Pat Ludwa, author of View from the Pew

    Patrick Ludwa, author of View from the Pew
         A cradle-Catholic born in Battle Creek, Michigan - the land of corn flakes, Pat Ludwa has proven he is no flake when it comes to his faith as he so poignantly illustrates in his essays entitled View from the Pew. He has called Cleveland, Ohio home since he was five-years old. Even though he received his formal Catholic education at the primary and secondary level and then a year attending John Carroll University, by his own admission he didn't really take the precious gift of his faith seriously until he was bombarded with Fundamentalist Evangelicals while an officer in the Army after graduating from Cleveland State University. After his military career was over, he and his wife Cheryl returned to the city on Lake Erie to raise a family. Pat traveled the globe during his military stint from Korea to Germany plus various stateside assignments. His European duty afforded Pat the opportunity to visit the seat of his faith in Rome as well as a trip to Assisi, the foundation of the Franciscan spirit. It is this spirit that has forever remained with Pat and which he is able to convey in his writings. He attributes it to his calling years ago to the Franciscan seminary, but, as he recounts, "I was talked out of it and found that my 'down-fall' as a 'liberal' Catholic occured when I actually read Vatican II." He has learned through trial and error over the years and today he and Cheryl are active in parish ministry, serving as Lectors. As a dedicated husband and father struggling with teen-angst for their two teen-age daughters Bridget and Megan in these times of overwhelming worldly influence, Pat is able to bridge the differences of the generations - of liberal and conservative - and meld the truths and traditions of pre-Vatican II with the true norms of what the Holy Spirit intended at the Second Vatican Council. He presents a positive outlook for the future of the Church in his column as he carries out the Holy Father's request for lay evangelization, doing all he can from his "View from the Pew".

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