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The Warning could be our final warning!

          It has always been said that God allows evil for good. The situation in the Balkans, like the Gulf War in the early nineties, is an example of this for each day more and more people are returning to God, most out of fear but that's alright for the Almighty understands. The important thing is they're going back to Him. This week is so important for it is during this week that, thanks to the incessant, unyielding prompting of the Holy Father, Yugoslavia has agreed to an Easter Truce providing temporary mercy for the countless thousands of Kosovo refugees. How fitting that it is during the week dedicated to calling down Divine Mercy on the world when annually the Divine Mercy nine day Novena is conducted. Actually, we should be saying the Novena on a rotating loop every day of the year along with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, the devotion passed down from Our Lord to His chosen "Apostle of Mercy" Blessed Sister Faustina Kowalska and the chief vehicle for asking for His Mercy today. And today that Font of Mercy is needed more than ever as we edge ever closer to the next millennium and the anticipation of the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart which will usher in the golden age of peace, the Reign of the Sacred Heart, the New Advent, the Second Pentecost, the Era of the Eucharistic Presence, the Age of the Holy Spirit.

          But before that wondrous day comes, there are a few days prior to that which also grow even closer of which we have been warned. For this we go back over thirty years to a mountain village in Spain called Garabandal. Recall what the Blessed Virgin Mary is purported to have told the visionaries of Garabandal - specifically Mari Loli Mazon LaFleur, who alone knows the date of the Warning when every soul alive will know the state of their soul as God sees them, when this illumination of the soul - this purification - this great "Hour of Mercy" will occur in order to call all His children back to Him; to repent of their ways. We do know that the succeeding Miracle to accompany the Warning will occur within a year of the Warning. On the Miracle, only the visionary Conchita Gonzalez Keena knows the year. But consider, if you will, that Our Lady conveyed that the Miracle will occur at 8:30 pm in Garabandal, Spain which would be between 4:30 on the East Coast of the US or 1:30 on the West Coast. It is to occur on a Thursday, the feast of a martyr of the Eucharist and in either March, April or May between the 13th and 16th of the month. It will occur on the feast of a little-known martyr of the Holy Eucharist and coincide with a great Ecclesiastical event in the Church. Conchita confirmed that it is an event that has not happened in the last half of this century to date but will not be necessarily new or stupendous, only rare.

          Now go back and read Our Lady's message from Medjugorje this month and consider what the Mother of God is saying. Folks, we are so close, so very close to the Warning whether you believe it or not, to paraphrase someone who saw the Miracle already before he died and who will be beatified less than a month from now in Rome - Blessed Padre Pio: "if you don't believe it now, you will when you experience it." Consider the state of the world today where there are such a rash of persecutions of priests. If you've been reading the news in the DAILY CATHOLIC over the last year you've seen the intensity of these persecutions and the fact that the Mass is suppressed in so many countries, such as China. It will happen when the world has, as a whole, turned from God. These are those times. Consider the following and then get down on your knees and pray. We cannot verify a report we heard that both the Warning and Miracle would occur in this century, but, if that is true, then this is the year, folks. We can confirm that the famed Garabandal crusader Joey Lomangino out of New York, who was converted personally by Padre Pio, has been promised by Our Lady that he will see the Miracle. We place the emphasis on "see" since Joey has been blind for 52 years! Now 69, he is known as the "Blind Apostle" and "Emissary of Love" and since his conversion has dedicated his life to spreading the messages of Garabandal as founder of the Workers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

          Consider also what Conchita said about the Miracle occurring during a great ecclesiastical event in the Church and it would be on a Thursday and in either March, April or May between the 13th and 16th. We can cross off March. April is still viable, but as for the Miracle - let's look at May for all those events take place next month. On Thursday, May 13 we will celebrate the Solemnity of the Ascension of Our Lord. That's a pretty big ecclesiastical event. Now consider that it is also the feast, not liturgically, but the feast nonetheless of a little-known "martyr" of the Eucharist, Blessed Imelda Lambertini. The confusing thing here is the word "martyr" for in the true sense she wasn't a physical martyr in the vein of the early martyrs but a young girl who was deprived of the Holy Eucharist because of her age. She was a young Italian teen who had been rejected numerous times by the nuns who housed her in the Dominican convent in Bologna. She had also been restricted by the priests from partaking in Communion even though her soul was prepared to receive Jesus. Finally on the Feast of the Ascension in 1333, she was denied yet again in her quest to receive her first Holy Communion. After Mass, as she prayed in the chapel a brilliant supernatural light appeared and hovered over Imelda's head. When the nuns saw this they summoned the priest who had no choice but to bring Imelda the Eucharist for the child was in a state of ecstasy. She received the Sacred Host and continued to kneel in prayerful thanksgiving. When the nuns returned to summon her to the refectory for breakfast, they discovered her still kneeling in rapture but she was not alive. God had taken her home for she truly had suffered greatly waiting to receive her Jesus and now she was rewarded. She died on that Ascension Thursday of 1333 which happened to be May 13th!!! She was beatified by Pope Saint Pius X who proclaimed her Patron of First Communicants. It was Pius who changed the regulations to allow children who had reached the age of reason to receive Holy Communion. This year - 1999, like 1333, May 13th - also the 82nd commemoration of the first apparition at Fatima - and the Solemnity of the Ascension coincide. That could definitely be considered an ecclesiastical event that is rare. What's even rarer are the numbers: Subtract 1333 from 1999 and you come up with...that's right the dreaded 666!

          If that doesn't wake one up, consider that if indeed the Warning and Miracle are meant to happen in this century, and the "clues" given us by Our Lady through Conchita and Mari indicate that, then the Warning could very well happen this month! We're not about to pinpoint the date for we haven't got a clue right now on when the Warning might occur except the time frame and the state of the world presently. Also we can't forget one of Saint John Bosco's vision in which he foresaw the "Second Victory of the Rosary" with the Miracle and the Warning. He related that it would happen in 19_ _. We're in the last digit, folks. He said it would happen in the month of flowers which could either be April or May. He also said it would be a month with two moons, also called the "blue moon." If you factor in Eastern European time and Italy, the first moon would have been early on the first day of April and the second moon to occur on April 30th - two days after the Feast of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, the saint who received through private revelation the Consecration to Our Lady and a deep devotion to the Rosary. Not only that but St. Louis de Montfort prophesided, like St. John Bosco, that the twentieth century would see "the greatest triumph of Mary, greater even than that of Lepanto." Other saints such as Saint Frances of Rome foresaw the Three Days of Darkness and candidate-for-canonization Blessed Marie Taigi confirmed this. Blessed Faustina affirmed that only by trusting in Jesus' Divine Mercy, and by giving His Own Mother to intercede for us, and giving us Himself in the Holy Eucharist will we be able to sustain what lies ahead.

          The stars and circumstances would seem to be aligned then that both events will occur soon, very, very soon. Our Lady's Medjugorje Message for March should wake us up. On the secular side, the manipulating going on in the media and fabrications being foisted on us by the government, specifically the Clinton administration now in cahoots with our military and the UN posing under the guise of NATO should alert us. As Our Lord reminds us in Matthew 25 regarding the parable of the ten virgins, to always have our lamps lit "for you know neither the day nor the hour" (Matthew 27: 13).

          We can be assured if anyone has an idea of what is to come and the approximate time frame it is our dear Holy Father. He is probably the greatest prophet of recent pontiffs. He has sadly conveyed continuously that "the sense of sin is becoming weaker and weaker in modern man, which makes real repentance very unlikely." He said, before the notorious World Population Congress in Cairo that "If the inclusion of abortion as a means of population control passes, civilization will end as we know it."

          And that's what will happen soon: civilization will end as we know it and, when we consider what has been prophesied about what lies ahead, we can't wait. It will be glorious: Heaven on earth. But, like the Resurrection we must embrace our Calvary before we can share in the joy of the new era that awaits us. That Calvary is our chastisement. The Warning will be our wake-up call - the world's wake-up call to return to God with our whole heart and soul. Like the good thief Dismas we will have one last chance to ask forgiveness and seek His Mercy before the Justice comes. We like to call the Warning the greatest sign of His Mercy for it will be a "dress rehearsal" for the Final Judgment when we will see the state of our soul exactly as God sees it. That can be a scary propositon and should scare us into righting the ship immediately before we would sink into the oblivion of hell. Will the Warning and Miracle occur this month and next? Only God and those privileged few visionaries He has allowed it to be revealed to know for sure. We do know for sure that He has a timetable in which all that has been foretold will be played out and we are in the final act. How close we are to the curtain call depends on us as the clock winds down and the bells begin to toll for all mankind. Whether we will be among those who receive the Heavenly applause depends totally on our commitment to God's script. As NATO continues to bomb Yugoslavia, even during the Easter Truce, the plot thickens. Our advice: Be forewarned and armed with prayer for there will be no encore: It will be the climax of His Divine Mercy for the Warning could be our final warning!

Michael Cain, editor

April 9-11, 1999      volume 10, no. 70
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