November 13, 2002
volume 13, no. 135

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Good slam-dunks Evil

A Republican Rout lays bare the facts: The stampede is on. The 'Demoncrats' are being trampled because they have lost their way!

    "The Democratic party decided that the Holy Bible is passe. They decided to pick and choose just certain parts of the Bible to live their lives by and ignoring the parts that would infringe on their way of life and their quest for political gain. For instance -- “Thou Shalt Not Kill” they replaced with “Thou Shalt Not kill, unless you think it might make your life a little easier.” Thus more votes for them, because they depended on the moral degeneracy of our country to be elected."

   November fifth, two-thousand and two in the Year of Our Lord. Remember that date. On that day, the American people proclaimed enough is enough. No longer could they take the Democratic party's mocking the will of God.

   The political pundits are saying that the Democratic party is in disarray. For those, who can't find disarray on the map, it is a community in hell, made up of politicians, who have sold their souls to satan for political gain.

   They accepted the proposition that women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, if they so choose. This in spite of the fact that we now have DNA that proves beyond any doubt that human life begins at conception. No longer can anyone claim ignorance.

   But on November 5th, something happened. The American people rebelled. They finally saw the obvious -- that one political party was interested in one thing only -- VOTES and cared nothing about the moral decline of our country, let alone the killing of 1.4 million unborn children every year under the guise of an abortion. Not to mention the suffering and death of post abortive women.

   What a great victory this was and it should make every pro-lifer ecstatic. Now that the Republicans have the majority in the Senate, the killing of unborn children, while they are being born (the barbaric partial-birth infanticide) will come to an end. The new Senate majority leader Trent Lott said that this will be one of his priorities and President George W. Bush has promised that he will sign it, unlike Bill Clinton, who twice vetoed the ban.

   The ban was already passed in the House, but Democrat Tom Daschle the outgoing Senate majority leader along with his fellow Democratic Senators tried to kill the bill. They would not let it go to the floor for a full vote. It doesn’t phase them that about 5,000 of these viable babies are killed every year in this gruesome and excruciating painful manner. One would think that this alone, would be reason enough for anyone with a conscience to NOT vote Democratic. They are so in bed with the abortion industry, receiving millions of dollars from them that common decency has to take a back seat.

   So, it's back to the drawing board for the Democratic party. Since 1934, no incumbent administration in an off year election, has ever picked up seats in both the House and Senate and yet, that's exactly what the Republican party did. We were told by the polling experts that the Democratic party would extend its one seat majority in the Senate and pick up seats in the House and with a good chance of becoming the majority in both chambers.

   It didn't happen like they planned.

   So what happened that caused Republican candidates to run roughshod over Democrats? The legal pundits are giving all kinds of explanations for the blowout -- from Democrats had no message to President Bush’s campaigning on behalf of Republican candidates in the final weeks.

   The pundits were wrong, the Democratic party did have a message, but the American people were not buying it any longer. The mainstream media avoided the truth like the plague. People of faith are finally seeing the light, that the once great Democratic party is a mere shell of itself. Instead of being for the downtrodden, the little people and the voiceless as they have always proclaimed over the years, they have abandoned the littlest and most voiceless of all -- unborn children. Why? Because they have no money and cannot vote.

   Take for example Missouri. There a strong pro-life Republican challenger unseated the favorite - pro-abort Jean Carnahan. Why? Because exit polls revealed that 80% of those who voted for Jim Talent did so because of the abortion issue. They wanted a strong pro-lifer in Congress and they got one. Now if the rest of the states would do the same we'll soon see Roe vs. Wade overturned. California would be a good place to start because it is the most pro-abortion state in the union. While Democrats are scratching their heads maybe I can shed some light on why.

   The Democratic party decided that the Holy Bible is passe. They decided to pick and choose just certain parts of the Bible to live their lives by and ignoring the parts that would infringe on their way of life and their quest for political gain. For instance -- “Thou Shalt Not Kill” they replaced with “Thou Shalt Not kill, unless you think it might make your life a little easier.” Thus more votes for them, because they depended on the moral degeneracy of our country to be elected.

   They were right, they did get more votes and besides more money from the most seedy institutions in the country -- Planned Parenthood the most prolific killers of human life the world has ever known, NARAL, the biggest boosters of these killings and the Hollywood Filth Industry. Without this motley trio, the Democratic party would have folded long ago.

   And they love to flaunt it in our face. Who can forget the funeral farce of Senator Paul Wellstone? There were the 'demoncrats' Clinton and Hillary, Daschle et alii turning a sad event for Democrats into a glad event for Republicans by their total disregard for the dead. Why even non-religious Jesse Ventura was offended. But then why should we think the Democrats would have regard for the dead when they are responsible for millions killed each year? Minnesota went Republican for the first time in decades. Long a Democratic Farm Labor stronghold, even the old guard Walter "Fritz" Mondale couldn't resurrect the corpse of a dying party.

   Thanks to the media pundits, America saw this farce for what it was. Only in the liberal urban areas were the demoncrats able to hold their ground. In rural America - the vast majority of the country - overwhelmingly went Republican. Why? Because the American people have seen enough. Besides the killing of unborn children, people can plainly see that that the moral degeneracy of our country is at an all time low. Sodom and Gomorrah had nothing on us.

   Thanks to liberals, who make their home in the Democratic party, the sick and deadly homosexual lifestyle is being introduced to our public schools as just another normal alternative lifestyle. For some reason, liberals do not understand that when one's life is shortened by 20-30 years, this is not a good thing.

   But, as is their custom, votes are their god and human lives be damned, but the truth, little by little, in spite of the mainstream media, is finally getting to the American people, including the FACT that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer and the truth about the germ infested homosexual lifestyle.

   The American people are also, finally realizing, that just because the unborn child's little feet and hands are smaller than theirs, it's no reason to kill them. How and why the Supreme Court ever gave people the right to kill their young is mind boggling. To kill another human being should NEVER be anyone's choice.

   But then, in 1856, the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott decision, also said that blacks were not full human beings. This was later reversed as will Roe Vs Wade when judges are nominated, who adhere to the Constitution of the United States and do not think it should flow with the times. There are liberals, who also think “The Ten Commandments” are outdated, including billionaire, Ted Turner.

   I also believe that people are beginning to understand that there is evil in the world, especially after 9-11. They are turning to God. They want to be represented in Washington by people of faith and NOT by people, who have lost their moral compass, by accepting killing as a means to make one's life easier and by embracing a sick and deadly lifestyle that is condemned by God and in which sexually transmitted diseases is running amok -- all, just to get votes and contributions.

   I wrote an article about 6 weeks ago, Proof: The Democratic Party Mocks God. I purposely kept it up until the elections, but now I can't take it down, because it's still getting many visits, so I will keep the link on my Home Page until it comes limping home, or until everyone in the USA has read it -- whatever comes first.

   However, don't hold you breath, expecting the mainstream media to even suggest that according to some people, the Democratic party mocks God and has become satan’s pride and joy. Although, I did hear Howard Fineman on “Hardball,” in the wee hours of the morning following the elections, tell Chris Matthews that the Democratic party has to look for its soul. I wonder what he meant by that?

   Well, if the Democratic party is going to look for its soul, to save time, the first place they should look is in hell. When you mock God and sell your soul to satan for political gain -- your soul has to be in those nether regions and that you can take to the bank with you. Where else could it possibly be? There is a consequence to sin. The Democrats should be relieved they haven't been totally cut off from life. That's more than they ever gave the innocent unborn!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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November 13, 2002
volume 13, no. 135
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column

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