January 20, 2001
volume 12, no. 20

" they are no longer two, but one flesh" Matthew 19: 6

The Keys to Rediscovering the Sanctity of Life through the Charism of Conjugal Love

by Michael and Cyndi Cain

Lesson Thirteen:

Putting the "Vitae" back in "Humanae Vitae"
part one: We reap what we have sown

    It is so interesting that those who fought the principles and virtues laid down by Pope Paul VI in his excellent and vital encyclical "Humanae Vitae" in 1968 are now reaping they they have sown. In truth, they deserve the bed they are lying in now for ignoring and demonizing this holy Vicar of Christ. His Holiness was a true visionary in his writings and yet, he was called "out of touch," "old-fashioned" or worse, a "celibate old coot who knew nothing about sex." These same accusations have been hurled at our present Sovereign Pontiff Pope John Paul II. But then, Our Lord said we would be persecuted for the truth.

    For the past 33 years we have been inundated by just what Paul VI warned us of. Looking back, Paul VI could see Roe vs. Wade coming long before anyone else. He could see God being squeezed out of the schools and questioned in the home. He was greatly saddened by the growing liberality towards a blatant exposure to sex in all the wrong places. He could see the modernists' agenda towards tolerating sin, but not grace. Yes, contrary to what many Scribes and Pharisees outside and within the Church said, he was not one couped up in an ivory tower in a corner of the Vatican. He knew intuitively what was needed because he was touched by the Spirit - the Holy Spirit.

    After the charismatic reign of Pope John XXIII who many labeled "liberal" where, in truth, he really wasn't, Paul VI was regarded as an ultra-conservative who knew little of or rejected anything charismatic. Again, nothing could be further from the truth for Paul VI was indeed charismatic in the truest sense. This word has been badly misunderstood and maligned. Charismatic is a derivative of the word "charisma" which is Greek for "gift." The Church itself is a "gift of grace" from God given freely by Jesus (cf. Matthew 16: 17-19). In fact, if you take all charisms out of the Church, you are left with nothing! Ergo, we are all charismatic in the sense that we accept and use these gifts as God wills. A true charismatic is not one who waves his arms, or speaks in tongues, or revs up the congregation, or shouts out "Amen" or "Praise God" during the Mass. No, a true charismatic is one who listens to the promptings of the Advocate, often in a whisper and follows the Blessed Virgin Mary's wise counsel - "Do whatever He tells you" (John 2: 5).

    With this in mind we can see in retrospect the true charismatic nature of Paul VI as well as John Paul II today. And we can see the charisms Paul VI was bestowing in his encyclical. Yet so many refused the gifts. It was akin to being presented a gift from your parents and throwing it right back in their face saying, "you don't know what's right for me." It pained Paul greatly at the rejection, not personally, but because he cared so deeply for the souls of the faithful. He could see the implosion of the holy Sacrament of Marriage and the family unit from the sexual revolution begun in the early sixties and the loosening of morals and values. As the worthy shepherd of the universal Church he did all he could to warn us. As we all know, the majority didn't listen and for it we are paying for our sins.

    We are paying for it through the increasing number of AIDS patients and deaths. We are paying for it through the spiraling number of abortions. We are paying for it through the tolerance of sodomy. We are paying for it through the destruction of the family in every way. We are paying for it through the acceptance of adultery and cohabitation where accountability is no more. We are paying for it through the disrespect for authority at all levels. We are paying for it through the ever increasing divorces and broken families. We are paying for it, literally with our tax dollars, in accommodating the sinner to allow him to continue to sin in supporting programs that promote contraception, needles for drug addicts, abortion funding, and all the other aberrations that are stashed in so many carefully-couched legislative bills that have been passed, especially during the sordid, unethical Clinton administration. We have paid for it in our entire value system where lust has become commonplace; chastity and the sacredness of the marriage bond regarded as outmoded. We have paid for it by pushing the mothers out of the home and making them work because of feminist ideals that have imprisoned woman in the cell of self. We have paid for it by funding and encouraging psychological disorders that have been trumped up to cowtow to ego and escape. We have paid for it by desensitizing civilization to the values of the Ten Commandments. We have paid for it by enhancing hate, wars, murder, and the politics of personal destruction. And these are merely the punishments in the world.

    The Church herself has suffered greatly for this. Those most responsible for failing to carry out Paul's decree are the bishops who fence-sat instead of energetically backing the Bishop of Rome; the shepherds of the dioceses world-wide who feared rocking the boat rather than rowing in tune with their Pontiff; the prelates who felt they would lose members of the congregation and more importantly the financial pipeline many of the well-to-do parishioners might cut off if they were forced to follow Church teaching. Yes, the bishops, as a whole, caved and, because of that, the domino effect was in vogue. If the bishop wasn't going to impress the importance and necessity of following "Humanae Vitae", then the pastors weren't going to force the issue. If they weren't going to enforce it, then their flocks weren't going to bring it up. In truth everyone has passed the buck.

    We strongly recommend the book "Bright Promise, Failed Community - Catholics and the American Public Order" by Joseph A. Varacalli to understand how we arrived at the point where Catholics dared to challenge the counsel of the Pope. You can obtain the book by calling the toll-free number 1-800-462-6420.

    In the next lesson, we will bring you the second part of this as we delve into various areas where the Church has been crippled by her failure to follow Paul VI's counsel.

NEXT WEEK: Lesson Fourteen: part two: Putting the "Vitae" back in "Humanae Vitae" - We reap what we sow


January 6, 2001
volume 12, no. 6
AT ONE WITH GOD - Special Series on Conjugal Love in attaining Oneness with God

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