May 24, 2001
volume 12, no. 130

Hope is a Heartbeat away!

    In today's column, I introduce you to another of our nation's "stand-outs" in the pro-life battle, Heartbeat International.

    Heartbeat International is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year and is one of few organizations in the movement that pre-date Roe vs. Wade. They have 680 affiliates in 49 states, Canada and 19 countries overseas, providing them with the education, training and support they need to serve daily on the front-line of the fight for life.

    Heartbeat International is an interdenominational Christian association of life-affirming pregnancy resource centers, medical clinics, maternity homes, and nonprofit adoption agencies that seek to create an environment where every human heart is cherished and protected - within the womb and within strong families. Please note that, like Pro Life Communications, they are an interdenominational organization, operated by mostly Catholic individuals.

    The ministry is dedicated to the purpose of establishing, developing, and supporting effective help centers all over the world. Heartbeat affiliates: offer concrete services and support to people who are experiencing or have experienced problem pregnancies; uphold the intrinsic value of every human life; and promote the special place of sexuality within marriage and children within strong families.

    Crisis-intervention services in Heartbeat affiliated centers include 24-hour hot lines, pregnancy testing and counseling, Host Homes, clothing, baby items, financial assistance, community referrals, helpline phone support, and abstinence counseling. Long-term and follow-up services for clients and their families in Heartbeat affiliated centers include medical care, post-abortion support groups, parenting classes and other educational programs, adoption support groups, single-parent support groups, day care for clients in schooling, licensed maternity homes, licensed adoption services, professional counseling, school and community-based abstinence education programs.

    All services are offered either free or at a very cost-effective rate to clients as we strive to fulfill our mission of creating an environment where every heart is cherished and protected. Services are delivered primarily by dedicated volunteers, although some affiliates have small, paid staffs.

    Pro Life Communications has worked closely with this organization for two years now and I can honestly say that Heartbeat is my favorite. We have had the honor and pleasure of being a part of their last two conventions and each time, I have left their convention a better person. The feeling in the room at their conventions is indescribable, but let me try and explain it. When you meet an individual who is a full time volunteer or employee at a crisis pregnancy center you get the feeling immediately that you are in the presence of God's love. The warmth and compassion that comes along with a person who dedicates their life, time, talents, resources to protect God's littlest ones is overwhelmingly obvious. Now times this by 500 and you will have some idea of the feeling and excitement on the floor of a Heartbeat International convention.

    We thank God for our affiliation with Heartbeat International. I urge you to look into their ministry further. Please follow this link to their web site

    Do you feel that God is calling you to the pro-life army? If so, I challenge you to contact Heartbeat International and ask them to assign you as a volunteer at a center in your area! Here is their e-mail address Their Phone number is (614) 885-7577.

    Also, in the name of His children that Heartbeat works so hard to save, please consider donating to Heartbeat International.

    No other investment could have a more dramatic return!

    If you have the means to donate to Heartbeat International, please send your tax-deductible donations to

    Heartbeat International
    665 E. Dublin-Granville RD
    Suite 440
    Columbus, OH 43229.
    If you are not able to donate to Heartbeat International at this time, I ask that you pray for their success, that our Heavenly Father abundantly bless their ministry. It is the success of organizations like Heartbeat International that hold the key to ending this holocaust!

Joe and Jane Dalton

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May 24, 2001
volume 12, no. 130
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