DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY   November 10, 1998   vol. 9, no. 220


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It's time to fight fire with Fire!

          There has been a lot of flap and criticism over an editorial for the Diocesan newspaper in Vancouver, British Columbia in which the diocesan editor did not rail at the murder of the abortion doctor from Buffalo, New York but rather insisted that good can come of this. Naturally, the press took this and ran with it in the wrong direction, accusing the editor of condoning the murder and encouraging other pro-lifers to take up arms. Nothing could be further from the truth and his own Archbishop stood behind him all the way. As do we and in our own editorial today we'll take this even further and call all God's children to arms with a theory that isn't as far fetched as it would seem.

          First of all, think of how the communists infiltrated government and society in the late forties and fifties; think of how they infiltrated the Church and enlisted young men to "spy" for them to the point that these young communist die-hards would devote their life to eating away at the fabric of the Church by becoming a member of the hierarchy and injecting their philosophy into the mainstream of the doctrines and teachings of the Church in such clever, insidious ways. "Fifth Columnists" they are called, and the columns of bad fruit wrought by these crusaders of the antichrist have risen to stifle the fresh air of common sense and grace. So, too, we believe proponents of the culture of death have slithered into the mainline of pro-life circles posing as sheep in wolves clothing. Consider the fact that anyone who is committed to the pro-life cause is PRO LIFE! That means life in all its stages for all God's children...including abortion doctors. Those prompting violence over the years have not been the avid advocates of life, but rather trouble makers who have infiltrated the ranks of dedicated, prayerful souls who uphold the sanctity of life. Consider the facts that the anthrax scare at abortuaries, which the media and Planned Parenthood pounced on, occurred only in precincts where a pro-life candidate was running and had a fairly good chance to win! Coincidence? We think not. Consider the mudslinging political campaigns that were waged these past few months and the costs of the ads and collateral distributed. The costs were astronomical. Now consider the easiest way to get free publicity, to get the opposition riled and turn the tables on pro-lifers. Right! Create a false panic, blame it on pro-lifers who are supposedly so incensed and riled that they will take anyone's life from infecting entire clinics to shooting down, in cold blood, doctors who advance the cause of abortion. Never mind that there are no facts to back up the anthrax scare. The media seldom delves deep when the sensational or political correct garners attention and fills the coffers. Pro-aborts are clever and realized you can't buy the kind of publicity garnered from the death of one abortion doctor who has been martyred for the cause of death - the culture of death, while thousands of those he might have murdered before they were born go unnoticed here on earth.

          It was William Shakespeare who phrased that famous line, "Me thinks, thou dost protest too much." And that is exactly what the pro-aborts are doing regarding this senseless murder. Never mind that it could easily have been a culture of death proponent who sacrificed their own doctor in Buffalo for the cause of abortion. After all, sacrificing, in the pro-abort's vocabulary and mindset, means anyone other than themselves. Conspiracy? You bet. All evidence points to it. Oh, there are a few who are so radical against a movement that they go to the other extreme and these are the ones who hurt the causes they should be living, but they are in the vast minority, less than 1%. They are not for the pro-life cause even if they claim that moniker - for the syllogism does not fit and God knows what's in their heart and soul. It is our contention that Planned Parenthood and the other pro-abortion factions have cleverly schemed this plot to denigrate pro-lifers and to win over public opinion to their cause. Never mind that the lies and slander they have rendered have seriously made a dent in the purse of pro-life groups like Operation Rescue which has filed for bankruptcy. That is their goal, to bleed pro-lifers dry financially and emotionally, while allowing the innocent blood to flow as abortions intensify.

          On top of this, now Planned Parenthood is trying another trick of the devil, downplaying the sin to dull the conscience with an ad campaign that attempts to justify abortion in the eyes of the mothers who have had this dastardly deed done. Our question is: if there is supposedly nothing wrong with abortion, then why are the pro-aborts trying so hard to prove there's nothing wrong? To paraphrase the bard again, "Me thinks there is truly something rotten in Denmark." Like satan always does, he tries to diminish the sin, rationalizing that it isn't as bad as it seems and preaching live and let live. The problem is the pro-aborts don't let live! But they are trying to perpetuate the lie that abortion is okay, that it's merely a "bump in the road" - equating it to the flu or a headache and now promoting pills that will abort the fetus before it can be even formed. After all, if they don't know the child, if they have no emotional ties, how can they be involved or at fault? Dulling the conscience is the best way to placate the ego and allow the sinner to keep on sinning without suffering the consequences physically or psychologically. What they fail to realize is that whatever they want to call it, the suffering only intensifies spiritually which will reach its shocking conclusion when they are front and center before the Almighty Judge and have to answer for their actions. No excuses then. "I didn't know" won't work. To their credit pro-lifers are making sure they "do know" by tweaking their consciences, admonishing the sinner, but all the while loving the sinner and hating the sin as Jesus taught.

          What's truly sad in all this are the lost souls who are truly lost in the shuffle - the innocent preborns. At every instance that they would have a say in this world through pro-lifers, liberal pro-abort judges are striking down partial-birth abortion bans that have been passed by legislation either at the ballot box or in congressional session. How can the poor babies win? Only in the Heavenly realms; and the only way we can help is not through demonstrating or trying to pass legislation. That's proven to be a failure, especially in light of the recent elections with the "politically correct" backlash against pro-life candidates and the split within the Republican Party. The pro-aborts, through a sympathetic culture of death media, have managed to sway the public to the thought process that pro-lifers are trouble makers. Well, folks, let's be trouble makers and stir up trouble for lucifer and his legions by foregoing the normal methods of retaliation and wage a full-scale war on the culture of life with the one proven weapon we have available - the prayer of the Rosary. We've related so many times in these pages about the power of the Rosary and the results that can be accomplished by God through prayer. We've taken part in many a Saturday morning prayer vigil in front of abortuaries and the only weapon all have used is the Rosary; no harsh words, no violence, only love and compassion and fervent prayer. In other words over 95% of the pro-life demonstrators kill them with kindness. Therefore, that computes to less than 5% who are the culprits and promoters of violence and vindication. Among that add in the infiltrators and the amount of bad seeds within the pro-life movement are minimal. So why then are the pro-lifers portrayed as dangerous criminals who cannot be trusted, who are a menace to society today? Because that's the way satan wants it, and with his cadre of sheep in his fold doing anything he wants, it's easy to mislead and deceive. That is the great deception being foisted upon society today, a conspiracy of outlandish proportions that brings to light the crosses Christ told us we must accept if we are to follow Him. We've been doing it all wrong. Too many have relied on worldly means to fight the other-world ways of the evil one. So despite the lies, despite the heartaches, despite the long struggle ahead, it all comes down to the fact there's only one way to diffuse the conspiracy of the pro-aborts: Heartfelt Prayer! In other words, it's time to combat the searing flames of hell with the Light of Christ, the Flame of Love of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts, and the fiery Tongue of the Holy Spirit to set hearts everywhere ablaze with faith. Yes, on behalf of the slaughtered innocents, it's time to fight fire with Fire!

Michael Cain, editor