Messages One Hundred Forty and Forty-One

Message One Hundred Forty, January 7, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, do you understand more clearly your role as my voice, your role as my victim soul? It is not you who chose me, but I, the Mother of God, who chose you, that my words may come to all my children. Do not grieve over those who persecute you! Rather, rejoice for you have remained in the True Light.

      My dear children, heed your Mother's holy words. I have come to warn you that the security you see in your world, in your lives, is but a shadow. Like a wisp of smoke it shall scatter before you, and if you are not prepared, you shall lie stricken with terror as the evil one snatches you from eternal life and sends your immortal soul to an eternity of pain and suffering.

      I tell these things to you that you may know to what depths of depravity all humanity has willingly sunk. I tell you these things so that you may awaken to the True Light, which is my Divine Son Jesus Christ. He alone forgives all sins and makes new what has been corrupted. The time of Mercy shall not last. I solemnly tell you that even as I speak to you the angels gird themselves for the final battle. They, the heavenly host, are prepared. But are you? Have you heard my loving plea, which has grown more urgent each time I speak? Have you responded with all your being? Or do you remain skeptical?

      My dear children, the moment fast approaches when the Author of All Creation, the Triune Majesty, shall, in one swift moment, so chastise the world that no trace of evil shall remain. Come to me, for I bring all to my Divine Son. Do not persist in your openly blasphemous ways which deny my Son's Divinity and my Immaculate Heart as His Mother. Convert your hearts. Seek constantly the grace of the Holy Spirit that the entire world shall become one mind, one heart in union with my Son's Most Sacred Heart. I solemnly tell you my Immaculate Heart shall triumph and the evil one, the antichrist, shall be crushed. I call all my children to my army. But my tears are overflowing at the large numbers who refuse my invitation. I shall increase my visitations to my little ones. Many more shall hear my voice. These are extraordinary graces given for an extraordinary time. Do not reject them. Pray! Pray! Pray! Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Forty-One: January 8, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, I have come to tell all my children that soon all mankind shall witness a supernatural event that no man whose heart is open shall deny as God's work. Yet, I solemnly tell you that even then many of my beloved children shall be stirred to unspeakable fury and denounce me and my Divine Son Jesus Christ. You, my Hidden Flower, see and hear my tears shed for all who refuse God's Infinite Love and Mercy and choose their master - satan!

      How wretched these times, my dear ones, for so perverse has man become as to believe and propagate the demon's lies. How many of my children do not believe satan exists? Does God lie? It is not possible! His Holy Word is in Scripture, but even these Holy Words you abuse by the futile power of human reasoning. I am here to tell you God exists, and the Father of All Creation shall no longer be able to stay His Perfect Justice.

      Never has such evil pervaded the earth as in these times. In every corner of the world, in every aspect of society it is satan who rules. Abominations against God's Law abound. The youth are raised in ignorance of my Son and are less accountable than those who have deliberately raised them to such dark ignorance.

      Often I have told you that preceding the tangible three days of darkness shall come the reign of spiritual darkness. You have not looked at your world with the eyes of your soul. You refuse to acknowledge that your world is sinking in evil. It is everywhere, a true deluge of hatred of every kind and form, cleverly disguised as social progress.

      But evil shall not triumph!

      My Immaculate Heart will triumph, as ordained by the Triune Divinity. Those who refuse to acknowledge me as Queen of Heaven and Earth will see the might of God and their pride and stubbornness shall bend, their eyes shall perceive Truth and know God is not diminished by bestowing honor upon a mere creature, but rather, is exalted because of my obedience and virtue.

      I am the Ever-Virgin Mother of God, the Gate of Heaven, the Bearer of the Second Advent. I come among my children to bring to fruition the coming Reign of the Sacred Heart of my Son. All who are in my Son have my protection and intercession and therefore shall fear nothing. Those who, of their won free will, deny Jesus and my role as Co-Redemptrix, deny Truth and shall be swept away by the demons of hell, whom they have chosen as their god.

      Yet I solemnly tell you I desire the salvation of all my children and to this end I remain with you, speaking to many, appearing in many places that all may believe and convert.

      Woe! Triple woe to those who are so hardened as to deny the Truth. God's power shall cause your voices to fall silent before His Majesty, and my little ones, my treasured army of victim souls shall see their pains bear glorious fruit.

      I tell you again. Pray! Fast! Reconcile yourselves to one another. Receive the Sacraments and persevere in the faith. Pray for my beloved son Pope John Paul II who has been fashioned by me for this age of extraordinary graces given to fulfill all that Scripture contains.

      My words at LaSalette, Fatima, Garabandal, Medjugorje and countless other places throughout the world shall be fulfilled as ordained by God in this your age and time.

      Now Mercy still reigns. But the moment comes and shall leave you breathless when the Holy Justice of God sweeps the universe.

      Pray! Pray! Pray! You do not perceive the gravity of these days. You are deceived, looking at all things in a finite, fallible way.

      Please, dear children, your mother loves you beyond any description. Come to me, for I lead all to Jesus Christ, the Only-Begotten of the Father.

      Pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit that you may be of one mind, one heart. This, my children, will take place as my Immaculate Heart triumphs. I bestow upon you God's Peace. I remain with you. Thank you, precious children, for responding to my Call!

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