March 13, 2002
volume 13, no. 48

Fr. Robert F. Spitzer, SJ Tale of Two Spitzers and a Tarnished Dome

If a president at one Catholic University can take a stand and say our decision "speaks volumes about who we are, what are mission is, what we believe," then why can't a president of another Catholic University? The bottom line is there are too many Pontius Pilates in key positions at Catholic Colleges and in Chanceries across America!

    Outside the theater, Einsatzgruppen USA -- NARAL and "Family Planning" institutions from around the Cape were there handing out condoms and pamphlets. A whole host of lesbian T-shirts and left wing women's organizations also infested the hallways. In WWII, Einsatzgruppen were specially organized, all-volunteer German 'death squads.' They would follow behind the advances of the regular army, and rout out and murder "undesirables" in conquered territory. A favorite tactic was to have victims dig their own mass graves. Keeping in mind Margaret Sanger's role in Hitler's eugenics program, NARAL and Planned Parenthood are clearly today's version of Einsatzgruppen." Part of a letter from a 19-year-old college student to Dr. Frank
    As you may remember, I wrote a column about Eliot Spitzer, (An Open Letter to Eliot Spitzer) the Attorney General of New York, who's ambition it was, to close down the crisis pregnancy centers in New York State.

    These centers provide outstanding assistance to women facing unplanned, unwanted or difficult pregnancies. They soothe the pain, relieve the suffering and ease the trauma of women who are hurting. They point out other alternatives to killing their child.

    It seems that Spitzer has had a change of heart. I should say a “forced” change of heart. He has been flooded with mail and phone calls from people of faith, who were appalled at his Hitleresque tactics. The subpoenas have been withdrawn and his gestapos will sit down and talk with the leaders of the CPCs just to make sure they are operating within the law. As if they were ever operating outside of the law.

    Spitzer is a first class pro-abort -- so much so, that he speaks at NARAL’s (National Abortion Rights Action League) gatherings. They supported him in his run for Attorney General. His backing down was a big victory for those who honor the sanctity of human life and I have no doubt that Planned Parenthood, the world's leading killers of unborn children, as well as NARAL are having conniptions over this, as their competition is still in business.

    Almost 3,000 miles away, another Spitzer has been making the news. He is the Reverend Robert Spitzer, president of Gonzaga University, a Jesuit institution. It seems that Father Spitzer thinks that showing a pornographic play, the “Vagina Monologues” on a Catholic campus would offend God.

    In defending his decision to ban the play from the Gonzaga campus, it forced a women's group to mount its production in a hotel ballroom this past week. That drew protests from some at the college, who called it an issue of censorship and academic freedom.

    “There were numerous conversations about the play taking place in classrooms, and students are getting credit for attending the production,” Fr. Spitzer said.

    Fr. Spitzer, who drew criticism two years ago for canceling a Planned Parenthood speaker on campus, said the university cannot sponsor and associate itself with groups that espouse beliefs contrary to the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II reinforced this with his document Ex Corde Ecclesiae. Yet most bishops are afraid to enforce it, so intimidated are they by university presidents. Why? Academic Freedom?

    Gonzaga's Philosophy professor Mark Alfino argued before a standing-room only crowd of 200 people that the ban was a threat to academic freedom. "It's a weak faith that doesn't welcome challenges," Alfino said. "Academic freedom is not an open-ended license to say anything without impunity. Academic freedom is an openness to the responsible expression of ideas." Fine, but not at a Catholic university! But the bishops don't want to get involved. We've seen that from Cardinal Adam Maida in Detroit and the bishop whose jurisdiction governs Holy Cross.

    The play in question, written by Eve Ensler, consists of monologues delivered by several different women, including discussion of orgasms, pelvic exams, sexual abuse, sexual fantasies, childbirth and the killing of unborn children. It is being staged all over the country as a fund-raiser for V-Day, a nonprofit organization that works to stop rape, battery, incest, female genital mutilation and other violence.

    The Women's Studies Club at Gonzaga presented "The Vagina Monologues" this past weekend at a hotel ballroom near campus. University spokesman Dale Goodwin said the club is affiliated with the school, but Gonzaga is not sponsoring the performances.

    The play was recently performed at another venue in Spokane and at nearby Eastern Washington University, a public school. Fr. Spitzer objected especially to a monologue about a lesbian affair between a 16-year-old and an older woman, an experience the speaker describes in the play as a "good rape."

    Fr. Spitzer said the scene is against the "Catholic and Christian view of marriage." Inviting certain speakers and allowing certain plays on campus, Fr. Spitzer said, "speaks volumes about who we are, what are mission is, what we believe."

    Fr. Spitzer’s stand on this is “somewhat” a breath of fresh air. At last, the president of a Catholic college, who really stands up for morality and just plain common decency. I can't say the same for other so-called 'Catholic' colleges. They could have stood tall like Fr. Spitzer, but the presidents of other 'Catholic' colleges, didn't think it was necessary -- including Holy Cross and the most famous of all, institutions of higher learning -- Notre Dame. As you noticed, I said “somewhat” a breath of fresh air, because, it boggles my mind why students at Gonzaga are given credit to watch a pornographic play, even if it's not on campus. Despite being a modern Jesuit institution, despite the fact that it still has a long way to go to be truly Catholic, at least Gonzaga has taken a step in the right direction.

    As for that institution in South Bend famous for the golden dome? Well, being a big sport's fan of Notre Dame since I was a little kid, I had to call and talk to the president of the university, Father Edward "Monk" Malloy to see if the rumors were true. His secretary said he was not in and if she could help me. Since I had all this anger in my system and had to get it out, or I would have blown a neuron, I said, “fine, I am calling about the play, the ‘Vagina Monologues.’ Why is this pornographic play being shown at a Catholic College and in this case a university named after the Blessed Mother? This is terrible, I still can't believe it.”

    Having said that all in one breath, before I could continue, she abruptly interrupted me and said, “ the university has nothing to do with it.” I said, “ it's going to be shown on the Notre Dame campus and Fr. Malloy is the president -- what do you mean the university has nothing to do with it?”

    She said, “but he has NOTHING to do with it.” She said it was handled by some outside organization, whose name I can't remember. She did give me their phone number. I called, but it was an answering machine, so I hung up.

    How about that, the president of Notre Dame, could not have prevented this disgusting play from being performed on his campus. If you believe that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I know you'd be interested in.

    This play has Catholics and for that matter, people of all faiths in the country, angry. It is being shown at many colleges throughout our once godly nation. You just know that satan has targeted this play for impressionable young minds and the presidents of colleges, even Catholic colleges, have bought into it.

    To give you an example of the filth of this play, the following is an e-mail that I received from a reader of The DAILY CATHOLIC, who gave his permission to have it published.

    Dear Dr. Frank:

        I am a regular visitor to and love your Pro-Life Proscriptions. Coinciding with your latest article on promiscuity, I thought it would be proper to share my latest higher education experience. Yesterday, I was required to attend the Vagina Monologues as part of Sociology 101. Unfortunately, it was just what I predicted it to be. The cover-up says that its main focus was to promote and prevent violence against women.

        However, the real motive was just glorification of atheistic radical feminism, sexual addiction, and leftist politics. The first part of the play (8 skits) showed some very emotional and disturbing revelations about rape, and gender discrimination. It was very touching and rightfully so.

        However, the entire second part of the play was a collaboration of skits that were simply literal pornography. In one skit, a women glorifies her abortions at 17 and 19, each with different men. Another one was an orgasm-scream contest, which explicitly ridiculed the third Commandment. Even worse, 3 times they put out "Vagina Facts" which were the most pathetically biased political assault I had ever, ever, ever seen.

        These 'statistics' EXPLICITLY CRITICIZED the Bush administration and Christians for opposing "family planning" and supporting abstinence-only sex education. In fact, the audience BOOED when they mentioned the words "Christian" and G.W.Bush. All the other skits in this section could be displayed as erotic stories in Playboy.

        Outside the theater, Einsatzgruppen USA -- NARAL and "Family Planning" institutions from around the Cape were there handing out condoms and pamphlets. A whole host of lesbian T-shirts and left wing women's organizations also infested the hallways. In WWII, Einsatzgruppen were specially organized, all-volunteer German "death squads." They would follow behind the advances of the regular army, and rout out and murder "undesirables" in conquered territory. A favorite tactic was to have victims dig their own mass graves. Keeping in mind Margaret Sanger's role in Hitler's eugenics program, NARAL and Planned Parenthood are clearly today's version of Einsatzgruppen.

        Simply put, I am thoroughly outraged and disgusted to an unprecedented level. I am not even kidding. It's such a blasphemous, sinful, misleading event I want everyone to see it and get as outraged as I am. Maybe then, they will know the real culture of leftist America.

        The real message of the Monologues was glorifying sex and godless feminism. Again, let's not forget the audience BOOING whenever "Bush" or "Christian" was mentioned.

        I currently attend Cape Cod Community College. Technically, I was "strongly recommended" to attend the play and write a report on it. But we all know that "strongly recommended" means "required." I had received an email from a conservative group complaining how Holy Cross University held the play on Ash Wednesday of this year.

        Anyway, the way the Monologues were marketed as preventing violence against women was completely false and unacceptable. The fact is that for every monologue aimed at preventing violence, 16+4 monologues were promoting and embracing promiscuous sex, abortion, gay sex, and leftist politics.

        Chris Wallace, 19

    The future of our country is in the hands of our children, who attend our universities. It is common knowledge that 80% of the professors, who teach at this level are liberal and cannot open their mouths without spewing their liberal philosophy.

    For those, who don't know what a liberal is -- here is the definition, straight from the dictionary: “Not limited to or by established, traditional, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas.”

    In other words, say and do whatever makes you feel good. As Ted Turner, the founder of CNN, and one of the country's biggest liberals, once said, “the 10 commandments are outdated.” With people like Turner, who mock God, is it any wonder that our country's morals are in the cesspool. Look around -- do you like what you see? It's called liberalism.

    Another example of liberalism, is the platform of the Democratic party: “Women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, if they so choose.” The acceptance of the sick and deadly homosexual lifestyle as just another normal alternative lifestyle by the Democratic party is yet another example of liberalism gone mad. This lifestyle which also mocks God, is now taught in our public schools.

    When parents send their children off to school and later to college, you had better investigate that school and college thoroughly. There are only a handful of colleges in the entire country that one need not fear that their child's mind will be bombarded with satan’s liberal views. This includes Catholic colleges.

    Over the past thirty years, we have succumbed to the wishes of satan. We took prayers out of our schools. We kill our unborn children, because it would make our lives easier. We accept a lifestyle and say it's normal, even though it shortens lives by an average of twenty years and causes much suffering and is clearly condemned in the Bible.

    Frankly, I don't know how a liberal could get into Heaven. When you condone sin, which is what liberals do, you propagate evil. Now, maybe there is a way for them to get into Heaven, without repenting. I am willing to listen.

    Thank God there is still a president of a Catholic University who gives a good name to the surname Spitzer. Though no relation, the one from New York has done so much to denigrate the name, but his namesake in Spokane has done much more to elevate not only the reputation of his own name, not only the reputation of one Jesuit university still willing to stand for Catholic morals and ethics, but also in defending the virtues of chastity and purity which Our Lord has handed down to us in Catholic teaching, so perfectly illustrated in His Own Blessed Mother Mary and her chaste spouse Saint Joseph.

    I can remember another with roots to Gonzaga. His name was "Father O'Malley." That was, of course, the character played by famous alum Bing Crosby in the Oscar-winning Going My Way. Sadly, today, too many priests and bishops are intent on going their own way, taking so many students with them down the liberal path to perdition because, unlike Fr. O'Malley, they thought of themselves rather than others. Society has become selfish and self-centered. Maybe that's another reason why our churches today don't look like the edifying houses of God like the fictional old St. Dominic's in the movie. Times have changed, but Church doctrine cannot. Society has changed, the Church cannot.

    Because of the media, modern society has a tendency to judge universities by their athletic acumen; another reason Notre Dame has built up such a large following of "subway alumni." This week several Catholic universities will be in the limelight, taking part in the NCAA and NIT Basketball tournaments. It's called "March Madness!" Both Notre Dame and Gonzaga will be a party to what they also call the "Big Dance." After the madness of allowing the scandalous and obscene V-Monologues to be staged at Notre Dame, my allegiance to the golden dome has greatly waned. I guess I can thank Fr. Malloy for tarnishing that golden symbol because, though I've always been a Fighting Irish fan, Fr. Spitzer's adherence to Catholic teaching and the Holy Father's Ex Corde Ecclesiae prompts me to begin rooting for Gonzaga. Go, Bulldogs!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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Wednesday, March 13, 2002
volume 13, no. 48
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