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THANKSGIVING ISSUE - WEDNESDAY through SUNDAY      November 24-28, 1999    
SECTION FOUR      vol 10, no. 223-225

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Who wants to be a millionaire when you can have it all through the vow of poverty?

    They say a picture is worth 1000 words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminarydid so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

"The second way of preserving ourselves from an unseemly greed is the heroic way...the way of complete detachment from wealth, as practiced by St. Francis of Assisi and all those who take the vows of poverty. There is a paradox in such a renunciation, for the man who has given up even the hope of 'security' is the richest man in the world; he is the most secure of all of us, for he wants nothing...and that is a boast no millionaire can make."

Events this weekend in Church History

    There are a plethora of events that occurred in Church History over these five days. For these events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

Five Vicars of Christ guide the Church through the second half of the eighth century ushering in the the Holy Roman Empire

    We continue with our on-going series of this abridged History of the Mass and Holy Mother Church over a 2000 year span called 2000 YEAR VOYAGE ON THE BARQUE OF PETER Today we feature the five Sovereign Pontiffs during second half of the eighth century that included the 7th Ecumenical Council which condemned Iconoclasm and Pope Saint Leo III who crowned Charlemagne and ushered in the Holy Roman Empire. For Installment twenty-eight The Agony and ecstasy of the Church after Pope Gregory the Great - part five: "The Apostolic Line of Peter during the second half of the eighth century" in the BARQUE OF PETER

Installment Twenty-eight

The Agony and ecstasy of the Church after Pope Gregory the Great - Part Five

The Apostolic Line of Peter during the second half of the eighth century

Next Wednesday: Installment Twenty-nine: Agony and Ecstasy of the Church after Gregory the Great part six: The Apostolic Line of Peter for the first part of the ninth century

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November 24-28, 1999 volume 10, no. 223-225  DAILY CATHOLIC