DAILY CATHOLIC    WEDNESDAY     April 21, 1999     vol. 10, no. 78


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          Today we bring you just one vignette but it is so powerful and thought provoking that it should stay with you for some time. It was submitted by the Catholic Dispatch and truly gives one pause to ponder and pray, especially in light of our editorial yesterday on the Rosary and the World Wide Rosary Crusade. The following vignette is called, The Lifeline to Heaven.


          O Child of God!
          For whom Christ died.
          Listen to the voice
          Of your truest guide.

          Unseen I am,
          But just as REAL
          As the WORDS you here read
          And to you I reveal.

          God's MOTHER am I,
          Doubt it not, dear child!
          Virgin Mother of Jesus,
          Your OWN Mother mild.

          To me did He give you
          When dying on the Cross,
          Oh! seek my protection
          That you may not be lost.

          From Heaven above
          To pit you are in,
          A LIFELINE I lower
          To save you from sin.

          The ROSARY it is,
          To save you from HELL-
          The DEEPEST dungeon
          Where the devils fell!

          Say it each day,
          Come, what may!
          From death to LIFE
          It's your surest way.

          Stronger than VICE
          Is the power of prayer,
          And my Rosary BEST
          Will drive out despair.

          Satan will laugh,
          For well does he know
          That if he does NOT,
          From his grasp you go!

          Yes, time it will take,
          There is work to be done,
          Yet the battle begun
          Is the battle half won!

          Fear not your weakness
          But rely on my power,
          All I ask NOW
          Is a daily half-hour.

          Even THIS you may take
          In periods 5 -
          10 "Hail Marys" at each
          Will make it glide by.

          For each such "decade"
          There's a "Mystery" assigned;
          A marvel of Christ's life
          (Mine too) for your mind.

          If the beads you lack
          for counting the prayers,
          The FINGERS will do -
          Those tools of prayer.

          Though 15 in all
          These Mysteries be,
          Each 5 in groups 3
          Make 1 Rosary.

          BEFORE each decade
          Of the 10 "Hail Marys"
          Say one "Our Father",
          This rule doesn't vary.

          At the END of the 10
          Add one "Glory be",
          3 prayers-these enough-
          For my Rosary.

          Read them at first,
          Soon you'll know them by heart,
          Easier then will it be
          To prayer forth to dart.

          But when your mind WANDERS
          And you're tempted to quit,
          Resolve more than EVER
          That Rosary to grip!

          It's the EFFORT, my child,
          That counts with the Lord,
          When the going is harder,
          Richer is the REWARD.

          For HEAVEN God made you
          After life here below,
          By the Rosary I'll LEAD you,
          Just NEVER let go.

          If "An apple a day
          Keeps the doctor away,"
          A ROSARY each day
          Keeps the devil at bay!

April 21, 1999       volume 10, no. 78


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