DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY   April 6, 1999   vol. 10, no. 67


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The rose between two thorns!

          Here we are entering the third week of what the news magnates call the "crisis" in Kosovo. Folks, it's not a crisis, but rather a war. What else do you call it when souls are being murdered? Just as we have long called abortion a war because of the senseless slaughter of millions and millions of innocent babies who never had the opportunity to breathe life outside the womb, so also we have to call the ethnic cleansing of the Albanian people in Kosovo the very same thing. This is a tale of two butchers. On one side you have the ethnic-cleanser - a modern day Hitler - in Slobodon Milosevic, reviled in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina and Slovenia and tolerated in Serbia; on the other you have a modern day Herod in the person of William Jefferson Clinton, reviled in pro-life circles everywhere and in conservative camps, tolerated by middle America and those who are duped into thinking the "good economy" is attributed to him, and promoted unabashedly by liberals and Hollywood's immoral and amoral establishment. What is the difference between the two men? Really, nothing!

          Both butchers have been the bane of the 90's; Milosevic in breaking up the former Yugoslavia and reeking havoc with his pro-Serb machinations; Clinton with his disregard for the Commandments of God from adultery to murder, not to mention lying and stealing. How many find it ironic that this same man who refused to serve in his military during the Vietnam war and took refuge in Russia, sleeping with the enemy, is now willing to commit our young men and women to a war that America is much too involved in percentage-wise compared to the rest of Europe? It is well-known that Clinton sold out to the United Nations long ago. There are even rumors that the stealth pilot shot down in Serbia last week was not a United States serviceman at all but a UN foreigner and if word got out it would raise the hackles of Americans everywhere how deep the UN connection has grown within our own military efforts. Think about it, almost minutes after the three POW's were captured and turned up in Belgrade their stock photos and names and home towns were disseminated to all media outlets. The pictures clearly showed the US flag emblems on their uniforms. The interesting thing is that in the Gulf War soldiers wore detachable emblems and much more camouflage without the stars and stripes visible. Think about it. If these were American troops for NATO wouldn't they have worn the NATO emblem? It all seems too much like "wag the dog" to get the American public in an uproar over something that heretofore most polls showed a lack of interest in getting involved in the Balkans. It reeks of Clintonism. Also, nothing, absolutely nothing on the stealth pilot who we have been told is safe. But who is he? We may never know unless it is expedient for the polls.

          But polls are not the gist of this commentary, but rather a single Pole - the Holy Father's involvement. What we want to focus on today is the absolute rejection by both Milosevic and Clinton to the intense peace pleas by his Holiness Pope John Paul II who, after working around the clock for days and calling over 21 ambassadors to the Vatican plus meeting with the President of Italy, dispatched his chief lieutenant - Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran, the Vatican's top foreign-official, to Belgrade to meet face to face on Holy Thursday with Milosevic as well as arrange a personal audience with the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Pavle who was in full agreement with the Pope's proposal that a special "Easter Truce" be employed by both sides through next Sunday which is the day the Eastern Orthodox celebrate Easter. It is also Divine Mercy Sunday in the Western Church, no coincidence. The report from FIDES news service out of the Vatican said there was no word on Milosevic's reply but the fact that he continued, in fact intensified the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo spoke volumes. Meanwhile, Clinton rejected the Holy Father's appeal with the lame excuse that an Easter truce "would not serve to honor the occasion." We ask you, Mr. President, what would serve to honor the occasion? Do you think the Warning might?!? We'll have much more on the pending Warning and subsequent Miracle in Friday's editorial which you won't want to miss. We assure you of that!

          Our Lady's Medjugorje Message for March should wake us up to what we can expect in the world and in the Church. On the secular side, the manipulating going on in the media and fabrications being foisted on us by the government, specifically the Clinton administration now in cahoots with our military and the UN posing under the guise of NATO should alert us. The newspapers and around-the-clock news programs give us a good inkling of what America is in for - a long, drawn-out ineffective war that will mirror Vietnam with countless servicemen returning in body bags if ground troops are committed. Both the thorns in the ointment - Milosevic and Clinton are painting the public into a corner and we have to wonder if they're not in cahoots to effect their clandestine agenda of establishing a one-world order. If this sounds paranoid, look around you. Look at the fabricated prices for oil in the last two weeks nationwide and other manipulated price hikes. Yet the DOW continues to climb at unbelievable rates. It sounds too much like a house of cards that will come tumbling down. We don't want to be under it when it does but as long as we continue to deal with these sinister gamblers from Belgrade and Washington D.C., the deck is stacked against us. So what are we to do? What Our Lady asks of us: Pray! Pray! Pray! As Our Lord reminds us in Matthew 25 regarding the parable of the ten virgins, to always have our lamps lit "for you know neither the day nor the hour" (Matthew 27: 13).

          We can be assured if anyone has an idea of what is to come our dear Holy Father knows. He is that glorious rose of life between the two thorns of death (Milosevic and Clinton). Don't ever think for a moment that he is not gifted with private revelation as the Totus Tuus Vicar of Christ. Through negotiations and his public pleas John Paul II is doing all he can, despite the constant rejection, to warn the world before the Warning and a possible escalation of World War III that, during this time when we celebrate the Pachal Lamb, those two thorns are false shepherds who lead innocent lambs to the slaughter. We must continue to pray that the rose will not wilt or be suffocated by those two thorns of the culture of death. We all need to stop and listen to the rose of Christ...the rose between two thorns!

Michael Cain, editor

April 6, 1999      volume 10, no. 67
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