DAILY CATHOLIC    WEDNESDAY     April 28, 1999     vol. 10, no. 83


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          Today we bring you just one vignette because it is quite lengthy but full of food for thought. It's a special "in-house" poem penned a while ago but still very pertinent. We call it the self-will Anthem entitled "Who do you say that I am?"


      Two thousand years ago Christ was on trial,
      Judged by His children who were caught in the mire
      Of political expediency espoused by those
      Who thought they knew how to solve mankind’s woes.

      Today God’s children are at it again
      Trying God by the very act of their sins.
      Christ is on trial, errant clerics the judge
      While we, the sheep, drag up the sludge.

      Of dissension against all Christ taught
      Of doubting that faith must always be fought
      Against the voices that cry, denounce and shout
      That morality, virtue and holiness are out.

      Our Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, of awe
      Debunk God’s Perfect Law
      Giving the lie to their self-fed doubts
      Aired or printed with media clout.

      The Sanhedrin judged, condemning He
      Whom God sent to die for thee.
      The witnesses lied, denied His Love
      Wanted Heaven to stay above.

      Rejected His peace which came to earth
      Preferred their pleasures ripe with mirth
      Spit upon Him, slapped Him around
      Cursing and dragging Him through the town.

      Self-righteous and proud, blinded by greed,
      The faith He gave became rotten seed.
      Goodness is stressful, it’s not passé,
      We who know better have a better way.

      Who needs God, the people cry,
      Believing fully satan’s lie:
      That we are god, there is no sin
      No need to struggle, no need to win.

      Forget all reverence, seek the fun;
      Prayer forsaken, entertainment the sum.
      For pew-filled churches, joke-telling priests
      Who spew forth doubts that rise like yeast.

      In souls grown tepid as consciences die
      Until no sin upon the earth lies.
      Murder, homosexuality, and countless sins
      Put Christ on trial; the people seek the win.

      Nothing Sacred is the theme of the day.
      Come on, folks, you know the way
      Of pleasure so rampant, the conscience is dead.
      The sheep are too intelligent to have to be fed.

      The battle is fought in a court of law;
      A public forum, the local law-mall
      Where lies spew, where reason dies;
      Crucify Him, the people cry!

      No leadership have we, the people of God
      Who tread upon this finite sod;
      Money and power, luxuries galore;
      Let’s have more, till it oozes from every pore.

      To heck with God, Creator and Judge
      From debase behavior we refuse to budge.
      Gather round, we’ll sue the Guy Above
      Who tries to warn us that we’ve forgotten love.

      A worldwide lawsuit is the way to go
      Get all the priests to tell you so;
      That the Church is debunk, doubt the rule
      If you believe in God, you are the fool!

      God isn’t Perfect, what a lie we’ve believed
      Accept all lifestyles, the garden needs more weeds!
      Just an excuse that God is, we think in haste,
      Believing, striving…what a waste!!

      Let’s sue the hell out of God and His kin.
      Throw out His law, commit every sin.
      Kill the God-mongers, it’ll free up space
      On an over-crowded planet for the human race.

      Rip God to shreds with tirades sublime
      So no one the cross has to climb.
      We hung Him once, we’ll do it again;
      We’ll laugh and dance in our heedless tailspin.

      No need for faith, social workers we are
      We know best, we can stand up tall
      While we spit in God’s face and laugh till we die
      ‘Cause we finally figured out God is a lie.

      The lawsuit’s been heard, the jury deliberates.
      While mankind wallows in its collective hate,
      The foreman stands up, the verdict to read.
      The accused stands silent, His heart bleeds.

      "What is your verdict?" cry those who profess
      To lead in His name, whose own souls are a mess!
      "Guilty," we cry, "for making us toil
      When all we want is our emotions to boil!"

      With unchecked passions our basic need,
      Who needs flowers when we can be weeds
      That choke God out as just a pest
      For after all, it's we who know best.

      Blasphemer! Devil! the verdict was read
      Two thousand years ago we made our bed
      Too lazy to rise, to lukewarm to care
      That the bed is twisted into satan’s lair.

      Go ahead, deny Him in full.
      Who cares? He’s the fool
      To think that we care, or want to share
      In eternal joy with Him! Beware!

      Every foul word you know is okay.
      Profanity is here to stay.
      Let’s tell God where He can take
      His Heavenly promises we call fake!

      How dare He wish us to seek our home
      When He knows full well our hearts do roam
      Down the pleasure-strewn path so wide and sweet.
      Damn! Hell is sure hard to beat!

      He laid down the challenge and offered the grace
      For us to win the eternal race.
      Buzz off, God, we’ve had enough
      Of all this holy, pious, religious stuff!

      Now we’re god, and who are You
      To try to tell us what to do?
      You might have been useful long ago
      Our forefathers were gullible, isn’t that so?

      Well, get this straight, whoever You are
      We’re not buying this road of sticky tar
      That slows down our pleasure, and makes us sweat.
      Whatever we want here on earth - we'll get!

      If you exist, who gives a fig!
      You’re nothing more than a twisted twig
      Of stifling rules that we prefer to break
      Yes, God, through Your heart we’ll drive a steak.

      Take that, God, we’re full of doubts
      Don’t believe us? Just hear us shout
      Judas was right, the miserable fool
      Who hung himself with a rope for his tool!

      How dare You die on a cross for us
      Why did You bother to make such a fuss?
      We don’t want You, You’re spoiling our fun.
      Who says there’s a God, that You are His son?

      The law is the voice of this day and age
      Against You, God, we’ll war and rage
      Until it’s over and we’ve had our day
      To sin all we want while we make hay.

      And then what, God? You’ll judge us, you say?
      Oh, please, God, get real! That will be the day!
      We can do that ourselves, thank you so much
      Now pardon us, but we’re in a rush.

      We’ve got a ticket on the non-stop flight
      Sorry, God, but it leaves tonight
      Next stop Hell, where You can’t be
      That’s all right, ‘cause You we won’t see!

      How stupid we were, how proud unto death
      Gee, God, it’s You who’ve made us a mess
      By the stress of Your Love, the work of Your grace
      Hell no! We won't go! We refuse to run the race!

      We’re tired, God, so bring on the fun.
      The verdict is in. Guess what? We won!
      Or did we, God? It's so dark, empty and hot down here.
      Why didn't You let us come to You often and near?

      What's that? You did? Divine Mercy You say?
      But why didn't we listen and pay attention that day?
      Oh, too, busy we were promoting Call To Action
      and We are Church and other dissident factions!

      We forged our own will on others not for God's sake But now we're sorry cause it was all just a little mistake! "Too late" we're told. But we said "Lord, Lord" a lot. What's that, Lord? You're saying "I know you not!"

April 28, 1999       volume 10, no. 83


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