April 8, 2002
volume 13, no. 66

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Time to call in the 'Roto-Rooters' of Truth and Tradition!

The Church is clogged with heresy, scandal and confusion. The Pope wants answers; he need only look to the able 'plumbers' of SSPX who, in St. Patrick-like manner, are willing to drive the snakes from the sewers and cesspools they now reside in. To do so will take hard work and full cooperation and recognition by the Pope and Bishops. But then the alternative is not a pretty sight. Modern Rome has a bad plumbing problem that only the profound professional 'plumbers' can fix if they are given carte blanche to do the Lord's work as it should be done!

    "If you want a squeaky-clean Church; if you want to see parishioners flocking to Mass with long lines in Confession for several hours on Saturday afternoons and other times during the week; if you want to see vocations again flourish; if you want to see priests respected as alter Christus again and bishops as true shepherds of Christ - then the only 'janitors' to employ are the dedicated men of Saint Pius X. Trust them, they'll flush out the problems! They've taken their share of unfair abuse and are still willing to work in the trenches. What Novus Ordo bishop can you find who would be willing to do that? "

   Since the post-conciliar church has been swirling around in such rot and sewage from the sex scandals to the cover-ups to the outright heresies being spewed everywhere, not to mention the total transformation of the liturgy from Catholic to Protestant, I felt the commode would be an appropriate metaphor for today's topic. Indeed it seems as though the whole world is ready to be flushed into perdition. But we seek to separate the souls from the sins and flush out the latter while saving the former. John Paul II has to realize the rotting offal that is stinking up the Church today. He has to have an answer. But he doesn't. This was all the more evident as I studied his words from his Easter Homily. The following caught my attention:

    "It seems that war has been declared on peace! But nothing is resolved by war, it only brings greater suffering and death, nothing is resolved through reprisal and retaliation. This is a truly great tragedy: no one can remain silent and inactive, no political or religious leader! Denunciation must be followed by practical acts of solidarity that will help everyone to rediscover mutual respect and return to frank negotiation."

   He was, of course, referring to the terrible tragedy in the Holy Land which is on the brink of a war far worse than the destruction of Jerusalem in 90 A.D. or even the Crusades. It is not a battle of faiths, but of ideologies waged by stubborn, unyielding men who have lost the sense of value for human life. Therefore, the Holy Father is right to speak out against such violence.

   Yet, there is another war that has been waged for the past 40 years which he has said little, very little about. I speak of the auto-demolition in Holy Mother Church that has happened largely under his watch. Yes, he inherited the mess from Paul VI who perpetrated much of the decomposition we have today, but what has John Paul done to curb the abuses? That's right, very, very little. Oh, he might come out with a statement now and then, but is he truly using his papal office as the shepherd he needs to be?

   For several months now many neo-Catholics have railed against us for daring to be critical of the Pope's inactions. Over the past month finally others are starting to see the buck stops at the top as well. Editorials in the mainstream media in both secular and religious circles are seeing the obvious. To compound this fact, the story broke in Catholic World News and the secular media on the feast of the holy bishop Saint Isidore of Seville, that the Pope, the Vatican and the American Bishops are the target of a huge lawsuit over the sex scandals and cover-ups. Racketeering is the charge. I'd call it sin! It's a true effluence of effluvium to be sure.

   Is it not a coincidence that this news came on the feast of St. Isidore, the fifteenth holy man to be proclaimed a Doctor of the Church? After all, St. Isidore has been proposed by a great majority on the web as the Patron Saint of the Internet. And thanks to this modern technology, much of what had been hidden, purposely concealed in hopes of being forgotten, is being made widely known. Prior to the mid-nineties, well over less than a decade ago, few had access to the contents of all the Major Ecumenical Councils or past pontifical decrees unless they poured over books in the dusty archives of universities and religious institutions. Few were able to study and compare before Vatican II and after. Yet, after Vatican II, they didn't burn books, they just buried them in hopes that all would forget what had been held as absolute. Why? In hopes the modernists could indoctrinate the average Catholic in the tenets of Newchurch. What has been the result? Look around you and see if your parish even resembles your parish of 40 years ago.

   Had we not had the wide scope of information available on the net, it is highly unlikely we would have awakened from the somnolent state we had been lulled into by the false praises of John Paul II and the Council of Vatican II, by the hollow promises of a growing, vibrant church that, in actuality, is a decaying cadaver of filth that needs to be flushed out of the system of the Mystical Body of Christ.

   And so, I take the Pope' words and respectfully, but firmly direct them back to him:

    "It seems that war has been declared on peace!"
Yes, the war-mongers of Modernism, something so carefully guarded against during the papacy of Pope Saint Pius X, are out to destroy the peace of Christ. Pius warned, and his successors have not heeded his wise words from his motu proprio "Sacrorum Antistitum" in 1910, three years after issuing his masterful Pascendi Dominici Gregis on the grave danger of Modernism. He wrote:
    "The gravity of the evil is daily growing and must be checked at any cost. We are no longer dealing, as at the beginning, with opponents ‘in sheep’s clothing’, but with open and bare-faced enemies in our very household, who, having made a pact with the chief foes of the Church (i.e. Freemasons, Liberals, Protestants, Jews, Muslims etc.) are bent on overthrowing the Faith. These are men whose haughtiness in the face of Heavenly wisdom is daily renewed, claiming the right to correct it as if it were corrupted. They want to renovate it as if it were consumed by old age, increase it and adapt it to worldly tastes, progress and comforts, as if it were opposed not just to the frivolity of a few, but to the good of society. There will never be enough vigilance and firmness on the part of those entrusted with the faithful safe-keeping of the sacred deposit of evangelical doctrine and ecclesiastical tradition, in order to oppose these onslaughts against it."
Pope St. Pius X said there will never be enough vigilance and firmness, there's never been a time when this is more needed. And yet, our current pontiff ignores the wisdom of holy Pius. What is one to think?

   And what is one to think of the Pope's following words?

    "But nothing is resolved by war, it only brings greater suffering and death, nothing is resolved through reprisal and retaliation."
How wise. Nothing is resolved, only souls lost. It is not about the physical loss of life, it is about the spiritual as Our Lord warned so clearly in Matthew 10: 28, "And fear not them that kill the body, and cannot kill the soul: but rather fear him that can destroy both soul and body in hell." Isn't this what the Vicar of Christ should be more concerned with than the physical loss of lives? And, as he focuses his attention toward Afghanistan and the Middle East, is this humanist pope that blind to the millions and millions of lost souls in America where the shepherds he has appointed are running amok in muck? And what of the reprisal and retaliation against those who seek to uphold all that Holy Mother Church taught for nearly 2000 years? The Modernists are trying to stampede out of existence any trace of tradition and orthodoxy. And where is the Pope?

   He laments, but has no answers:

    "This is a truly great tragedy."
In truth, the truly great tragedy is the failure of the head of over one billion Catholics universally to not see the unfathomed results of the bad fruits of Vatican II, fruits that have spawned the stench and rot that has come to the surface today and affect every Catholic. The truly great tragedy is that the Pope has not truly cracked down, not truly tended the garden of deadly weeds that choke orthodoxy and tradition. Of course, the real intent of the Modernists is to pave over the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church with the cracked concrete of compromise and syncretism in transforming the Church Christ founded into one big pan-religion where all will be more comfortable and there will be no conflict over theologies or ideologies. Heaven forbid we might offend someone's sensibilities for the sake of man!

   We ask his Holiness to practice what he preaches:

    "no one can remain silent and inactive, no political or religious leader!"
What is more important? The physical welfare of thousands, or the spiritual welfare of hundreds of millions of souls? While we do not take lightly the plight of the people of Afghanistan and in Palestine and Israel, we strongly believe there is an overemphasis on that while countless souls are lost through the continued practice of abortion and its totally false belief that God could tolerate such an abomination. So also the totally ridiculous notion that God could tolerate an abomination of desolation, namely the New Mass that mocks the propitiatory, eternal sacrifice. Yet the Pope for almost the past 24 years has done nothing to alter the drastic and apostate direction Paul VI took the Church when he, in effect, created a new religion and a new rite in his Missae Romanum of April 3, 1969. In fact, John Paul II has only given impetus to this apostasy by further enforcing it as above the liturgy and doctrines held so sacrosanct for two millennia. Adding to the abhorrence was not only his tacit approval of altar girls and women on the altar - something unheard of except in the terrible time of the Machabees when the eternal sacrifice was taken away - but his illegal motu proprio Ecclesia Dei in which he postured that the Latin Mass be made available to whomever desired it, and yet did not acknowledge the fact that the Latin Mass had never been abrogated. Yet, to be able to "legally" hear or for the priest to say the Holy Mass in the Tridentine Mass - something the latter has a responsibility to do - priest and laity had to admit that the counterfeit Mass of Paul VI was totally valid. If, indeed, that were true, then why would they have had to insist on such? Just more of the deception of Modern Rome.

   The Pope, in his Easter message called for denunciation of such acts of violence:

    "Denunciation must be followed by practical acts of solidarity that will help everyone to rediscover mutual respect and return to frank negotiation."
There we go again, more humanistic talk, nothing about the spiritual concern of these souls - everyone of them a child of God, not every one of them baptized. What about Our Lord's charge in Mark 16: 16? "He that believeth, and is baptized, shall be saved, but he that believeth not, shall be condemned." Isn't that where there needs to be solidarity? Does he not need to inform, as the Apostolic successor of Saint Peter, that despite what the world says today, the dogma of Holy Mother Church still stands? That would be Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus - Outside the Church there is no salvation. Yet, he panders to false religions of every kind and allows an anathema filled document to be released by the Pontifical Biblical Commission whereby interpretation of Sacred Scripture as established by the perennial, infallible Magisterium of the Church, can be changed to accommodate the whims of whomever might be offended. Again, heaven forbid we offend anyone's sensibilities. Heaven forbid we take seriously Christ's words, "but he that believeth NOT, shall be CONDEMNED"!!!

   Unless someone had been in a 40-year coma, there is no one who will not agree that the Church today - the post-conciliar church, if you will, is in deep 'doodoo,' and someone needs "to clean the toilets." The water-closet analogy with the scandalous excrement of scandal, cover-up and sodomy is very appropriate considering none of the bishops, nor the Pope are willing to flush the remains of the mess they have allowed to stink up the current church. God said as much in Apocalypse 3: 16, "But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth." The Sacred Scriptures don't get much more lavatory-oriented in description than that!

   And yet there is a group who have willingly offered to "clean the toilets" - to help clean up the mess created by Vatican II. That would be the Society of Saint Pius X, that group of orthodox clerics who misguided, uninformed neo-Catholics call "misfits who are in schism." Little do the conservative Catholics realize who really is in schism, who really is in apostasy. If you truly knew your Roman Catholic Faith you would see beyond a shadow of a doubt it is not the followers of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre who teach, preach and practice all that Holy Mother Church demanded and promoted up until Vatican II. His Excellency Bernard Fellay said quite clearly about the current rot that afflicts the Church today and the courtship of Modern Rome as opposed to those who cling to the Truths and Traditions of Eternal Rome:

    " We cannot sweep this gigantic problem under the carpet. We desire to work with our whole heart and our whole soul for the restoration of the Church. However, we cannot simply pretend that all is well, and that these are but questions of detail. We are ready to explain our Faith to Rome, but we cannot call that which is evil good, nor that which is good evil."
The Holy Father calls for "renewed negotiations" on the mid-east crisis, but he should focus, for whatever short time he has left, on the real crisis in his own backyard - the crisis in the Church. On May 7th last year, Bishop Fellay in a response to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos wrote:
    "It seems to me possible to affirm, from our point of view, that, following Popes Pius XII and Paul VI, the Church is presently in a literally apocalyptic condition. It cannot be denied that the dysfunction of the Catholic hierarchy –Cardinal Seper said 'the crisis of the Church is a crisis of bishops' –omissions, silences, deceptions, tolerance of errors, and even of positively destructive acts even in the Curia, and unfortunately even in the Vicar of Christ. These are public facts that can be seen by ordinary men."

   And now those 'ordinary men' and women are starting to speak out more forcefully in every media. They're calling for accountability. Yes, it's time for tough negotiations with the men John Paul has appointed. It's time for them to fish or cut bait. No more trolling. If they are to be fishers of men in the sense of souls, then let them totally extract themselves as fishers of men in the sense of sensual. That means drumming out every seminarian or priest who refuses to abide fully in word, deed and behavior in the sacred vow of celibacy. It also means reinstalling the absolutes and disciplines that so carefully guarded against these sins that cry out to Heaven today for vengeance because of so many innocent souls who have been scandalized, who have lost their faith because of the carelessness and the "we could care less" attitude of the bishops who, truly for the most part, have become wolves in shepherd's clothing.

   So how does the Pope go about righting the ship? Rome wasn't built in a day. Though the task will be difficult and very, very time-consuming, the answer isn't that difficult. She has the tried and true tenets handed down through the uninterrupted tradition, preserved in the Sacred Deposit of the Faith. And, the Church has the example of the Saints and Doctors of the Church from nearly two millennia. She can take great encouragement in that - from the seeds of the early Christians to the Counter-Reformation of Trent. Here are a few fail-safe suggestions that will work:

  • Restore the Oath Against Modernism which every priest, bishop and pope was mandated to vow before it was dismissed after Vatican II by Paul VI. It is highly unlikely there would be so much scandal and cover-up today had the bishops and priests been loyal to their vows.
  • Restore the powerful Prayer of Saint Michael the Archangel. Pope Leo XIII clearly saw the intent of the evil one and composed this prayer as a protective measure and mandated it be prayed by all after every Mass. This, too, was done away with after Vatican II.
  • Establish a zero-tolerance for
      1. Bishops who fudge and refuse to cooperate with the civil authorities.
      2. Bishops who protect known offenders.
      3. Bishops who are not accessible to their flocks.
      4. Priests who know they have a problem but for whatever reason do not come forward.
        They fail to realize that self-embarrassment and even their sacerdotal career is nothing compared to what they'll face when they have to account to the Almighty Judge for the souls they were responsible for. If they fail to do so, they must be defrocked!
      5. Anything that varies or veers from the true teachings of the Church. Anything!
      6. Those who have no respect for the Sacred Deposit of the Faith.
        This also includes those who seek to destroy the tried and true traditions that sustained Holy Mother Church for so many centuries.
      7. Those who apologize for what the Church should preach.
        I, along with so many other loyal Catholics, are sick and tired of all the apologies for the strictness and sacrosanct measures that conflict so with the modern world, holy causes that saints died for.
      8. Any talk by laity or clergy of married priests or women priests. Celibacy is the answer.
        All other suggestions are mere propaganda by the Modernists to overhaul and Protestantize the consecrated.
      9. Seminaries and colleges who do not uphold Ex Corde Ecclesia
      10. Finally, zero tolerance for proponents of ecumenism, humanism and other isms.
        Likewise for those who do not preach the mortal dangers of mortal sin or do not stress virtue as something to embrace. Likewise for those who do not make the Sacrament of Penance readily available and much, much more often and make it known how important Confession is for the soul.
  • Reopen talks with the Society of Saint Pius X and put aside pride and listen.
      Not only listen, but heed the wisdom of these men who forsook popularity and position to follow Christ as He demanded. Bishop Fellay has said as much:
        "The cause is to be found in Rome; it was because there are grave deficiencies at Rome that Archbishop Lefebvre had to adopt certain positions in order to conserve certain goods of the Church that were being vandalized. Rome gives itself the role of hero, while in fact it is Rome that should be saying a 'mea culpa' for this terrible internal crisis that is tearing the Church apart. Rome has committed an injustice in blaming us. Obviously, the solution is not to be found with us, it is to be found in Rome. Rome must put things back in their places and come back to Tradition, to its own Tradition. Then everything would right itself. There would be no more problem of the Society. 'We must maintain our freedom to act for the sake of the entire Church.'"

   Bishop Fellay also added, in an interview with Father de Tanuoarn:

    "It would have to be a true repentance... and that would suppose a discussion of theology. You see, I believe that in the recent negotiations we have gone in circles because the preliminary (though not expressed as such) that Rome imposed on us is 'No theology.' A practical agreement, a legal solution right away; as for theology, we shall see about it later on. We say the opposite: doctrine governs our practice, and it has from the start. I am persuaded that now is the time to talk about doctrine, especially to young priests, to the faithful who are beginning to be aware of the gravity of the internal crisis in the Church. In particular, there is a movement in favor of the traditional Mass that needs to be encouraged, and even pushed. We need to welcome and form all those who request it. For the time being we must especially encourage the inductive movement that is bringing a lot of people back to Tradition because of their experience of concrete problems in the Church (the Mass, ecumenism, etc.) Many people are ready to listen to us on the Mass. On ecumenism, we need to work at posing the question so that people can receive our analysis. Rome is not ready for a debate on subjects that matter?! Rome does not want to discuss anything with us?! Then we have to launch the debate so that they understand that it is not possible to close one's eyes and act as if nothing is happening while the ship has sprung leaks all over."

   The Society in all humility have stated publicly to Cardinal Hoyos that they are willing to come in and "clean the toilets." It is there way of saying there is a lot of infectious excrement that has been allowed to permeate the nostrils of Catholic normalcy. It says in the most humble way that the priests of the Society of St. Pius X are not above taking the most menial jobs in hoping to restore the Church to her past glory. That is not the words of a proud, 'schismatic' group, but one obedient to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. It is those in power today in the post-conciliar church, Newchurch, who are the disobedient ones. The Pope can talk all he wants, write tomes and tomes of material, but until he acts and acts decisively in ridding the Church of the cancer that threatens to totally corrupt her, his words will ring hollow.

   Can anyone argue that the time has come to air out the stench to rid the church of this terrible dung? No one can deny that fact. There are measures that must be taken, and taken soon, to prevent further erosion. And to effect this it begins by:

  • cleaning the stalls, not by stalling.
  • replacing the odor of Modernistic manure with the odor of sanctity.
  • by admitting that all the novelties that have been tried over the past 40 years have been a monumental bust.
  • waking up the proud bishops of today so they get a dose of humility and honestly admit they haven't got a clue.
  • getting the hierarchy off their high horse and on their knees.
  • by ridding the sanctuaries of women and unnecessary lay people.
  • John Paul II making one final act of noble heroic virtue by apologizing to all Catholics for Vatican II.
  • Pope John Paul II abdicating the Mass of his predecessor and reinstating the Mass of All Ages.
  • making Latin once again the universal language of the Church as well as making the learning of this beautiful tongue again mandatory in every school and readily available in each parish, replacing social order programs rooted in Modernism.
  • recognizing that, in the same manner the Council of Trent and the Pontiffs of their times entrusted to the Jesuits of Saint Ignatius of Loyola the charge of regenerating the Church after the Protestant Reformation, so also today's Pope and the bishops collectively must entrust the Society of Saint Pius X to reinstate the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church.

   Why the SSPX? Because they are the only ones who have kept themselves clean, the only ones who have not embraced novelty, the only ones who have rejected the worldly standards, the only ones who have not compromised with Modern Rome, the only ones who have kept intact the traditions held so sacred before Vatican II, the only ones who have been totally loyal to their Founder Jesus Christ and His faithful, persecuted bishop Marcel Lefebvre - the man who refused to compromise Christ's principles with the Modernists in the eighties.

   If you want a squeaky-clean Church; if you want to see parishioners flocking to Mass with long lines in Confession for several hours on Saturday afternoons and other times during the week; if you want to see vocations again flourish; if you want to see priests respected as alter Christus again and bishops as true shepherds of Christ - then the only 'janitors' to employ are the dedicated men of Saint Pius X. Trust them, they'll flush out the problems! They've taken their share of unfair abuse and are still willing to work in the trenches. What Novus Ordo bishop can you find who would be willing to do that?

   Bishop Fellay, Bishop Richard Williamson and their fellow SSPX priests truly deserve the opportunity to be given carte blanche to flush out the heresies and novelties that have clogged Catholic belief today. They are the only ones who can rid the Church of her stopped-up commodes of temporal values, scrub satan out, and restock fresh towels of true tenets for the faithful, providing every soul sturdy 4-ply doctrine. As for the current sexual scandals rocking the universal church of today? Well, there's only one way to rid her of this fatal, lustful feces. For those who would stoop so low, it's time to flush the Church of the flesh, the world and the devil. If Rome gets desperate enough, that's the only answer to escaping certain demise. What's that you say? Rome is truly desperate now? Well, then that means now is the time to call in the 'Roto-Rooters' of Truth and Tradition!

Michael Cain, editor

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April 8, 2002
vol 13, no. 66
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