages One Hundred Forty-Two and One Hundred Forty-Three


     This week is a time for joy and celebration for it is Easter Week. Today we celebrate the latter part of this glorious week. For the Easter Thursday and Easter Friday liturgies, readings, and meditations, click on LITURGY FOR EASTER SEASON.

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