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October 15 - October 21, 2001           volume 12, no. 152

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  • Greek and Roman friction first surfaced at the First Council of Constantinople, in which the Arian bishops challenged the validity of the Archbishop of Constantinople Saint Gregory of Nazianzus.

  • Cyndi Cain asks you to take a trip down memory lane and recall the beautiful meanings of our cherished Catholic customs and traditions. What happened?

    A breakdown comparison of the true Roman rite of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the New rite of the Mass established by Paul VI in 1969 so all readers can see how much of the sacred and meaning has been lost.

  • Whatever happened to the Sacred Oath every priest unconditionally took at his Ordination? What is this Profession of the Catholic Faith oath and why was it compromised? Has your pastor, your bishop kept his vow? If he is promoting the modernistic ideas of the Vatican II reforms he has not!

  • Dr. Marian Horvat points to women's immodest apparel as part of the problem in the loss of respect for God and themselves in the second of a multi-parter on the Egalitarian Revolution.

  • How can the Vatican's Secretary of State honestly say the terrorism is not a jihad against the Judeo-Christian ethics? Yet he has.

  • Bishop Richard Williamson on the Practical Problem of Faith that stands as the obstacle by modernists in the Church. Once a modernist, always a modernist whether the liberal be 'nice' or 'nasty.'

  • Dr. Frank Joseph points out how the path has been so cleverly paved straight to hell if we buy into the modern concept of we're free to do whatever we want and can do with our bodies what we want - even with the government's assistance.

  • Dr. Tom Droleskey shows how the Novus Ordo Gradual contributes to the gradual distancing of the faithful from the Mystery of the Mass.

  • The chapter on Papal Infallibility. The Great Sacrilege, written in 1971 by the dauntless Traditional priest Father James F. Wathen, O.S.J., picks up where the Ottaviani Intervention left off.

    Bishop Fulton J. Sheen warns that those who express hatred for others really hate themselves more than anything.

    Sixth Episode of Chapter Two: Metroplex Mirror editor Vic Van Wess deals with the wrath of his publisher Edwin Blix over the discovery that Pat Gallagher is winging his way to the Field of Death in Blix's own jet.

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    New Masthead for The DAILY CATHOLIC

        To show our total commitment to the Truth and Traditions of Holy Mother Church, we decided to redesign the masthead so that the Tabernacle is back on the Altar as it should be. The altar we have depicted is the way every Catholic altar in every church in the world looked before Vatican II. If your church doesn't look like this, you have every reason and the grave responsibility before God to ask your pastor or your bishop WHY! You'll note in the new masthead how everything radiates from the Holy of Holies onto the altar and shining on the Two Pillars which Saint John Bosco envisioned, encouraging all to be anchored between the two Pillars of the Most Holy Eucharist and Devotion to Blessed Mary's Immaculate Heart. Over the next several issues we will be gradually blending it into other pages as well.

        We are also featuring in this issue several articles that help the reader understand the breakdown of Catholic tradition stemming from the reforms of Vatican II and what loyal Catholics can do to better separate the wheat from the chaff and help their own journey toward Heaven as well as helping others keep the True Faith alive.

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          We continue with the General or Ecumenical Councils of the Church with the second in this issue.

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    Test your knowledge of your Faith:
    Who said, "Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist."?
    Saint Malachi
    Martin Luther
    The Mother of God

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    Answer to last quiz: Saint Paul was the one who said "If anyone preach a gospel to you other than that which you have received, let him be anathema!". He emphasized this in Galatians 1: 8-9. It surprised us somewhat that Jesus got so many votes. It surprised us even more that some thought St. Bernard of Clairvaux and John Paul II first said it. It only reaffirms that few Catholics truly know Sacred Scripture - Divine Revelation - and if they don't know the Word of God then they'll believe the words of men no matter who they are, even if they be in the hierarchy of the Church. We put that quote in there for a reason for indeed you need to know what is true and what is anathema, and therefore condemned. According to past Councils and true Catholic teaching, much of what was promulgated in the reforms of Vatican II is anathema!

    The First Council of Constantinople
       Constantinople Emperor Theodosius I convened the second General Council, but because of friction, Pope Saint Damasus I did not attend. Already the split between East and West was manifesting itself. 186 bishops did attend. Most notable were Doctors of the Church Saint Gregory Nazianzus and Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, who, with the Council Fathers, reaffirmed the First Council of Nicaea. They also condemned the heresy of Macedonius by affirming the divinity of the Third Person of the Trinity in defining the Consubstantiality of the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son. For the second General Council see CONSTANTINOPLE ONE
    Symphony of Suffering
    Cyndi Cain asks her readers if they recall the Catholic culture they were weaned on. She asks all to remember and ask, with her, where have these customs gone. Why? Why have we allowed so much of our treasured traditions to be obliterated? She tweaks your memories in If you remember, you must ask 'Why?'!
    Precious Gift of our Faith
    Catechetical Apologetic Series based on My Catholic Faith on the Most Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The 243rd installment of "Appreciating the Precious Gift of the Faith" provides the answers of how we've lost the reverence for the Mass of the Catechumens with part one From the Introibo through the Indulgentiam
    Exspectans exspectavibus Ecclesia Dei
    Bishop Richard Williamson explains why the SSPX is holding firm in talks with Rome as he adds to Bishop Afonso de Galarreta's comments on liberalism and liberty and the Conciliar Church's clever ploys in The 'Practical Problem' of the Faith remains the Roadblock between the SSPX and Rome
    Christ or chaos
    Dr. Tom Droleskey continues his series on G.I.R.M. Warfare. He points out the incongruities of GIRM's take on the priest's role as the emphasis is placed on the gathering in humanistic terms rather than on the Mystery of the Mass in divine terms in The Entrance: the not so Gradual exit from the Mystery of the Mass
    Catholic PewPOINT
    Editor Michael Cain answers those who think The DAILY CATHOLIC's fidelity has waned by asking who really is faithful to Catholic teaching as decreed through 20 Ecumenical Councils and handed down in the great Deposit of Faith. Ask your pastor or bishop about the Sacred Oath he took. If he didn't take it, ask why. Therein you'll have your answer as to who is truly faithful to Holy Mother Church, the Primacy of Peter and the perennial Magisterium as we point out in If you serve mammon, you are not serving God!
    Pro Life Prescriptions
    Dr. Frank Joseph illustrates how the ideals this country were founded on have been totally compromised in a complete sell-out to satan and his minions with human sacrifice through abortion and sodomy ranking right up there as satan's pride and joy since we as a nation are in the fast lane to perdition in Satan's Interstate Highway to Hell!
    Liturgy of the Saints
    This week leads off Monday with the Feast of Saint Teresa of Avila, Religious and one of three women Doctors of the Church. Tuesday is the Feast of Saint Hedwig followed by the Feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, to whom was given the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thursday is the Feast of the Evangelist Saint Luke. Friday and Saturday are the respective Traditional Feasts of the Confessors Saint Peter of Alcantara and Saint John Cantius respectively. Liturgical Calendar of Traditional Roman Rite
    The Great Sacrilege
    Father James F. Wathen, O.S.J. has granted permission to publish his entire work "The Great Sacrilege" which we urge you to read for everything he wrote in 1971 is backed by solid, Roman Catholic doctrine and the depositum fidei - the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and still holds true. Part Two of Chapter Two Papal Infallibility
    Simply Sheen
    Bishop Fulton J. Sheen points out that anti-Catholicism is nothing more than a self-hatred for the evil in the hateful one's life. The outward signs of anger and rebellion are inward signs of hatred toward self
    Standing with the Church Militant On the BattleLine
    Atila Sinke Guimar„es documents Angelo Cardinal Sodano's actual denial that the jihad called by Osama bin Laden and his terrorist followers is not a religious war. Is the Vatican still in denial of a Muslim Jihad?
    Echoes of True Catholicism
    Dr. Marian Horvat brings up the issue of modesty and how it plays such a pivotal part of the restoration of the Faith, especially in the attentiveness to modest dress by women in today's society in part two of The Egalitarian Revolution
    White Smoke, Black Fire!
    6th episode of the 2nd Chapter of an on-line novel. Pat wonders what he's heading into as he jets eastward to Iraq while Vic is left to explain to his boss Edwin Blix.

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