May 23, 2001
volume 12, no. 129

The depth of warped logic!

    Several weeks ago, I phoned congressman Frank Pallone, a pro-abort Catholic from the state of New Jersey. I wanted him to know about the series being run in The DAILY CATHOLIC, titled HEROD'S HEROES, which exposes all Catholic pro-abort politicians. That particular day, he WAS Herod’s Hero.

    Since the congressman was unavailable and also his press secretary, I asked the person who answered the phone, a man, if he ever heard of The DAILY CATHOLIC. He said, no. I then proceeded to tell him about the web site -- gave the URL and The DAILY CATHOLIC’s position -- that Pallone, a Catholic, has incurred automatic excommunication for his anti-Catholic views on abortions. I mentioned that he believes that a woman should have the right to have her unborn baby killed, if she so chooses; that he is setting a bad example for his Catholic constituents. Not just a bad example, scandal!

    Many Catholics think, since people like Pallone and other Catholic politicians who condone and propagate these atrocities and even vote against life issues, are not excommunicated by their Bishops, then they too, could accept the proposition that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if it would make her life easier. 98% of all abortions are done for convenience sake.

    I mentioned that there were many Catholics signing a petition that was going directly to Pope John Paul II if Pallone does not repent by Pentecost Sunday -- that is, if his Bishop doesn’t excommunicate him by then.

    Pallone's representative said that he also was a Catholic and also pro-choice. I said, “I always wanted to talk to a Catholic who was pro-choice. I wanted to know how they think.” I then, proceeded to ask him -- “then, you also believe that a woman should have the right to have her unborn baby killed, if she so chooses?” He hesitated -- apparently my wording, which was the truth, caught him by surprise. He finally said that he will abide by the decision of the Supreme Court.

    I said that his pro-abortion stance was against the Doctrine of the Catholic Church and also makes a mockery of the Commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” He said that a woman should be able to have a choice, because the Supreme Court said so.

    I said, “if the Supreme Court said that it was also legal to pick up a gun and shoot and kill someone, would you still honor their decision?” I told him that in the Supreme Court’s majority opinion in Roe Vs Wade, they even acknowledged that it was unsure when human life begins. That was 28 years ago and now, there is no question that human life begins at conception.

    When the sperm fertilizes the egg -- the DNA is now set -- you have a human being and there is absolutely no doubt about it. That the only difference between an unborn baby, a born baby, adolescent, or adult was just time.

    He said -- that’s your opinion. I said, it’s not just my opinion -- there’s not a scientist in the entire world, who could deny that human life begins at conception.

    All along and during this conversation, I’m thinking to myself -- how could this guy be a Catholic? He just refuses to accept the truth. He said an unborn baby is not a person until born and takes his first breath. I said, then why not kill the baby after birth, but before he/she takes his/her first breath, since most babies don’t exit the womb breathing? Most need to be stimulated. There would be plenty of time to kill the baby after birth, but before his/her first breath. According to your logic, then that would be just fine with you -- is that correct?

    This question knocked him for a loop. He changed the subject and again went back to his going along with the Supreme Court decision.

    I told him that the Supreme Court Decision was abominable and their thinking was flawed and the Supreme Court has been known to make errors in the past. I mentioned the Dred Scott Decision, when they said that Blacks are not complete human beings -- just as unborn babies are not considered complete human beings.

    He said, then why are so many people pro-choice? I said that’s an easy question to answer. It’s because the morals of our country are now in the cesspool. Self-indulgence is paramount -- human life has become expendable. Because of the killing of unborn babies -- 1.4 million every year, the perception that life is cheap abounds in our society and it rubs off on the children, who are killing each other at an alarming rate. I told him again, to go to the web site of The DAILY CATHOLIC and read about Herod’s Heroes and show it to the congressman.

    He said that The DAILY CATHOLIC is nothing but propaganda. Now, mind you, he had never visited the site and yet, for want of anything better to say, he knocked the site. This is typical of pro-choicers. If facts and logic are failing, then attack with lies. He also said that the Catholic Church is not always right and neither is the Pope and that he differs with the Church on certain issues.

    I had spent about 15 minutes on the phone with this so-called Catholic and it was obvious that nothing was going to sway him from his views -- almost as if someone had a gun to his head and said, “do not be confused by the truth. Do not respect the Doctrine of the Catholic Church, or else." But, of course there was no gun to his head, but there was something worse -- satan was in his head. How else can one explain, why a person brought up a Catholic, sees no evil in the killing of God’s precious children?

    After I finished talking to him and knowing that this is how a pro-choice Catholic thinks and that 53% of Catholics voted for Al Gore to be president, knowing full well that he was a pro-abort and would as president, veto, as Bill Clinton did, the ban on partial-birth abortions, I was in semi-shock. I just sat for about 5 minutes, reflecting on the conversation -- unable to do anything.

    Where do Catholics pick up these satanist views? Where are the priests -- where are the Bishops? I know in our parish, they hardly ever talk about the killing of unborn babies and when they do -- it’s always that the Catholic Church is for the sanctity of human life. Talk is cheap. Never, who to vote for, which is why Catholics lead the nation in voting for pro-abort candidates and Catholic women have a higher abortion rate than Protestants. Maybe we should get Protestant ministers to give sermons in Catholic Churches.

    If only Catholic politicians adhered to the Doctrine of their own Church and believe God when He says, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” this would be a wonderful country. There would be enough votes in congress to outlaw abortions on demand. We would again be a Godly and civilized nation.

    A while later, when Congressman David Obey of Wisconsin, also a Catholic, made Herod’s List, the press secretary was in. I gave her the same message. She laughed, which startled me. I asked, “why are you laughing?” She said, “we get that all the time.” -- meaning the excommunication part. I did not stay on the phone very long with her, except to give the URL and a brief explanation. Her laugh was still ringing in my ears.

    You would think, this alone would make the Bishops comply with Canon Law and send these contaminating congressmen/women back to their master-- satan. Or maybe the Bishops enjoy being laughed at.

    Folks, that sums it up right there. These pro-abort Catholic politicians laugh at the Bishops and the Catholic Church. They know the Bishops do not have the “guts” to excommunicate them, so they ignore God and the commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Come to think of it, most ignore all of His commandments! They condone and promote the gravest sin of all -- the killing of human beings.

    Our ONLY hope, is if the Bishops follow Canon Law and excommunicate these followers of satan -- these so called Catholic politicians, who have sold their souls to the prince of darkness for political gain.

    "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his soul?"

    Isn’t it odd that about 95% of all Catholic pro-abort politicians are in the Democratic party. It is common knowledge that if one wants to climb the Democratic political ladder, he/she MUST adhere to the Democratic platform, which embraces the proposition that women should have the right to have their babies killed if they so choose. Al Gore at one time was pro-life, but it was not conducive to rise in this party that satan has chosen to infiltrate.

    I have said in the past and I must repeat it -- the Democratic party has got to be satan’s pride and joy. How thrilled satan must be that he has the Catholic politicians in his hip pocket. The Church founded by Jesus Christ is running second to the Evangelicals in the fight to save the lives of unborn babies. Who would have thought it? Frankly, it makes me sick. If only the Bishops would be as committed to saving the lives of God’s children as their Protestant counterparts, the killing of unborn babies would soon be history.

    Because of the pathetic effort by the Catholic Bishops to speak out and have the parish priests give constant sermons, condemning the killing of unborn babies and tell the parishioners that to be pro-choice is to condone and propagate sin. And if one condones and propagates sin, he/she will NOT enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

    And please, Bishops and priests, do NOT use the word abortion. It is “the killing of unborn babies.” The pro-choicers/pro-aborts must sugar coat their agenda -- you don’t have to. YOU can tell the truth. Is there a reason, why Catholics CANNOT hear this at Sunday Mass? There is NO issue as important as the killing of innocent children.

    There is a reason for Canon Law -- if the contaminated sheep are not removed, the entire flock WILL be contaminated. This, my dear folks, is what has been happening over the years.

    Now, the Bishops have to move swiftly. 4,000 babies are killed everyday. 1.4 million every year. They have to make up for lost time and they better ask God’s forgiveness for their pitiful pro-life effort.

    They have to send a message, loud and clear that the Catholic Church will no longer tolerate any politician, who sees no evil in the killing of God’s precious children. Nor will the Bishops tolerate any priest with these same liberal satanist views. Catholics will return to the Church in droves, once their Bishops are perceived to be 100% on the side of God. Right now -- they ARE NOT.

    To the readers of this column, who are predominately Catholic -- what are YOU going to do about it? There are things you can do. Michael Cain, the editor of The DAILY CATHOLIC, has outlined them for you. Or are you just going to just sit around and let the other guy do it and take your chances when you’re ready to meet your Maker?

    You CANNOT take to your grave, any miserable effort to save God’s precious babies. He knows your efforts and you better have an outstanding excuse for doing nothing in helping to bring an end to the worse holocaust in the history of mankind -- the killing of unborn babies. I truly believe that your very soul is on the line if you fail to respond fully for life!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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May 23, 2001
volume 12, no. 129
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