March 7, 2001
volume 12, no. 66

Clinton: Moses or Pharoah?

    Democrat Julian Epstein, the chief minority council for the House Judiciary Committee said that Clinton, walking through the crowds in Harlem was like Moses parting the Red Sea. Can you imagine that -- Clinton compared to Moses. Is anything sacred to Democrats?

    Ah yes, the spinmasters of Clinton are all over the Media trying to desensitize the American people from Clinton’s latest self-serving atrocious decision -- his late hour pardon of Marc Rich. The fact that Rich was a fugitive from justice and on the FBI’s list of the 10 most wanted, made no difference to Clinton.

    Morris “Sandy” Weinberg who is a Democrat and prosecuted the case, said that he was shocked and outraged when Clinton pardoned Rich. He said, “Our Justice department had a very strong case against Rich. It was the biggest tax fraud in the History of the United States. He made a hundred million dollars of illegal money. He laundered the profits outside of the United States. He evaded 48 million dollars in taxes. When he was indicted, he fled the country and renounced his citizenship. He traded with Iran while they were holding Americans hostage.”

    It appears that Rich’s million dollar contribution to Clinton’s political career, through his ex-wife, and the 400,000 dollar contribution to the Clinton library meant more to Clinton than justice.

    This is the man that Blacks are enamored with. Yes, it’s that same old story -- money talks. Where is the Black Caucus? Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Why aren’t they angry at Clinton for pardoning a white billionaire who fled to another country to escape prosecution, while many Blacks, who couldn’t pay for high price lawyers are languishing in prison serving sentences non-commensurate to their crimes. At least people might accept this. It is for this reason that presidential pardons are in place. NOT for a fugitive from justice.

    Instead Blacks act as if Clinton is their savior. Under Clinton’s presidency, 3.5 million Black children have been killed under the guise of an abortion and thousands of Black woman got breast cancer needlessly. Thousands of other Black women, suffer the many complications of having their babies killed, such as ruptured uterus, hemorrhage, sterility, infection, premature deliveries in subsequent pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse and death.

    No, Clinton was NOT the savior of the Black community. He was their nemesis. He cared nothing about their health. It is a mystery to me -- why Blacks put Clinton on a pedestal. Someone, write to me and tell me one good thing Clinton did for Blacks. I would really like to know.

    What is this love affair that Blacks have with Clinton and the entire Democratic party? They voted en masse -- 90% for Gore. Just what has the party of satan done for Blacks? One of the most noteworthy legislations passed during the Clinton/Gore reign was one that adversely affected Blacks -- welfare reform.

    The Black Caucus was outraged. Did they go to their constituents and say, “Clinton is a low down double-crosser? He’s taking the food out of your babies’ mouths -- start voting Republican.” No, on the contrary, the Black leaders in Congress, along with The Rev. Jesse, (oops -- make that just plain Jesse Jackson, because he certainly acts as if there is no God, as evidenced by his pro-abortion stance, especially since at one time he was pro-life -- and by his philandering), love Clinton even more.

    However, it is widely known that being pro-life is not conducive to climbing the Democratic political ladder. So, he switched and what else is new -- don’t they all switch? Remember Gore and Clinton. The party is more important than God.

    Why would you allow your race to dwindle down? Black leaders exhibit a resounding indifference to the fact that it is Black women who suffer disproportionately from abortions.

    Blacks comprise about 12 percent of the US population, yet Black woman are sold roughly 25 percent of abortions. But most disturbing is this fact that Black women account for at least 50 percent of known abortion deaths. (Of abortion deaths identified by Life Dynamics, Black women accounted for 50 percent of deaths in which the race was known; a CDC study found the death rate among Black women to be even higher.)

    This bears repeating: A young Black woman is twice as likely to be sold an abortion as a young white woman, and once she gets on the abortion table, she is at least twice as likely to suffer fatal complications as a white woman.

    More to the point, a Black woman coming of age in the U.S. is at least four times more likely to die from abortion complications than a white woman coming of age.

    Is it because they're more likely to be public pay patients, who have a higher rate of abortion complications? Is it because they tend to have fewer financial resources than Whites, and therefore are more likely to fall prey to cut-rate abortion mills? Is it because they get even poorer care than their white sisters at the hands of racist abortionists? Nobody knows because, to my knowledge, nobody is asking.

    Is this what Blacks want? I wonder why the Black Caucus, Jackson and Sharpton haven’t gotten this message out to Blacks. Why haven’t they told Blacks that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer. A study published in the Journal of the National Medical Association (December 1993) traced the breast cancer experience of about 1,000 black women (500 with breast cancer, 500 without) as they grew older.

    The Howard University Tumor Registry Experience confirmed that the risks of breast cancer increased much more for women who had aborted than for those who had not. This fine study found the same overall 50% increased risk factor for women under 40 who had aborted. But black women now in their 40s who had aborted experienced a 180% increased risk. The risk jumped to a whopping 370% for black women over 50 who had aborted

    We know that ALL women, who have abortions increase their risk of getting breast cancer, but this particular study was done at a Black university and one would think that this knowledge was known, or should have been known by any well informed and compassionate Black leader.

    It boggles my mind, why Blacks allow the likes of Jackson and Sharpton to influence their thinking. There is NO thinking when you vote for a party, whose platform embraces the killing of human beings, especially when your race is at the top of the list.

    There is NO thinking when the health of Black women has to take a back seat to the almighty party.

    There is NO thinking when one doesn't want their taxes lowered, so they can keep more of their own hard earned money to do with as they wish.

    Since the Democratic party is the party of abortions, why do Black leaders continue to praise this party, which has been taken over by the prince of darkness, especially since Blacks suffer disproportionately from abortions? Why do Black leaders put their party above the health of their own people?

    Black leaders should be telling their people that neither Clinton, or Jackson or Sharpton are Moses at all, Mr. Epstein, but rather pharoahs who imprison their people to build them temporal temples of riches. What the Blacks need is a leader who will truly be a Moses and not be afraid to stand up and say: “let’s get the heck out of the Democratic party - THEY'RE KILLING US.”

Dr. Frank Joseph

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March 7, 2001
volume 12, no. 66
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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