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Diocesan Phase of Beatification Ends in November

        CALCUTTA, SEP 5 (ZENIT).- In an interview with the Fides news agency, Archbishop Henry D'Souza of Calcutta assured that the diocesan stage of the beatification of Mother Teresa is continuing and will close by the end of November. He added hopefully, "If Mother Teresa were to be beatified during the year 2000 it would be a sign of love and unity for the whole of humanity."

    At what point is the process? Is there any chance of Mother being beatified in 2000?

    ARCHBISHOP D'SOUZA: The whole process is quite rigorous and Bishop Lobo, the Notary, and the Promoter of Justice are very busy. They are working to complete the process in Calcutta by the end of November. As regards the date of beatification, that is not in our hands.

    What did Mother Teresa leave to the diocese, the Church and the country?

    ARCHBISHOP D'SOUZA: The inspiration of Mother Teresa continues to move people. There is a steady stream of devotees who visit her tomb. Many bishops and priests say Mass there. The volunteers still come in large numbers and are seen working in homes as usual. I visited the Shishu Bhavan home for abandoned children in Nimtola last month and was edified to see many foreigners, one or two were Japanese, feeding and taking care of the disabled and handicapped children there. I believe that Mother has left us a legacy which is much cherished by all people of every faith. It is a legacy of the value of the human person and the duty to do whatever is possible to assist the needy. She told India, at the time of our 50 years of independence, that the country is blessed with so many natural resources and such beauty of rivers, trees, hills and mountains: but its greatest asset is its people. This message is still to be learned and put into practice.

    Has anything changed in the life of the Missionaries of Charity since Mother's death? Are there still vocations?

    ARCHBISHOP D'SOUZA: The inspiration of Mother still continues to give energy and strength to the Sisters. There is no diminishing of vitality and the number of those attracted to the Congregation is still high. ZE99090520

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September 9, 1999       volume 10, no. 171


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