September 18-20, 1998
Saturday is the Observance of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Saturday
September 18-20, 1998

vol. 9, no. 183


Ten Year Anniversary of the Message to Father Don Stefano Gobbi of 'A Period of Ten Years'
A-Ten-tion: For Mary's faithful the Ten Year Period of Grace from Father Gobbi's message is up Today!!!
     In this weekend's editorial, we bring to the attention of the reader the significance of September 18, 1998 for that is the ten year anniversary of the famous message given to Father Don Stefano Gobbi at Lourdes in which the Blessed Mother prepared her children through her words for the next crucial ten years. Now we look back. Are we prepared the way she wants us to be? For the weekend commentary Placing the punctuation on our punctuality to the Divine Will will define the sentence God writes for us!, click on CATHOLIC PewPOINT.
" All my words shall be fulfilled, for my Immaculate Heart is soon to triumph."
Queen of Prophets
      Those words from the Blessed Mother Mary on May 29, 1992 mirror what she conveyed to Father Gobbi as you'll see by reading Messages 191, 192 and 193. They were imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart, and we continue to bring you these messages on a daily basis for all that was delivered to Fr. Gobbi in the September 10, 1988 message are contained in these as well as Our Lady urges her children to open their hearts to her Divine Son Jesus for time is very short. Click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."
  • Fifth installment of the Holy Father's Apostolic Letter to the Bishops Apostolos Suos in THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

  • Father Stephen Valenta's column HEARTS TO HEART

  • September 21st in Church History in our Time Capsule section: MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

  • LITURGY OF THE DAY for the feast of SAINT MATTHEW, Apostle and Evangelist and Tuesday in Ordinary Time.

  • ...and much more in our 184th issue for 1998!

Today in Church history
Events this weekend in Church History
     For time capsule events that happened in Church history on September 18th through September 20th, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES
469 - 468 - 467 and counting,
hoping and praying...

"The less prudent the prince, the more his deeds oppress. He who hates ill-gotten gain prolongs his days."
Proverbs 29: 16

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Pittsburgh Bishop lays it out on what's Right and Wrong regarding Clinton fiasco!

     Finally the American bishops are starting to speak out on the travesties in the White House, beginning with Bishop Donald W. Wuerl, ordinary of the Pittsburgh Diocese. His pastoral letter to the youth of Pittsburgh is being released this weekend and is available in our Miters that Matter section to the right. For a synopsis of the pastoral letter, click on Right and Wrong

Italian historian clearing the air on the Spanish Inquisition

Catholic historians setting the world straight on the Spanish Inquisition
     Why, during the Protestant Reformation, did Spain remain Catholic and loyal to the Church? The Inquisition played a major role, but not the tortuous and ruthless illustration that Catholic-bashing historians painted of the Dominican Cardinal Tomas Torquemada. This was clarified by Italian historian Rino Cammilleri who, just prior to a planned forum at the Vatican on the Inquisition, granted an interview to Vatican Radio on the occasion of the Sesquitennial anniversary of Torquemada's death. For more, click on Inquisition

German priest tabbed to succeed Monsignor Zago as OMI Superior General

     A 51-year old German Missionary Oblate recently having served the people of Paraguay was chosen as the Superior General of the Order of Oblates of Mary Immaculate, a missionary Order of priests founded by Saint Eugene de Mazenod who Pope John Paul II canonized on December 3, 1995 at which the Spiritual Director for the DAILY CATHOLIC and this ministry - Father Al Svobodny, OMI was present in Rome. The new Superior General is Father Heinz-Wilhelm Steckling, OMI who succeeds Monsignor Marcello Zago, OMI who had an excellent rapport with the Holy See during his tenure, serving as Secretary for the Vatican's Pontifical Congregation for Evangelization . For more, click on OMI.

French Bishops stand strong against Cohabitation outside marriage

French Bishops assail government measures to legalize living together outside of marriage
      Just as the saintly French Bishop Eugene de Mazenod fought the iniquities of government and measures that went against Catholic teaching back in the early nineteenth century, so also the French bishops today are fighting France's attempt to legalize living together outside of the marriage vows. If a measure called the "civil solidarity pact" were to pass, France would be devastated morally, destroying the very fabric of society the bishops assert and have called on the faithful to fight this and pray for its defeat. For more, click on France at a crossroads.

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     Outside of the feast of the martyred bishop Saint Januarius, this weekend is strictly the liturgy of Ordinary Time as we observe the TWENTY-FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME followed by Monday's feast of SAINT MATTHEW. For the liturgies, readings and meditations for this weekend, click on

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Symphony of Suffering
It is a tainted symphony if sincerity and humility are absent.
Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower continues this series on sharing her own feelings from her heart and soul     In this weekend's issue the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart focuses on all the hoopla over the Clinton chronicles and where we should center our attention - not on Clinton's response or alibis and lies, not on the media's satiation with the story, not on gossip or lurid details, but rather on God's response which He has clearly outlined in Scripture and through His Holy Church for that is truly the only opinion that counts. For her seventeenth sonata entitled Without sincerity and retribution the Symphony of Suffering has a hollow sound that leaves all God's children flat Click on SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING
Clinton is about to meet his justiceSister syllogizes why Bill Clinton is not fit to serve the people
     In her column this week, Sister Mary Lucy Astuto Sister Mary Lucy Astuto points out how, as everything is beginning to unravel for the President of the United States, the best course of action he can take is to take the honorable route and resign for he has proven through his actions that he is not able to correctly guide this country and its people for his qualifications have come under great scrutiny and he has failed miserably. For Sister's column, Qualification of a servant , click on GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER
Bishopspeak on the speakeasy morals of this administration as the Bishop of Pittsburgh speaks out on the wrongs committed and omitted.
Bishop Donald Wuerl writes a pastoral letter on Right and Wrong     Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh became the first bishop to officially speak out on the travesties committed by this administration, turning his attention to the youth of his diocese with a special Pastoral Letter released this weekend entitled Right and Wrong in which he reminds all of the Church's stand on values and virtues. For his pastoral letter, click on MITERS THAT MATTER.
This weekend's prayer is taken from the Opening Prayer of the Mass honoring Saint Januarius, followed by another prayer to the martyred bishop:

God our Father, enable us who honor the memory of St. Januarius to share with him the joy of eternal life.

O God, Who dost make us glad by the yearly festival of Thy Holy Martyrs, Januarius and his Companions; mercifully grant that we who rejoice in their merits, may be inspired by the example of their lives. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.

Medjugorje Monthly Message for August 25th The Gospa's message for August
   Dear children! Today I invite you to come still closer to me through prayer. Little children, I am your mother, I love you and I desire that each of you be saved and thus be with me in Heaven. That is why, little children, pray, pray, pray until your life becomes prayer. Thank you for having responded to my call.
For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE

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September 18-20, 1998       volume 9, no. 183
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