October 15-21, 2001
volume 12, no. 152

If you remember, you must ask 'Why?'!

A trip down memory lane for Catholics will help answer many questions as to what has happened to our beloved Church today

    My very dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it has been a while now since last I wrote to you, and I pray that you are well in body, mind, and soul. I also pray that in this interval you have had time to read much of the material we have on our website, either directly or through the links we provide.

    This has been a time of great prayer for Michael and I, and in order to keep ourselves focused on Christ, and on the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, we have gone back to all of the Councils that formed the Catholic Church since the time of Christ Himself. What a treasure of our precious Faith is present in these Conciliar decrees. What a refresher course in what Roman Catholicism is and must always be, if it is to be the One True Faith founded by Christ.

    I think, my dear brothers and sisters, that since Vatican Council II was first announced, and up to the present moment, we, as loyal Catholics worldwide, have been fed so much "feel-good pablum" that we no longer know how to allow our conscience to chew on the realities of what faces us today.

    I have heard from some of you, and I just want you to know that I truly enjoy every letter that I receive, and promise I will respond to each one, whether you agree with the facts we present, or not. We are in the fight of our lives, and I'm not speaking about the recent attacks on our nation, nor our global approval to route out terrorists and hunt them down for "justice." I'm far, far more concerned about the "wrath of Almighty God" befalling the entire human race, for its sins of the flesh, and even more importantly, sins that mock God and trivialize all that His Only-Begotten Son did for us by His Incarnation to His Ascension, and the Perpetual Sacrifice of Calvary He gave to us, as the only Sacrifice that is pleasing to the Eternal Father, and for the atonement of our sins, and those of the whole world.

    You see, some of you have written saying that Michael and I are angry. You label us as being devoid of love, of charity. I sincerely and with my whole heart assure you that we are not "angry" in the "get even" sense of the word. Michael and I have every right to be righteously angry, and so do you, and you should be!

    Why? Well, rather than trying to explain what is, once perceived through the grace of the Holy Spirit, the reality of the state of the Roman Catholic Church today, allow me to ask you a few simple questions, a remembering shall we say?

    Do you remember what it was like upon entering a Catholic Church prior to Vatican Council II's reforms? Do you remember coming into the Church, where the essence of prayer was imbued into the wooden pews and kneelers, where the Altar transformed you the moment you saw it? Why? Because there, upon that Altar, was the Perpetual High Priest and Victim of every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Do you remember with what reverence you genuflected before the Tabernacle, making the Sign of the Cross and bowing your head in awe and wonder? Do you remember the august silence that filled the Church; yet somewhere you could almost be sure you could hear angels singing? Do you remember the sanctuary bell ringing as the Priest entered to say the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and how he led us, the faithful, to God through the Most Perfect prayer ever - that of the True Sacrifice of the Mass?

    Do you remember the stained glass windows that depicted the life of Christ and those of the Saints? Do you remember being lifted up and above the trivial aspects of this world and into a higher realm where you knew because you believed that God was waiting with open arms for us? Do you remember the beautiful statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of His Most Blessed Mother, and of Saint Joseph? Ah, how we forget those statues and the way they lifted us up out of this world for a short span of time! How little now do we speak of Saint Joseph. It is as if we have completely forgotten him, who next to the Blessed Mother is the most powerful saint whose intercession we should seek each day. He is the universal Patron of the Church. Do you remember the side Altars, and the candles in their neat rows lit by the faithful, seeking Heavenly help for the crosses of this earthly sojourn? Do you remember always lighting a candle before you left church?

    Do you remember the Sacrament of Penance, as it was once called for many centuries? Do you remember that there were always several priests hearing confession on a Saturday afternoon or evening, when several hours or more were devoted to this Sacrament which gave absolution, penance, and the sanctifying grace we needed to remain always faithful to our Roman Catholic Faith? Do you remember how no one slacked while waiting in line, their lips moving as they recited the prayers known only to them? That is something else, isn't it? Do you remember that the hearts and souls, minds and bodies of the faithful were filled with prayer, and it came from the heart because we had the proper "fear of the Lord" within us?

    Do you remember how, on Sundays and Holydays, we dressed in our very best, knowing that we were coming to meet the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords? Do you remember the modesty in dress for women and men? Do you remember when you entered the Church the silence that drew you in and brought you respectfully to your knees, and how that very silence filled you with the presence of God Himself, because He deserved to have the first place always? Do you remember how once you stepped into God's house you were able to leave the world behind for it was a true refuge, a sanctuary from the hubbub of the world, flesh and the devil. Silence was always observed and you welcomed it. It was necessary in the house of the Holiest of Holies.

    Do you miss any of these things? And, if you do miss them, where then have they gone, and more importantly, Why?

    That is what I am asking, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Why was all that made the Catholic Church distinct from all other sects, be they Protestant or not, taken away? Why did it all disappear in such a short span of time?

    Why did they take Our Lord off the Altar? Why did they have to move the Altar? Why did the Altar have to become a Table? Why did the priest forget his dignity before God and man, where he knew his faith and taught that same faith to all within his charge, as a good shepherd must always do? Why did we lose respect for our priests, whom we once held upon a pedestal, not because of their individual personalities, but because of their priestly calling?

    Do you remember what a tremendous blessing a family felt when God called one of their sons to the priesthood, or a daughter to the convent? Do you remember how fathers and mothers prayed that God would choose one of their children, or all of them, to be consecrated to Him alone, and to become missionaries? Ah, what a beautiful thing it was to see a son or daughter head for the pagan lands where missionaries labored to bring the True Faith to the heathens, and to assist them in all manner of living a Christian life? Do you remember with what thankfulness we, the faithful, felt when there were conversions to the One True Faith? Did we not pray daily for the conversion of all to the One True Faith, because we were taught, and correctly I might add, that outside the Church there was no salvation? And why did we believe this? Because Christ commanded His Apostles to go into the world and preach the Gospel to all nations, baptizing them. And Christ said to His Apostles that those who believed and were converted they would have life everlasting, and those who, after hearing the Good News of the Gospel refused to believe, these would not have life everlasting.

    Have you looked at the remodeled churches since Vatican Council II and the introduction by Pope Paul VI of his "Novus Ordo" rite? Have you seen, or do you belong to a newer church, built exclusively for the Novus Ordo rite? Have you missed the Tabernacle, and the way the Churches were opened until late so that the faithful might come and spend time with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, present Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity in the Tabernacle? Do you remember the Forty-Hours Devotion? Do you remember the Benediction? Do you remember the reverence of those Benedictions, when the priest would lead the faithful in the recitation of the Divine Praises, and the singing by the choir of the Tantum Ergo and O Salutaris Hostia at least once a week? Do you remember how the Latin melded exactly to the melody, with both words and music meant to lift our hearts and souls and minds to God? Why was this taken away? Was there anything wrong with it?

    Was there anything wrong that our Catholic Churches were not only Catholic but also looked Catholic as well? Do you remember how you wore your faith in your spirit and upon your body, with the Brown Scapular, the Miraculous Medal, and the Crucifix? No, not a Cross, but a Crucifix! Do you remember why we wore the Crucifix? We knew because we believed that our entire Catholic Faith was centered upon the Most Sacred and Sorrowful Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who redeemed us by His Death upon the gibbet, and Who left to us as a Perpetual Sacrifice to the Father, this very Crucifixion. A cross only was always a Protestant concept. The crucifix - and reverent, edifying ones, not grotesque ones for God is beautiful even in His pain and sorrow - was the standard for all Catholics. By the way, it still is. Do you remember how it felt to kneel at the Communion Rail, where the altar boys would come at a certain moment during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to fold an immaculate white cloth over the rail? Do you remember taking your place at the Communion Rail, hands folded piously beneath this immaculate white cloth as the Priest gave to you the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity - Our Lord Himself? Do you remember that silence permeated throughout the reception of Holy Communion so that each person, in his or her own way, could give adoration, thanksgiving, praise and petition to Our Lord Who was as real to us as He was with the Apostles and His Own Mother and Saint Joseph?

    We had our eyes fixed on Heaven, and the beauty of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass led our hearts and souls there too. Why did all of this have to disappear? Why?

    Please, think about these things and let me know if you do remember! If you don't, perhaps you might read the Baltimore Catechism again, and read the Canons and Decrees of all the Councils of the Catholic Church from the Council at Jerusalem, which is contained in the Acts of the Apostles, straight through to Vatican Council I. Once you have read all of this, then read the documents of Vatican II. Don't read Vatican II first or you'll be ever more confused. Discover the Sacred Deposit of Faith as it was given and handed down. Do this, please, so you will remember what being Catholic means, and why! Only after you have discovered what Catholicism truly is, will you be able to understand the intent of Vatican II and why so many have failed to see the damage done.

    Write and tell me if you know what being a true Catholic means and why! When you peel away the years of pablum that has dulled your senses and your conscience, then you will begin to understand how important it is to ask Why?!

    In addition, once you can clearly state your Faith and answer Why it is the only True Faith on the face of this earth, then you can begin to see through the charade that has been going on for nearly forty years! And then you'll ask of Vatican Council II and its reforms, and Paul VI's created "Novus Ordo" rite that all important question: Why? And then, you'll have arrived at the Truth through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

    I eagerly await hearing from you. I know it takes time to read so much. Believe me we have been praying, reading, researching, praying and doing more reading, always going back to the primary sources of our Faith as it was handed down for nearly 2000 years. So I understand if it takes you a while. To help you in your journey to rediscover your Faith, we are providing in each issue a different Council so you have the source available to you. You'll also find the Baltimore Catechism as well as the Douay-Rheims (official Catholic version) of the Bible in this section as well.

    I keep each of you in my humble prayers every day. I thank you for praying for Michael, our sons, and myself, for we need your support through prayers, and if you can spare an offering of any size whatsoever, it will help this ministry to remain online until all the world knows that all important answer to the all important question: Why!?!

Your very little sister in Christ, who cherishes you,


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October 15-21, 2001
volume 12, no. 152
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