January 23, 2002
volume 13, no. 13

An Open Letter to Eliot Spitzer

The Attorney General of New York is going after the wrong enemy and he, being a barrister, should know the facts. There is no excuse for his relentless persecution of pro-lifers intent on protecting the unborn. Spitzer is nothing but a modern-day Diocletian.

    Mr. Spitzer, I am hoping this letter, somehow finds its way to your desk, and it wakes you up to all the facts. I know you are bombarded with mail, but here goes anyway:

    You, Eliot Spitzer, the Attorney General of New York State, appear hell-bent on closing all New York pro-life crisis pregnancy centers. You have handed out subpoenas to these centers as if they were going out of style. Is this your way of 'celebrating' the 29th commemoration of the infamous, tragic Roe vs. Wade decision?

    And just what is their sin that they should be so vilified as though they were common criminals? They do pregnancy tests. They provide outstanding assistance to women facing unplanned, unwanted or difficult pregnancies. The centers soothe the pain, relieve the suffering and ease the trauma of women who are hurting. They point out other alternatives to killing their child.

    Ah! there's the rub. Mr. Spitzer, you want none of this -- you don't want them to know the truth about alternatives? You want them kept in the dark. If they regret having their child killed and develop a physical or mental complication -- so what, seems to be your mindset.

    The crisis pregnancy centers are very much in need, as the abortion mills refuse to give these mothers all the facts. You Mr. Spitzer want to suppress the truth. When I first read about your fascist inquisition, I could not believe it. You, for ideological reasons only have undertaken the persecution of people of faith who think that it is wrong to kill unborn children.

    Is freedom of speech and the press in the United States of America, only relegated to those, who withhold the truth, lie, disseminate pornography, spread HIV through sodomy and kill human beings for a living? It would seem to me that you should make better use of your time.

    What you should be doing is investigating the abortion industry and NARAL, (National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League,) their biggest booster, for their lies and withholding the truth. They tell the world that abortions are safe. On the contrary, they are the most dangerous of ALL elective surgeries.

    Then again, Mr. Spitzer, maybe you are not concerned that thousands of women die every year from breast cancer, solely from the fact that they had an induced abortion.

    Dr. Joel Brind, an endocrinologist at Baruch College of the City University of New York, who has exhaustively analyzed the international research concerning an abortion-breast cancer link, said that a correlation between breast cancer and induced abortion was observed as long ago as a 1957 Japanese study. In the years since, a body of additional evidence has accumulated from around the world, lending credence to the abortion-breast cancer connection.

    “Out of 37 independently published studies, 28 show a causal connection,” Brind said. “And of those, 17 provide positive associations that reach statistical significance suggesting a 95% certainty that this association is not due to chance. That is scientific evidence which simply cannot be ignored.”

    Dr. Brind noted that research suggests the problem becomes more acute the earlier in life a woman has an abortion. Dr. Janet Daling’s 1994 National Cancer Institute study demonstrated that if a woman is under 18 and has an abortion her risk of breast cancer increases by 150%. If she is under 18 and her baby is older than 8 weeks gestation, her risk increases up to 800%.

    Dr. Brind explained the physical process that, the studies indicate, causes the increased risk. “In the early stages of pregnancy, there is a dramatic increase in the level of estrogen, the female sex hormone. This estrogen surge causes an increase in the number of breast cells in preparation for nursing, which is why a pregnant woman’s breasts tend to swell. In the last eight weeks of a full-term pregnancy, other hormones cause the increased tissue to stabilize into milk-producing cells. But at the early stage of rapid development, breast cells are in an undifferentiated state and highly vulnerable to mutations that can cause cancer.”

    Abortion interrupts the natural process of preparing a woman’s body to bear and nurse a child, Brind observed, cutting off the final part of the sequence that provides breast tissue with a significant measure of protection against cancer.

    Mr. Spitzer, breast cancer is not the only complication of an abortion. They also increase the risk of alcohol and drug abuse culminating many times in suicide. Surely, you can understand the reason for this -- THEY KILLED THEIR CHILD. Post abortion emotional and mental problems are well documented, as are physical complications, including hemorrhage, infection, punctured uterus and death.

    The abortion mills STILL will NOT warn women of these risks. Mr. Spitzer, do you not think this is a tragedy? Patients MUST be warned prior to all elective surgeries, of ALL risks. You, the Attorney General of the state of New York MUST know this. BUT, patients are NOT warned. Shouldn’t you be handing out subpoenas to Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion mills? Now, wouldn’t that be the honorable thing to do, especially since they are breaking the law, by withholding vital information that would save thousands of lives every year.

    But NO, instead of doing your duty and saving lives, you coddle these people and encourage them. Why, you even spoke at one of NARAL’s meetings. The following are a few of your words at one of their luncheons in New York City:

    “Thank you Kelli Conlin. Good morning everyone. I am here today to describe an initiative that is critical not only to the people in this room, but to every New Yorker. The immediate focus of the initiative is reproductive rights, and how to protect those rights.”
Sorry Spitzer -- I must stop you here. I know of NO pro-lifer, who wants to infringe on a woman’s reproductive rights. Boy, would I like to get you in a court of law on this statement. You, the leading law enforcement officer in the State of New York, know nothing about reproduction. You have lied to the public, but more importantly, you have sided with those who kill human beings and who have completely ignored the health of women.

    Read carefully Mr. Spitzer. When a woman’s ovum(egg) is fertilized by the male sperm, her reproductive freedom is over -- done -- el fin --THE END. You see, she has ALREADY reproduced -- past tense. So how is it humanly possible for anyone to infringe on her reproductive rights, when she has already taken advantage of her reproductive rights? Unless she was prevented from having sexual intercourse. Then, and only done, do you have a case. So let’s not mince words -- learn the facts. Do not make up terms to fit your ideology as all other pro-aborts do. After all, you are an attorney.

    Mr. Spitzer, you went on to say:

    “All across this state, but especially in the upstate region, there has been an escalating pattern of harassment, intimidation, vandalism and violence at health care clinics. It has been allowed to develop in part because government has failed to do what it is supposed to do. Specifically, the department of law failed to act aggressively in enforcing the existing laws protecting clinics and clinic workers. This created an atmosphere that led to the slaying of your friend and colleague, Doctor Barnett Slepian.

        “At the end of the twentieth century, political discourse in our country has taken a sharp turn for the worse. Hate, character assassination, and violence have replaced civility. We have seen a young man murdered in Montana allegedly for his sexual orientation, indictments of public officials by rump juries of fanatical militia members, the onset of domestic terrorism, and the murder of doctors who simply seek to fulfill their professional oath.”

    Again I must interject. Dr. Slepian, and all abortion doctors, who kill unborn children for a living, have mocked their Hippocratic Oath -- “FIRST, DO NO HARM.” Not only slaying children, but turning a deaf ear to the physical and mental complications that will definitely ensue after a mother has her own child killed. So please, Mr. Spitzer, don’t hand out the garbage that abortion doctors simply seek to fulfill their professional oath.

    For the murder of Dr. Slepian, all pro-lifers were blamed and still are blamed, in spite of the fact that every pro-life organization that I know of, condemns violence. This is why we condemn the killing of unborn children -- it is violence that always results in death.

    And you, Mr. Spitzer, continued:

    “The scope of this problem is something that the people of New York do not fully understand or appreciate. We must change that. We must explain what has happened. We must explain how, in a coordinated effort, clinics, clinic workers and patrons have been targeted for protest, harassment, intimidation, threats and violence.
    Again, I must interrupt. Mr. Spitzer, I want the dates of the violence and the specifics. Is praying and holding up signs considered violence? Is attacking and pushing pro-lifers by pro-aborts not considered violence?

    Yet you say, Mr Spitzer:

    This is a crime not just against Doctor Slepian and his family, but against all New Yorkers. It is a travesty considering our history as the birthplace of women's rights and more than that, it is a threat to our democracy, a threat to the rule of law.
    Interjection. Our foremothers, Susan B. Anthony, Stanton, Brinkerhoff, Gage, Goldman, Norton, and Paul, were all vehemently opposed abortions. They referred to abortion as “child murder.” So, Mr. Spitzer -- get you facts straight.

    But facts evidently are clouded for you, a supposed knowledgeable lawyer as you continued:

    “Today I am acting as an attorney general who sees tremendous peril to society from these and other forms of extremism. If we do not stop it now, we will encourage greater violence from the opponents of reproductive rights, and we will invite similar tactics by others obsessed by a cause or consumed by hate. Therefore, I am establishing a special reproductive rights unit within the Bureau of Civil Rights. This new unit will be dedicated to the following: Combating all clinic-related violence; Assisting and supporting clinic workers who are the targets of violence and intimidation; Ensuring that women have unfettered access to reproductive services; Aggressively prosecuting those who violate current clinic access laws, using both civil and criminal remedies; Advocating stronger clinic access legislation; and Investigating, and/or assisting federal authorities in determining whether there are conspiracies to prevent access to clinics, and harass, intimidate or threaten clinic workers. In addition, we will work with doctors to provide accurate information on the law. We will also address matters such as false advertisements for services and the misuse of the internet by opponents of reproductive rights.”
    Wow, the above is good news for pro-lifers. Now, Mr. Spitzer, you can prosecute abortion mills for false advertising -- saying that abortions are “SAFE. ”

    Then, taking your cue from the abortion industry, you said:

    “And specifically, it is my goal to have this unit operational prior to mid- April when a series of clinic protests is planned in western New York. You can be assured that when the anti-abortion protesters appear in Buffalo; we will be there.

        “I must act forcefully, and I intend to do so. With the creation of this unit, I want to send a clear message that this attorney general is committed to protecting and defending reproductive rights, and that we will respond with the full force of the law to any attempt to undermine those rights. I am also determined to do all I can to restore a suitable framework for public debate in New York. I want to be clear that I am not attempting to curtail anyone's right to free speech, but I do intend to stop those who would use violence and intimidation to achieve their political goals.

        “We simply will not tolerate hate and violence. From this day forward, anyone who does not understand that will have to confront a Department of Law and an attorney general determined to fight back.”

    Final interjection. I am glad to hear Mr. Spitzer, that you do not tolerate hate and violence, because if the killing of unborn children doesn’t fit this category, then nothing does. When can we expect you to practice what you preach and close down all killing mills? Why, you are not even concerned, when viable babies are killed in late term, and feel excruciating pain -- the barbaric and gruesome partial-birth abortion.

    If you notice Mr. Spitzer, I didn’t invoke the name of God and what He told us, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” And since there’s not a scientist, or embryologist in the entire world, who could deny that human life begins at conception, aren't you treading on thin ice? But then again, maybe you and the entire abortion industry don’t really, truly and down deep in your hearts believe in God and that’s why I didn’t bring it up earlier.

    Just remember one thing -- NO GOOD will ever come from a woman having her child killed. If mothers are lucky enough to escape the physical complications of abortions, they will NOT escape the mental torture, unless they are robots, or disciples of satan. And if they are the latter two, just remember there IS a God and He WILL ask, what we did to save His precious children. And that, Mr. Spitzer, you can take to the bank with you.

    Just remember that the next time you open your mouth to parrot NARAL's and PP's worn and lying rhetoric. As an attorney you must realize that you are perjuring yourself and will be held in contempt of court - the True Supreme Court when the Supreme Judge passes sentence at the Last Judgment. Are you prepared for those kind of ultimate consequences? Perhaps you might want to plea bargain while you still have a chance and, like the persecutor Saul become a Paul and become worthy of the Oath you took by protecting the most precious gift man has been given - the inalienable and sovereign right to life in all its stages from womb to the tomb!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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Wednesday, January 23, 2002
volume 13, no. 13
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