April 24, 2002
volume 13, no. 78

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Wrestling with Satan's Book of Pedophilia

Society is putrified by books that justify the most abominable sins of lust imaginable all for the purpose of exploitation of innocence for the instant gratifications of the perverse. But then what should we expect from a society that has become comfortable with human sacrifice?

    " You would think that a governor of any state would halt the publication of this very sick book, without having to be begged. However, this is the same Jesse Ventura who approved an entire month as, "Gay and Lesbian Awareness Month," but won't allow a single “Day of Prayer.” He must hear from as many of us as possible. Please sign the petition today. Let's give this former WWF Adonis who went by the name of 'Jesse the Body' something to really wrestle with!"
   Just when you thought, you heard it all, you look up and lo and behold there's a picture on the TV screen of a book with a headline, “Harmful to Minors.” So, naturally this caught my attention. I expected I might hear something new, rather than the oft-repeated -- too much sugar is bad for their teeth, or too many children are taking Ritalin for Attention Deficit Disorder, or obesity is running amok in our children -- not that I take these lightly.

   So, I'm always willing to learn -- just what is this new thing that is harmful to children. Surely it must be earth shattering for someone to write a book about it and to be on Bill O'Reilly's “O’Reilly Factor.”(Fox News)

   Well, hold on to your hat, or sit down, or do whatever you do to brace yourself when you are about to receive news that will make you want to shout to the high Heavens -- “stop the planet I want to get off.”

   It seems that the title, “Harmful to Children,” refers to the fact that NOT having sex is harmful to children. You read correctly -- children need sex.

   The author, Judith Levine, an ultra-liberal and self-described "feminist guerilla," who majored in perverse, has acknowledged finding a nude picture of a three-year old "sexy." This author, who has got to be a kin to satan, otherwise how else can one explain this disgusting book, was not present to push her book on the O’Reilly Factor.

   Instead, the former Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Jocelyn Elders, appointed by Bill Clinton, and who wrote the forward for the book was there. The book is due to come out in May.

   If you remember, Elders was dismissed by Clinton for encouraging children to masturbate. For Clinton to fire someone over a sexual matter is akin to ... well I digress.

   During the course of this TV show, O’Reilly read a few of the statements taken directly from the book, such as “Sex is not harmful for children and is a vehicle for self knowledge.” If that one doesn’t disturb you, how about, “The threat of pedophilia and sexual molestation is exaggerated in America.”

   I'm listening to this and I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. And there is Jocelyn Elders, with a big smile on her face denying everything O’Reilly is saying.

O’Reilly: “But, it's right here in the book, I'm reading it right from the book.”

Elders: “You are reading it out of context. You have to read the whole book.”

   O’Reilly then reads another sentence, “ sexual contact with a child does not a pedophile make.” He then said, “this is a vile piece of work. Anyone, who does this is a criminal. She's excusing adult sexual exploitation of children.”

   Elders kept insisting, “you have to read the whole book. It's not what she said.”

O’Reilly: “Yes it is.”

Elders: “I disagree.”

O’Reilly: “I don't know how you can -- I'm quoting it right from the book.” Then he said with his eyes bulging out and getting angrier by the second and waving his index finger at Elders, although she was not in the same studio, “she's exploiting sex with a child. She excuses pedophilia.”

   He then read from page 225: “sex is not harmful to children. It's a vehicle to self knowledge, love, feeling, creativity, adventure and intense feeling of aliveness. There are many ways in which even the smallest child can partake of sex. We relish our erotic attraction to children.”

   With Elders shaking her head in disagreement, O’Reilly said angrily, “I don't relish that. That’s perversion.”

   Throughout this entire discourse, Elders kept defending the book, and always with a smile on her face. Why the smile? She was being hammered by O’Reilly.

   I do believe that smiling when you have no valid answer must be in the playbook of liberals, or anyone else who try to defend the indefensible. In other words, when you are cornered and have no answer that makes sense -- smile. When Gloria Feldt, president of Planned Parenthood, was on TV recently, she constantly had a grin from ear to ear, getting wider and wider, when her arguments appeared headed into the toilet.

   Elders said, “we refuse to educate our children and prepare them for all this sex we're putting on them. The have to be better educated, sexually. We can encourage those feelings. Children can enjoy their bodies.”

   O’Reilly, shaking the paper from which he was reading, said, “She's (Levine) encouraging children to have sex. She's encouraging public authorities to say that, and you attach your name and expertise to this sick book”

   “No, it's not saying that.” Elders said, again with that big smile. I just couldn't get over her constant smile. This was no laughing, or smiling matter. O’Reilly was not smiling. I never saw him so serious.

   He went on to read other quotes from the book, one of which was: “Comprehensive non-abstinence sex education works and Abstinence education does not.”

   O’Reily closed by saying, “this book excuses pedophilia and encourages children to have sex and it is very very dangerous, I’ll give you the last word.”

Elders: I disagree, I don't think this book encourages pedophilia. Our children do have feelings and we should encourage those feeling and not go around and getting psychiatrists and getting them all involved. It's how we respond to our children. Sometimes it creates a problem.”

   To me, it was apparent that Elders felt that she had just laid an egg, since it was obvious that the book DOES promote pedophilia, and the stench becoming unbearable, even for her, that her last words were, “no adult should use a child in a sexual way.”

   Yet, the entire book was about using a child in a sexual way. That was the purpose of the book, which she was defending for the past 10 minutes -- a book so perverse that it would even make the prince of darkness wince.

   There you have it. The first question that comes to mind is -- who would publish such garbage? Who else but an institution of higher learning -- The State University of Minnesota -- a taxpayer funded institution, In it, the author Judith Levine also advocates lowering the age of sexual consent to 12. A promotion for the book says, "children and teens can enjoy the pleasures of the body and be safe, too.

   How can any reputable person defend this book, even if you don't believe in a higher authority? And to say that abstinence does not work is the height of stupidity. If you don't have sex until you're married, it has GOT TO WORK.

   You just know that someone is going to read this book and then go out and sexually molest a child. This is inevitable. After all -- it was published by a State University.

   You may be asking, what does all this have to do with the killing of unborn children, since that's what I usually write about.

   Directly -- nothing, but I just had to share this with those who might have missed the show, so they can be as angry as I, over this subversive, repugnant and satanist inspired book which is spawned from the same cesspool that those who perverse God's laws drink from - whether they be an accomplice to the murder of the unborn or a sodomite or any other perversion that lust can stir up in the swill of hell's potion.

   Nothing is sacred anymore. What can you expect from a society that kills their own children in order that their lives would not be inconvenienced? It all goes hand in hand -- an insidious progression of evil and the end does not appear to be in sight.

   It's about time people start realizing that there is evil in this world. That there is a devil. Do you really think that someone could write such a book without the prodding of satan? Do you really think that people can accept the proposition that a woman should have the right to kill her unborn child, if she so chooses, without being seduced by satan?

   92% of people say they believe in God, but for some reason satan and the existence of pure unadulterated EVIL gets a free ride. Jesus Christ was tempted by satan on more than one occasion. The sooner people realize there is evil/satan in this world, the better they can understand and develop ways to defeat him and send him packing back to hell where he came from.

   To sign an online petition to Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura demanding he halt publication of the book visit:

   You would think that a governor of any state would halt the publication of this very sick book, without having to be begged. However, this is the same Jesse Ventura who approved an entire month as, "Gay and Lesbian Awareness Month," but won't allow a single “Day of Prayer.” He must hear from as many of us as possible. Please sign the petition today. Let's give this former WWF Adonis who went by the name of "Jesse the Body" something to really wrestle with!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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