Week of December 22-28, 2000
volume 11, nos. 269-275


CATHOLIC PewPOINT for Friday-Thursday, December 22-28, 2000

A Gift that keeps on giving for Life!

        It is with great joy and humility that we share the tremendous success of The DAILY CATHOLIC. This past week, as our Daily Shiplogs indicate, we went over 9 million hits for this Jubilee Year and 16 million visits since we went on-line daily on All Saints Day in 1997. We reached these plateaus on the very same day George W. Bush, who has promised to uphold the culture of life platform, cleared the final hurdle to affirm him President-elect in the Electoral College - December 18, 2000. The difference is millions upon millions were spent for Bush to reach his goal; for us not one penny has been spent in reaching our milestone. It has truly been by the grace of the Holy Spirit and God's Holy Will that this apostolate's publication touches so many souls in over 120 nations around the world.

        To keep this ministry going, we depend solely on donations to The DAILY CATHOLIC. As you know, if you have followed this publication, we have refrained from advertising banners or anything like that to first, keep The DAILY CATHOLIC pure of clutter from ads; that is one reason we never subscribed to the link exchange banner program. Secondly, we have refrained from carrying ads because we have to be so careful that what we promote is in full union with the Will of God and His Holy Church. However, ad revenue is another way that can supplement The DAILY CATHOLIC as the expenses grow. We feel we have secured two clients that are win-win situations for all and therefore are proud to associate this publication with them. The first one we will share with you today, the second will be sometime early next year.

        For those who have faithfully read this publication and for loyal Catholics everywhere, we are committed body, mind and soul to the advancement of the Sanctity of Life in every stage. Therefore, when we heard about Pro-Life Communications and the dedicated, committed couple that head this company, we not only took notice but subscribed wholeheartedly to their excellent program. It is so good we want to share it with all of you and, in the process, we all benefit in many ways.

        First of all, when any one is pitching something these days one becomes automatically skeptical because we all have been inundated with sales pitches and bargains too good to be true. How many out there haven't been called by AT&T, MCI, Sprint, ad nauseum at the dinner hour offering these great rates without telling you two things: There's a catch, and they all contribute to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry! Therefore, when we started doing some research into Pro-Life Communications, we were enthusiastically surprised and excited.

        As we have learned so vividly over these past ten years, God works in mysterious and wondrous ways. On October 20th we received an e-mail from Joe Dalton and his wife Jane. Their story awakened us to how the laity is working in many areas and the vast opportunities available. Yes, the world needs more Joe and Jane Daltons. They are the founders of Pro Life Communications and it is their faith in their Catholic Faith that has made it possible. Joe is the youngest son of Reverend Mr. Michael H. Dalton, who was a long-time beloved deacon at St. Monica's Church in St. Louis. His father passed on to his Heavenly reward on the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica of Rome - November 9th. Joe and Jane celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary with him at home the night before. Joe gave a stirring tribute to his dad during the overflowing, inspirational and uplifting funeral Mass. Both Joe and Jane, parents of seven young children, left lucrative careers to carry out God's Will for them and those who uphold the Sanctity of Life against the growing menace of the culture of death. He has said, in all humility, that he was the last one who thought he would follow in his father's footsteps in answering God's call. As he says, "Who would have believed it?"

        Joe tells his story better than we could put into words and so I share with you his heart: "In June of 1997, while on a flight from Memphis to St. Louis, God called my wife and I to start this ministry. The calling was unmistakable and it came down in tremendous detail (including technical terms from our industry that I did not know the definition.) I guess I should say God called me, because when I first explained all of this to my bride, she wasn't with me. Her most famous response to the situation was 'God doesn't call people to do things they know nothing about.' I will not bore you with the list that I gave her to re-buff that statement, but the theme of course was that 'God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.' The biggest issue was that in order to implement the plan, we had to sacrifice our successful careers. We had a very comfortable life and the list of responsibilities along with financial need that comes with having a large family today is quite immense. The next Sunday, while in prayer, I told God that I didn't think I could do it alone and asked Him to somehow wake Jane up. Wow, did He ever!"

        Since the mission of the ministry of MIR-A-CALL Center and The DAILY CATHOLIC came by way of God's calling in the same mystical manner, we can greatly appreciate Jane's skepticism and Joe's assuredness. In our case, Cyndi first believed and I was the skeptic, practically daring God to prove it. He did and I humbly joined Cyndi in following His call just as Joe and Jane have done as we continue their story from Joe's point of view: "The next day, Jane, who was a sales representative for an advertising firm, stopped in to visit an old customer. There was no real reason for her to stop because she knew that an advertising budget was not in their business plan for several more years. She walked in and over to one of the owners and the owner said, 'can I help you?' Jane said, 'Nancy, it's me, Jane.' She was excited to see her and exclaimed that she didn't recognize her because she no longer had long hair. Just then, Nancy squealed, 'Oh my God, you are the friend that I would not recognize! I don't know how spiritual you are, Jane, but I have a message for you.' She explained that God had never spoken to her before, but while in church Sunday God gave her a message and clearly stated that it was for a friend that she would not recognize. She opened her Bible where she wrote the message and read to Jane, 'Somewhere between your vision and impossibility, I will provide the way. Go...Travel on.' Since then, my bride has been with me."

        To make a long story short, through thick and thin Joe and Jane persevered, guided by the Holy Spirit in forming a national long-distance telephone company and a national filtered internet provider that would donate 100% of its net profits to life-affirming organizations in giving back to God. They started in January 1999 and since then have been blessed with over 350 Christian and life-affirming organizations nationwide, many Catholic. Their most recent projections indicate their ministry of Pro Life Communications will donate $14.8 million dollars to the cause of the Sanctity of Life over the next three years. Joe affirms that by 2009, they will be donating at the rate of $72 million dollars per year. That is stunning to say the least.

        But what is even more incredible is the fact that where other fund-raising programs such as LifeLine or Affinity donate 5% to 10% of the long-distance usage to a ministry of choice, Pro-Life Communications designates 100% of the net profits to the ministry of choice; in this case The DAILY CATHOLIC. This figures out to about 20 to 30% of the long-distance usage going to the ministry such as The DAILY CATHOLIC. That amount is what Pro Life Communications would net in profits. Like MIR-A-CALL Center and The DAILY CATHOLIC, Joe and Jane's Pro Life Communcations is not in it for the money but for souls. The most important souls are the unborn who don't have the God-given free will to choose. These are victims of the Holocaust of the Womb and God cares deeply for them, so much so that He called Joe to help Pro Life organizations who promote the Sanctity of Life as God and His Church teach in reaching more souls so that, one by one, we can change the attitude of the world and win countless more souls to God.

        However, every ministry has expenses and we are no exception. This is one way we can continue and expand without you having to donate directly. Just think, the money you are throwing away right now with your current long-distance carrier could go instead to a worthy ministry such as ours without you ever paying a penny more in donations. As Joe confirms, "Without a doubt, the underlining fact that sets us apart from all other phone companies is that we are a Pro Life organization first and a phone company second." That doesn't mean they don't know their business. They utilize the services of QWEST, a high quality fiber-optic network with no ties to abortion groups unlike AT&T, Sprint, MCI and that ilk. Plus Pro Life Communications utilizes PowerNetGlobal for billing and customer service. PowerNetGlobal or PNG is an added plus because it is also operated by a strong Pro Life owner.

        But if you need help, indeed, one of the greatest advantages you can have in signing up with Pro Life Communications is that when you call them, you actually get a person on the other end, not a maize of numbers and divisions that swallow you up in impatient frustration. In fact, you can even call Joe himself and reach him at his toll-free number 1-877-878-LIFE. Just remember 877-TRU-LIFE. Joe and Jane don't put up a wall around them like CEO's of all the other phone companies. If you're like us you have had it after so many run-ins with your phone company about this charge or that charge, about fees that are hidden, about "off time" and "peak time" - the whole bait and switch scheme where they advertise five or six cents a minute but don't tell you that there are strings attached that always cost you much more than you expected. Just like in the auto business, it's called sticker shock when you get your bill.

        That will never happen with Pro Life Communications. The beautiful thing about Pro Life Communications is that you have one rate all the time - 8.9 cents a minute for all interstate calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and no monthly fees or minimum usage requirements! In addition they bill in 6 second increments so they don't round it out to the next minute as all the major phone companies do. As Joe states without apology, "We have no other motivation besides supporting life. No other phone company can make that statement or has embraced the Pro Life movement with this level of commitment. This fact changes the bottom line drastically. Rather than the '10% of the phone bill' that other companies offer, we donate on average 20 to 30% of the phone bill, or more specifically, all of our company's net profits."

        In addition, this service is not just for the United States but for our international readers as well for Pro Life Communications provides a callback service worldwide with great rates and the same donation ratio back to The DAILY CATHOLIC as in America! To find out more about international service, see International Services.

        We have researched Pro Life Communications thoroughly and received glowing referrals and testimonies to their standards and practice. Therefore, we are so excited that, if you'll notice, we have been promoting it in our Pro Life section in each issue. Now, as a special Christmas bonus and gift to you we are making this outstanding offer: We are so convinced that you will be happy with Pro Life Communications that we will send you absolutely FREE, as our gift to you, a copy of the book "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..." just for signing up and staying with Pro Life Communcations for a year. By then you'll wonder why you never switched to Pro Life Communications earlier. But then, God works in His time and now we can help you as you help us. This book, a $33 value and handsome coffee table type book containing all 634 messages imparted by Our Lord and His Blessed Mother to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart between 1990 and the Solemnity of Corpus Christi in 1995, is more pertinent than ever as many of what Our Lady foretold has already occurred and continues to unfold in this new millennium. In many of the messages to Cyndi, Our Lady and her Divine Son speak directly to the abortion issue and call on God's little ones to do all in their power to uphold and promote the Sanctity of Life. The union between Pro Life Communications and The DAILY CATHOLIC are a perfect mix to carry this out.

        All you need to do is go to the Pro Life Communications site at or call Joe direct at 636-916-LIFE, extension 12 or e-mail him at and he'll be more than glad to help you in whatever questions you might have. All you have to do is give your name, address and telephone number and he does the rest. In fact, Pro Life Communications even reimburses your changeover transfer fee that is usually charged by your local phone company. You can't beat that!

       In addition to voice phone, you might be interested in securing a reliable internet provider and kiss AOL goodbye forever. By checking out Pro Life Communications you'll get more information about an Internet Provider which offers easy-to-use high speed dial-up access, security, 24 hour tech support with a toll free number, nationwide service and, most importantly for families, a filtering and screening program that blocks out sites that are pornographic, illegal, violent or promote anything contrary to God's Laws. They even provide the ability for subscribers to report offensive sites in an effort to eliminate the filth. With it you get unlimited internet access, six e-mail accounts, 5MB of space, support for any computer you have, ISDN and DSL connections available and much more in this filtered internet access program. All for only $21.95 a month. And, yes, with this internet service all net profits are donated back as well. You can't beat that either!

        Go ahead and search around if you have the time and patience. But, if you're like us, you're fed up with the empty promises where you never get what you were offered by a third party caller and definitely never get the same person when you call about your billing. What you get is the proverbial run-around and no one deserves that. Pro Life Communications is a throw-back to that old-fashioned service-oriented, ethical, hard-working, 'Mom and Pop' firm of the fifties with all the advantages and know-how of this modern, technological age. They put it all in black and white for you, and, best of all, are your friend as well as your phone company. Yes, as we said before, you can even talk to Joe!

        Once you sign up, Joe will contact us and we will send you this special book absolutely free, because your signing up will help us immensely in continuing our ministry of promoting the truths and traditions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and the paramount importance of the Sanctity of Life. What's in it for you? A phone company that cares, a phone company you can contact anytime and talk to someone - not a voice message, a phone company that guarantees not one red cent goes to promoting anything contrary to God's Laws. In addition, you get great rates at easy-to-understand billing, and, most importantly, the peace of mind of knowing you are helping others - in particularly The DAILY CATHOLIC in keeping the flame of Love and Truth glowing brighter and reaching out into the darkness. The 20% above the 10% that normally is swallowed up in administrative expenses and fat cat salaries, not to mention contributions to abortion interests, instead goes directly to The DAILY CATHOLIC through Pro Life Communications. You get a great rate and contribute at the same time. The higher your usage, the more you contribute without ever costing you more than your current rate! In fact, if you have any of the big three phone companies, your rates will definitely be lower! And all you have to do is what Joe and Jane, what Cyndi and I, and so many other devoted souls throughout the world have said when God calls: "Yes!" Just call him or e-mail him or go to their web site and follow the easy instructions. It's that simple.

        It doesn't get any easier than that, folks. God is laying it all out for you to switch your phone company and support His commandments, values and this ministry at the same time. Plus you'll receive the inspiring "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..." How can you go wrong? We guarantee you can't. And we also guarantee that if you follow your heart, follow what God is asking, you too will receive the graces Joe and Jane received and not be afraid to take that next step. Right now, that step is signing up with Pro Life Communications. By doing so, you have a guarantee that you'll be set for Life with a Christmas gift that keeps on giving for Life!

Michael Cain, editor

Reminder: You can reach Joe or Jane directly at 1-877-TRU-LIFE or e-mail Joe at or check the great services, rate and benefits out at

    To quote a very successful advertising campaign slogan: "You'll be glad you did!"

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