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April 15, 1998             SECTION ONE              vol 9, no. 73

The Tax Man Cometh!

     Today is that ignominious day - the ides of April when Uncle Sam ciphers off much more than we're willing to part with. The saddest part is that many of our tax dollars go to funding abortions and for programs that are a direct affront to God. One of those perpetrators of such programs who hide behind government funding is the National Organization of Women who we take to task in today's editorial, specifically the head of this radical faction for her comments the end of last month trying to persuade Catholic women to demand equalization in an effort to keep pushing a dead issue - ordination of women priests. It ain't gonna happen in the Roman Catholic Church! It might in the church that breaks away from Rome, but not in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. For the editorial, It will never be the time for N.O.W. Not now, not ever!, click on the Wednesday CATHOLIC PewPOINT.

It will never be the time for N.O.W. Not now, not ever!

      With today being TAX DAY, we thought we might bring you something that is taxing our patience and should tax yours as well. That is the news that National Organization of Women (NOW) president Patricia Ireland is poking her nose in matters that don't concern her and making a jerk of herself and her organization. We say this after she gave a talk at Trinity church in New York City on March 31 when she urged Catholic women to organize in making demands that they be allowed to be ordained to the priesthood. The Catholic World News report stated that she stated that "women of faith need to assert their full equality with men and should distance themselves from patriarchal elements within the Church. She added that they should also advocate so-called 'inclusive' language in biblical translations and liturgies."

     Here we go again, this vicious circle that becomes more vicious in its agenda on destroying the Roman Catholic Church. Last week it was Mike McCurry, spokesman for the White House, setting himself up as an expert on Roman Catholic doctrine by criticizing Cardinal John O'Connor, one of the most respected prelates of the Church, for not knowing what was going on. We took him and the entire Clinton regime to task last Wednesday on that. Now comes self-admitted public advocate of every liberal agenda in society today - Patricia Ireland who openly promotes abortion, lesbian issues and the feminist agenda with no thought of the true role a mother plays within a family. Who is Ireland to tell any Catholic what they should or shouldn't do? It's her ilk that has gotten the Church in so much trouble over these past thirty years with the women ordination babble and inclusive language tripe. Is ICEL a card-carrying member of N.O.W? We sometimes wonder for the way they have obliterated our beautiful liturgy is truly atrocious. If you don't believe it, look at the scripture readings for the Sunday masses in your Catholic bible approved by Rome, then look at the translations in some missalettes. Is there any resemblance? Sometimes we wonder.

    The "spirit of Vatican II" has taken flight in the wrong direction and now we have crows and vulchers coming out of the woodwork trying to tell Catholics how to run their Church. Believe us, we have a difficult enough time trying to curb liberals within the Church and deal with their demands and shenanigans - both in the lay ranks, ex-clergy and religious ranks, and even with priests and bishops today who refuse to follow the Pope fully. We don't need outsiders telling us what to do. Our advice to Ms. Ireland, "Get your face out of our faith!" What are her credentials of expertise in the Roman Catholic Church? None, nada, zip! In fact she proudly proclaims that her own mother left the Catholic Church and became a Presbyterian because of Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae which taught that artificial birth control is an offense against God and the dignity of the person He created. She admits she doesn't practice her Protestant faith and blames her father for that since she claims she inherited his skepticism toward organized religion. If that is so, why is she trying to organize Catholics against their Church? Because that is the way of satan. And, as a leading spokesman for the "Culture of Death," Patricia Ireland is a willing accomplice to ol' lucifer and his brood of vipers.

     It's time to tell these "no-nothings" to butt out. They've already made such a mess of their own agendas that, in the vein of "misery loves company," they want to drag others down to their wallowing depths. As this editor said earlier, we have enough headaches with the modernists within the Church. We don't need more! It's time to stand up to anyone outside the Church who criticizes us. Just like a family who may bicker among themselves constantly within their own domicile, they are united when they leave the home hearth. Just like brothers who are always at each other's throat, you'll see them united as one when someone else attacks them! We've all heard the addage, "Blood is thicker than water." That is so true and as Catholics we have to rely on the Body and Blood of Christ to sustain us and refresh us in these battles. Within the great Communion of Saints family we're not called the Church Militant for nothing. God expects us to battle, not with each other, but against the forces of evil. We already have a "necessary evil" with the IRS as everyone knows only too well with TAX DAY upon us, but we don't need another evil. And those with the agenda of a Patricia Ireland qualify as a formidable foe of all God Wills. Therefore, rather than taxing our psyches and going the "guilt-trip" route that men and women aren't equal and thus we all need to push for equalization of the sexes in all areas of the Church - including ordination, let's step back, look where the wind is blowing from and set up our own powerful vacuum that will suck up all the hot air blowing our way and dispose of it where it belongs - in the trash heap. We can do this through the powerful spiritual apparatus of being attuned to the enemy's tactics by sequestering our hearts and souls in prayer and submission to God's Holy Will. So as that windbag Ireland prattles on, we have one thing to say: Bow out! The acronynm N.O.W. is an oxymoron for the word "now" represents the present, not the past, not the future, but the present and that is truly a present from God...the precious present of life that can't be tampered with either in body, mind or soul! As long as Ireland continues her diatribe of death to the soul, the present is corrupted for it will never be the time for N.O.W! Not now, not ever!

Michael Cain, editor

It's mandatory to keep your sense of humor at tax time

     Tax time can be a puzzling predicament and to honor this frustrating day we offer a puzzle of biblical sorts in our first installment of our "LIGHTER SIDE" with the conclusion of Lent. To celebrate the return of our mid-week humor page we're offering a prize for the one who can locate the 45 books of the bible in our very short story in today's humor section. To find out more, click on A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO HEAVEN!
      Since today is TAX DAY, we thought we would bring you a taxing puzzle as we resume our weekly series of mid-week humor with Lent behind us. Today we bring you one that taxes the brain to find 45 books of the bible. Be careful, read carefully and cleverly and watch for spellings. All names are consecutive with no other alphabetical letters in between. All books are according to the Catholic Bible for both Old and New Testament. E-mail your answers to Daily CATHOLIC humor quiz and the winning entry will receive a prize. The answers will be published in these same pages next Wednesday so you've got a few days to figure all the books out. That's better than tax day where you've only got until midnight to get your tax returns in the mail. Can anyone say 1040 without wincing?

Can you find 45 books of the Bible in the following article?
      A guy named Jud expected to get through this puzzle in about five minutes, minutes, but he gave up because it was so puzzling!! Be careful, some are obvious, others are hidden. A world famous puzzle expert, Mr. Phil Emon, claimed that not all 45 book titles were in here. After careful review from a panel of judges from around the world, they have claimed that all of the books are within the story. A nervous Phil later was quoted as saying, "I still think I'm right!! Is a... I?... ah!!... I finally found it!!! Right in front of me all along!!!". Some may be obvious as a certain man named Matthew found out, others are harder to find.

      One helpful hint would be to remember to mark all the titles you find, and keep careful count of the numbers. For some reason, eating sandwiches with peanut and jam especially seems to help people find the hidden titles.

      The great italian chef, Christomalachi Aspumante, cried out in loud lamentations when he found his favorite customer, Hose, ate the famous sandwich with some colossian szacharia on his bread... Chef Aspumante later was fired from his job over it.

      To find a new bar, uchered as he was, he asked thes salon ians to recommend a good titus to a book. He figured since they were not against consonants but pro verbs, that they would know Jo, sue him and ruthlessly try to keep him from roman sea to shining sea. Yet, in his haste to come to, bias set in and he felt betrayed for he was no longer their pet err as he did judge so many. Finally, even though wisdom broke through the lukewarm attitudes so apalled were all, that the poor chef left a message with a big kiss from a para lip omen to all that they had done him wrong. They replied "Sir, ache not for us, you are in need of a drink." But he would have none of that and reprimanded them saying, "I have given you a verbatim, o thy scoundrels, what fun you hath made of me. Remember this: as he stews, he brews." But since there was no beer to be had in such a gala tiancillory-like setting, the beleagured chef with no prospect in the makings, decided to quit a most discouraging endeavor and resume a life of leviti, customers being what they are now days.

     The bugler sounded, he was playing taps. Alms were needed to help the chef get food. But none were found where he was so he thought of going home and listening to music and realized he can. "Ticles the ivory" was what he called his son's excellent instrumentals on the keyboard. Thus he returned home to his family and his wife Esther who made him his favorite dish Chicken Caciaclesiastes for supper. All meals were meager due to the eronomy. Even though he was a chef, he relished her fixing the zucchini and herbs as he listened to his oldest son Philip pianso away on the keys, playing his favorite music. The chef's other son Daniel danced and, while the family dog Jeremiah ate his apo, calypsed to the music in Carribean style. It was a fitting and just end to a very trying and difficult day in the life of Chef Aspumante as his niece Ana hummed the melody so Phonia the family cat could perch by the door of the john because Judith was brushing her teeth at the sink for she was known by her brothers as " the hygene sis."

      With the evening completed, so are we with this puzzle, so if you're having problems finding all the names, now is a good time for a mass exodus. You'll find the answers in next week's issue. See how many you can find and e-mail us with the answers. The winner will receive a prize.

The Fruits of Garabandal

     Our tenth segment on our treatment of the Apparitions at Garabandal continues where we left off last week, treating the fruits of Garabandal from the Holy Eucharist to the Sanctity of Marriage in the fact all four visionaries are now married. We finish off with how the Fruits of Garabandal continue as we near the end of this specific apparition that took place in the early to mid sixties in this mountain village in the Spanish mountains. For the sixty-fourth installment of this on-going mega series, click on THE AGE OF MARIAN APPARITIONS

GARABANDAL: For whom the Bells Toll! - The Eucharist, The Sanctity of Marriage, and The Fruits continue to Multiply

Part Ten

The Eucharist - The Bread of Life

      The only thing we have to sustain us during these trying times which are going to really get tough in the near future is the Holy Eucharist. That is why the Blessed Virgin Mary keeps reiterating to pray for holy and zealous priests for without them the Blessed Sacrament cannot be confected. The laity, too, needs to realize the significance of this and foster zeal in their priests through prayer and example. This will also nourish much needed vocations for the times ahead, especially in the much-anticipated era of peace.

The Sanctity of Marriage

      Often times people expect visionaries to go into religious life, especially if they are young. But God also needs good people in the world and so, like the visionaries of Medjugorje, the four girls of Garabandal have all chosen the matrimonial state. Visionary Conchita received confirmation of this from Our Lady while at the Carmelite Boarding School in Pamplona, Spain. Mary asked her to stay in the world so that she could speak of Our Ladyís role in her Divine Sonís Plan. Marriage needed to be sanctified and recognized as the holy sacrament it is.

      Thus, in the seventies the wedding bells tolled for all four. Visionary Mari Cruz was the first, marrying Ignacio Caballero on May 2, 1970. Today they have four children and reside in Aviles, Spain which is 100 miles northwest of Garabandal. The other three all live in the USA, having married Americans. Conchita wed Patrick Keena on Mary 26, 1973. They live in New York with their four offspring. Mari Loli was the next on the Feast of the Presentation in 1974 when she said "I do" to Francis LaFleur in Brockton, Massachusetts. They still live there today with their three children. On February 21 Jacinta became the last visionary to marry when she exchanged vows with Jeffrey Moynihan of California, who had met her while stationed at a naval base in Spain. They have one daughter, Maria and now live in the golden state.

      Not to be outdone, Joey Lomangino, the "Blind Apostle of Garabandal" even got into the act a year later when he and Marilyn Luther were married on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in Detroit with seven priests concelebrating the Nuptial Mass. They had met on an August pilgrimage to Europe.

      It brought to fruition the importance Our Lady placed on the holy Sacrament of Matrimony. Itís interesting to note that of the items Our Lady acquiesced to touch, is and bless during her apparitions at Garabandal, the only article she allowed other than medals, rosaries, crucifixes, scapulars and statues were wedding rings for they represented a lasting vow to God.

The Fruits continue to Multiply

      God allows evil for good. That is why Our Lady showed the girls a vision during the "Night of Screams." Everyone could not help but hear the visionaries screaming in horror over the chastisements to come. The next day the entire village went to confession and Mass. This kind of conversion continues. Today in Garabandal there are no longer apparitions in this tiny village untainted by the world, but the effects and fruits of these visits have nurtured countless conversions of pilgrims from all over the world. Through these prodigies which Our Lady blessed, she promised her Son would heal thousands in body and soul. True to her word these miracles continue to this day.

      Garabandal, buried beneath ecclesiastical bureaucracy in the 70ís and 80ís, has been resurrected in regard to serious investigation. Noted doctors have attested to the authenticity of the apparitions including world-renowned neuropsychiatrist Dr. Ricardo Piencernau and Dr. Luis Morales, the chief medical examiner appointed by the local ordinary.

      With the permission of the bishop, the pastor Father Juan Gonzalez Gomez has opened the Village Church to pilgrim priests to say Mass whenever they go to Garabandal. Previously they had to say Mass down the mountain in nearby Cosio.

      In the early nineties Bishop Jose Vilaplana Vasco, former titular bishop of Blandia and auxiliary of Valencia was appointed by the Holy See as the new ordinary for the Diocese of Santander. This 49-year old prelate is a member of Opus Dei and is said to have a great devotion to Mary. He replaced Bishop Juan Antonio Del Val Gallo who, before he left, submitted all his findings to Rome for their discernment. And so, today it is in the hands of the Holy Father. He knows its authenticity, but Vatican politics prevents him from claiming the Garabandal apparitions, like Medjugorje and other like events, as supernatural until the right time.

      When will be the right time? In Godís time. For He has a timetable in which all that has been foretold will play out. Garabandal remains a major player in this master plan of the Almighty for Our Lady slowly but surely is revealing more of the Divine blueprint to visionaries and messengers throughout the world as the clock winds down and the bells begin to toll.

When we don't cooperate we tax God's Patience

     In his column today, Father John Hampsch, C.M.F. continues his trend of thought on how our cooperation with the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit helps fulfill the Will of God and keeps us in sync with Him. Fr. John explains this in his thirty-fifth installment of his series "Faith: Key to the Heart of God." Click on KEYS TO LIVING GOD'S WILL

Thirty-Fifth Installment: Vertical Growth: Our Cooperation part three

      The third way we can fertilize our faith is namely by allowing our faith to "work through love" (Galatians 6:5). The acme of faith is the yielding faith that believes in Godís personal love for each of usóthe "Good News" or gospel message. Once you really believe that God loves you (I John 4:16), and you relax in His arms, nothing disturbs you! No anxiety, no loneliness, no fear, because you know He can and will make "all things work together for good" (Romans 8:28). Your faith convinces you that God created you because He loves you, and He heals you because He loves you. We learn to count on His love and that itself is a faith-building experience. Pope Paul VI reminded us that to receive Godís hug is to surrender to His personal, merciful love. Faith induces this experience of divine intimacy, for "faith works through love."

      As we become aware not only of Godís love for us but His promised ongoing presence (Matthew 28:20) as "Emmanuel" (Matthew 1:25; Isaiah 7:14), our faith in and dependency on Him will grow. This enables us to "Live in vital union with him" (Colossians 2:6). We can then say with Paul (Galatians 2:20), "I live, but not I, it is Christ who lives in me" as we experience His divinity penetrating our humanity. Paul is not saying Christ is near him, or with him, or that he is following Christ. Paul is saying that Christ is living his life, totally permeating him and all his activities. When we reach that point we are operating at a very high level of faith, especially when weíre truly convinced of the very personal dimension of Godís unitive love. St. Augustine wrote: "God loves each one of us as if there were only one of us." Yielding to this faithfuilding truth found in Godís Word will enable us to recognize that Christ is in us through the power of His Spiritóin us in the deepest way. At that point our faith becomes a truly mystical, contemplative experience.

      Paul asks if we know we are the temples of God wherein His Spirit dwells (the word "know" in Scripture usually means experiential knowledge). "Donít you now (experience) that you are the temple of God?" (I Corinthians 3:16). He is not asking, donít you acknowledge the theological truth that you are the temple of God? That is not the question. The question is, do you experience that within you? "Glorify and bear God in your bodies" (I Corinthians 6:20) as well as your souls. Heís talking about an experienced reality.

Next Installment: Vertical Growth:Our Cooperation - part four


     This week is a time for joy and celebration for it is Easter Week. Today we celebrate mid week of this glorious time. For the Easter Wednesday and Easter Thursday liturgies, readings, and meditations, click on LITURGY FOR EASTER SEASON.

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