Who are the top 100 Catholics of this century?

    We are announcing the start of a campaign to vote on the top 100 Catholics for the 20th Century with the countdown to begin on Pentecost Monday. Until May 24, 1999 readers have an opportunity to give us their input at top100@dailycatholic.org on who should be on this prestigious list which we will reveal with the countdown beginning with the 100th issue for 1999 on May 24th listing the top Catholics from 100 in ranking, counting down to number one over the succeeding one hundred issues.


          In keeping with the Jubilee 2000 spirit we're going to introduce another feature on the Monday immediately following Pentecost Sunday with our 100th issue for the year. That will be the Countdown of the 100 most influential Catholics of this Century. It's a list we are now compiling and we'd like your input into this since the DAILY CATHOLIC is your paper and we'll publish what you would like to see as long as it is still in accord with all the Church teaches and coincides with our evangelization mission of this apostolate. So over the next sixty days we are opening up the voting to you the reader. You may submit whoever you like and a brief background on the person - his or her accomplishments - as well as a brief sentence on why this person deserves to be listed. We also ask that you give us your top pick, the number one most influential Catholic of this century. There are many who come to mind - Pope John Paul II, Pope Saint Pius X, Mother Teresa, Padre Pio, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, etc. The top ten should be relatively easy, but it's the other ninety that should be interesting and we want to hear your opinions. You can e-mail your submissions to Vote for the Top 100 Catholics of the Twentieth Century or mail your submissions to the DAILY CATHOLIC, 1585 Green Oak Road, Vista, CA 92083. We will begin with the 100th pick on Monday, May 24th, the 99th pick on Tuesday, May 25th and so on down the line as we countdown to the top Catholics of the Twentieth Century.

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