November 5-11, 2001
volume 12, no. 155

Anti-Religious Bigotry in Educational Bill

    Well, this is it. It has finally come to pass -- Christians in the United States of America will be forbidden to express their views on sin, unless, of course, we delete certain parts of the Holy Bible. You know, the part that vehemently condemns homosexuality.

    The House of Representatives has passed H.R. 1, an education bill that many conservatives have opposed. The Senate has its own education bill. S. 1 -- A Ted Kennedy/Jim Jeffords-created bill that contains a dangerous "hate crime" provision." If not removed from the bill, this provision will provide special rights for homosexuals in public schools and will fuel anti-Christian bigotry.

    The bill is still in conference. It is expected that the House and Senate conferees will finish work shortly on the part of the bill that promotes anti- Christian bigotry and mentions hate crime. This section is “Title IV-Safe and Drug Free Schools.”

    Currently, under the guise of "hate crime prevention" and "promoting tolerance," federal education dollars have provided a major funding stream to undermine and denigrate the religious beliefs of Christian parents and children. These taxpayer dollars have produced unbalanced, bigoted and offensive anti-Christian materials. The objectionable materials include:

  • This bill will take thought/hate crimes a step further to now teach words such as hate incident-which is defined as "harmful words or actions motivated by prejudice."
  • This includes institutionalized prejudice -- "prejudice that is widely accepted throughout a society, including in schools, workplaces, government and religious organizations."
    Other documents or curriculum funded include:
  • Teaching children to turn in their parents if they are "intolerant or prejudiced," concerning homosexuality.
  • Endorsing -- that it is age appropriate to teach kindergartners about sex-change operations.
    If the current version of HR1/S1 becomes law, schools will continue to use funds to carry out the curriculum mentioned above and more--all the while, excluding people of faith from its protection.

    Any opposition to homosexuality is considered "hate" and Christians and other religious groups will be persecuted for their views on homosexuality.

    There you have it -- Christianity on trial. Wouldn't you know that Senator Ted Kennedy, a Catholic, would be behind a bill that mocks God?! He and the bulk of the Democratic senators would NOT join the Republican senators to vote to override Clinton's veto of the killing of unborn babies, even while they are being born, the gruesome and barbaric partial-birth abortion.

    So, they want to promote tolerance, do they? How about being tolerant to Christians who do not pick and choose certain parts of the Holy Bible to live by? How about being tolerant to people who obey God and speak up against sin and evil, as the Bible tells us?

    Are we just supposed to ignore the following words from the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:27? "For their women have exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature, and in like manner the men also, having abandoned the natural use of the woman, have burned in their lusts, one toward another, men with men doing shameless things and receiving in themselves the fitting recompense of their perversity."

    If we do ignore the above, it IS the same as telling God, He doesn’t know what He's talking about. Show me a person, who would do that and I’ll show you a person, who is doomed to the fires of hell.

    Do Christians not deserve tolerance, or is tolerance, under the impending law, reserved just for sinners? Homosexuals have a choice. They can stop their sinful ways, as many have. Christians DON'T have a choice. We are told to help the sinner to find his way to God and to sin NO MORE. If we do not, it will also be OUR SIN.

    So, we MUST expose homosexuality for the morally deviant act that it is. If it makes us intolerant to sinners, then so be it. Why do we have to disobey and mock God, just so sinners will feel better in pursuit of their perverted sexual and abnormal lifestyle?

    Unless, Christians wake up and start getting involved in the protection of their faith, they will be playing right into the hand of satan, who wants all Christians to keep doing what they are doing -- NOTHING.

    If we honor God and oppose homosexuality as we are told in the Holy Scriptures, we have committed a hate crime, if certain elected officials have their way and this bill is passed.

    How in the heck is it possible that this bill could be introduced in a country that was founded on Christianity -- a bill that would make a Christian have to choose between God and the laws of their land -- ergo, the tenets of satan?

    How is it possible that a very small segment of our society -- the homosexuals could have such clout? Well, I do know how it's possible. It's because most Christians just sit back and keep swallowing all the garbage being fed to them by homosexuals -- by liberal Democratic politicians and the liberal media. You know -- they can't help it -- it's in the genes -- once gay, always gay.

    It's all a pack of LIES. They can change and thousands have changed. Homosexuality is ABNORMAL. It is NOT in the genes. Sodomy is sick and requires psychiatric care, that is if you can find a non-liberal psychiatrist who puts the health of his patients first and NOT his ideology. It is the same sickness that gives rise to pedophilia, sadism and masochism and bestiality. All are psychological disorders, in which sexual gratification is derived from perverted sexual acts.

    The sad part is that many Christians who are reading this will do nothing. They will not write to their elected officials in Congress. They will not even pick up the phone. Let the other guy do it, they'll rationalize. Or there goes Dr. Frank again on his crusade against the amoral politicians! You can think anything you want, however, I still feel that I have to say to these people of faith -- WAKE UP. I not only feel that way but have a duty before God to say it even if most of the bishops and priests won't.

    So I repeat again and again: Write and call your Congressman and Senator TODAY. Put God ahead of the disciples of satan. Your children and grandchildren deserve a life void of evil and disease. Yes, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases is MUCH higher in the homosexual lifestyle and I don't mean just AIDS. All this talk of anthrax is just a drop in the bucket compared to sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to the many STD's, the old dreaded disease of syphilis has been making a comeback. Note the following article:

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A significant rise in syphilis infections is being driven by gay men having unprotected sex with multiple partners, according to city public health officials.

        The number of infections more than doubled among gay and bisexual men from 2000, according to a report city officials will deliver Saturday at the Infectious Diseases Society of America meeting in San Francisco.

    As with the transmission of AIDS, the act of sodomy tears the lining of the rectum, causing bleeding, so ALL germs have easier access to the blood stream.

    But, of course, if one does not condone sin and the proliferation of germs which cause death, that person is intolerant. It seems that only the causations of diseases that are NOT associated with perverted sex acts can be spoken about without being intolerant.

    At one time sodomy was unlawful in most states -- presently in 16 states, but as our morals keep heading towards the cesspool, the law is not being enforced. It should be apparent to all, that a certain segment of our society -- mainly democrats -- don't give a damn about our health.

    Another example to prove my point that America's health has to take a back seat to uncommon sense and misguided ideology is the fact that the ACS (American Cancer Society) still will NOT warn women that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer. In congressional subcommittee hearings, the Democrats are dragging their feet on this life-saving information. And the liberal media will NOT touch it with a ten foot pole. After all, it is better that thousands of women die yearly, as a DIRECT result of having an abortion, than to harm the billion dollar abortion industry. To read about America's best kept secret and WHY abortions increase the risk, see dfjoseph/abortioncancer.html.

    Getting back to the bill in question, it is imperative that all conferees hear from their constituents immediately. Contact the following conferees by accessing their web sites at: and by calling (202) 224-3121 or Toll Free 877-762-8762 and urge them to SUPPORT THE RELIGIOUS PROTECTION LANGUAGE IN THE EDUCATION BILL -- S1, for Senators and HR1 for the House of Representatives.

    This which will curtail anti-Christian bigotry, by prohibiting the denigration, or undermining of the religious or moral beliefs of students and parents. In addition to contacting your elected official in your state, it wouldn't hurt to contact ALL of them. Start with the Democrats first, because, they are the party of “free choice to kill unborn children” and the party that “condones homosexuality.”

Senator: Republicans---Gregg (NH), Frist (TN), Enzi (WY), Hutchinson (AR), Warner (VA), Bond (MO), Roberts (KS), Collins (ME), Sessions (AL), DeWine (OH), Allard (CO), and Ensign(NV)

Democrats ---Kennedy (MA), Dodd (CT), Harkin (IA), Mikulski (MD), Bingaman (NM), Wellstone (MN), Murray (WA), Reed (RI), Edwards (NC), Clinton (NY), Lieberman (CT), and Bayh (IN)

Independent-- Jeffords (VT)

House: Republicans---Boehner (OH), Petri (WI), Roukema (NJ), McKeon (CA), Castle (DE), Graham x (SC), Hilleary (TN), and Isakson (GA)

Democrats---George Miller (CA), Kildee (MI), Owens (NY), Mink (HI), Andrews (NJ), and Roemer (IN)


    As I said earlier, you can just sit there passively and not do anything and then wonder what ever happened to your rights when the United States of America officially and 'legally' becomes Sodom and Gomorrah. Know this, you won't be able to say you didn't see it coming. God knows. He's asking when will you know, when will you realize your very serious responsibility as a member of the Church Militant? To do nothing is to slap Him in the face. Can you live with that?

Dr. Frank Joseph

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November 5-11, 2001
volume 12, no. 155
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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