January 6, 2001
volume 12, no. 6

" they are no longer two, but one flesh" Matthew 19: 6

The Keys to Rediscovering the Sanctity of Life through the Charism of Conjugal Love

by Michael and Cyndi Cain

Lesson Eleven:

The Charism begins with the Challenge to Love and Obey

    His Holiness Pope Paul VI wrote of Conjugal Love in 1968 in his excellent encyclical "Humanae Vitae", "It is false to think, then, that marriage results from chance or from the blind course of natural forces. Rather, God the Creator wisely and providently established marriage with the intent that He might achieve His Own design of love through Men. Therefore, through mutual self-giving, which is unique and exclusive to them, spouses seek a communion of persons. Through this communication, the spouses perfect each other so that they might share with God the task of procreating and educating new living beings."

    Beautiful, meaningful words that largely went unheard, ignored, even defied. Our great Pontiff John Paul II continues to call the world to love and obey through his many documents and entire pontificate. Yet so many ignore God's Holy Will opting for the fleeting pleasures of the world, the flesh and the devil. An indication of this is that Bill Clinton and the Holy Father tied as the most popular people in the world. Talk about opposite polars. This chasm must be spanned by love, the kind of love the Popes have expressed in their teaching, not the kind Clinton has expressed in his actions. The former is the way God intended love; the latter is the way satan intended lust.

    This lust permeates our society today in every way it can, often very subliminally. Civilization today has become more and more immune to the dangers that result from violating the Sixth and Ninth Commandments. In so doing man has minimized the role of both husband and wife, by mixing these roles with one notable exception - that of procreation. And even in this, society is working toward methods of conception that defy the natural order, and lean even now toward the man-made "creation" of cloned human beings - soulless persons.

    That is why those entering into the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony, those who have begun married life, must be brought to a fullness of knowledge of the true meaning of conjugal love…and the obedience it implies in the life of husband and wife. From all eternity God intended that after the Creation of Adam and Eve, His children would come from the act of conjugal love, an act so sacred, so miraculous, that to trivialize it (as society has done and seems to degrade it with greater ferocity every year) is to slap God in the face.

    But to understand the meaning of married love is to be obedient to the Will of the Father, and by that obedience, to find the fullness of love, both human and mystical, within conjugal love. The privilege of the couple is to cooperate with God's graces in the pro-creation of life. Oh, what a privilege! In the act of sexual intercourse, through the miracle of life, the man's sperm unites with the woman's fertile egg, and only by God's grace does human life begin. That one instant when the sperm fertilizes the egg is that precise moment when God creates the soul, the life-giving force that enables the fetus to grow, to develop and to be born. The moment of conception is the most glorious time in all of the universe. Another being is created by and through God. The key is whether the love, with which that child was conceived at that very first instant, is with God.

    Society's concept of marriage is of a union between a man and a woman for their convenience as long as they enjoy each other. Because the world has compromised, divorce is much easier; cohabitation without the responsibilities and commitment to love "as long as you both shall live" has become a way of life that greatly threatens society and souls. Civilization, as a whole, has forgotten that to love, one must obey as well. Contrary to modern thought, marriage is not a millstone but rather a God-given life raft that keeps us afloat on the sea of life with a "buddy system" we can count on through thick and thin. Working on this love together in full union with God we can be protected from the swirling waters of sin. But we can be attain this freedom, this love, only if we are obedient to Him fully.

    Obedience to the Will of God in Conjugal Love, when properly understood and cooperated with, can only bring great joy to the couple. This obedience allows the natural law of God to take place. Unlike the "easier-the-better" mentality today, a good and holy marriage require sacrifice on the part of both husband and wife. This is why Holy Mother Church, always there to support and guide the married couple, speaks strongly against any means of artificial conception, and reinforces over and over the integrity of the "rhythm method" of Natural Family Planning.

    Since Planned Parenthood developed its agenda, cleverly couched in phrases that sound rational, obedience to the Will of God through the natural law has been eroded to such a degree that many Catholics have been left in ignorance, or have decided of their own free will, to defy the teachings of Holy Mother Church on this very sacred subject-pro-creation. Indeed, even within many dioceses Planned Parenthood has made inroads into corroding the moral fiber by instigating verbal engineering that changes the intent and meaning of supposedly Catholic programs to lean towards the culture of death in the most clever and devious of ways. They have long realized that the only obstacle to their total indoctrination is the Church. Therefore they have planned their strategy well, covering all flanks. In their full artillery they have one platoon as NARAL, another platoon is NOW, another is big business, another the political arena, and another 'catholics' for a free choice, another organizations that have infiltrated the Church that, like a cancer, spreads and chokes the good cells and eats away at the Catholic creed slowly but surely. They have learned well the art of the fifth columnist, ingratiating themselves into dioceses and introducing programs that on the surface may seem positive and beneficial, but below is very, very malignant.

    Some of these tumors are targeted to the most vulnerable of Catholics - our youth. These dangerous organizations include IMAGES, a teen theathre program as well as STAR (Sisters Together Acting Responsibly) and MARCH (Males Acting Responsibly for Community and Health) and teenSMART, another program designed for low-income, at risk youth. These are just a sampling of organizations that have penetrated the Church as Planned Parenthood has used the addage, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" to its advantage. You can believe they have no intention of joining the Church, but rather dividing and destroying her from within. That is why they aim so many programs at our young people today. They are the future leaders of the Church. We've already seen the damage done by the homosexual infiltration into the priesthood in the 50's and 60's. The results of Planned Parenthood's efforts will begin their ugly and shocking manifestion within the next thirty years unless we can become concerned Catholics and question these social programs many chanceries are pushing without clearance from Rome.

    Why, you might be asking, would we bring this up while speaking about marriage? It's very obvious. The targeted audience Planned Parenthood is after are those beginning to contemplate marriage and the subliminal message they receive is that they have control over their own bodies and can do whatever they want. The "me generation" of the eighties is still here. Only the nomenclature has changed, not the purpose. This series is about strengthening marriages and Planned Parenthood is intent on destroying them. So naturally all couples, all parents need to know their modus operandi for it is so devious. In some of these programs they promote sexual abstinence and the consequences of unhealthy sexual activity before marriage. That all sounds noble on the surface, but underneath? Ah, there's the rub. For they cleverly manipulate and channel their "captured audience" to resources they already control and once they get them, they continue to squeeze them toward dependence on them for "all their needs." They are out to "convert" their gullible subjects to their way of thinking, not overnight, but over a span of time where those being taught begin to compromise their values and ethics in return for promises and opportunities offered by Planned Parenthood Programs. They're in it for the long run and are patient in waiting for the serpent to shed its skin.

    As responsible parents, we all need to be aware of what our children are learning; what programs are being offered. We're not talking just about our public schools, but our parishes as well. Yes, even our Catholic schools which have leaned heavily to the left since the nuns faded out of the picture in the 60's and 70's. Just as couples are challenged to love and obey, we have the duty and responsibility to challenge those in the Church who treat the word "obey" as "choice" or "it doesn't mean me" or "the circumstances are different here." That kind of doublespeak is a redflag to watch out for. It happened in 1968 after Paul VI released his encyclical and it continues today. Brother Ignatius of the Legion of Saint Michael has said we should not be afraid to confront those who compromise, who are afraid to live their faith. He comes right out and tells people they don't love God. Naturally, their reaction is "how do you know what's in my heart?" They challenge him for judging, but in effect he is not judging but jurying all the evidence presented him by Holy Mother Church. In effect one cannot love if they do not obey for Christ said, "If you love Me, keep My commandments." If we do not keep His commandments, then the syllogism follows that we do not love Him.

    The same standards hold for a marriage. Many have sought to eliminate the words "love and obey" in the marriage vows, but they're there for a reason. To love each other, a couple must obey not only God's laws, but their own instinctive moral conscience as well. Also, by merit of their commitment to their spouse, they must obey each other, not in the sense of a master-servant relationship but in the sense Jesus intended as servant of servants in totally giving of themselves body, mind and soul to their spouse.

    Only then will the charisms begin to flourish in their Conjugal Love. Only then will the Sanctity of Life begin to recover from the brutal blows being delivered by Planned Parenthood and that ilk. Only then will the fruits of Paul VI's Humane Vitae and John Paul II's Evangelium Vitae become more evident.

    In the next installment we will continue this vein from Cyndi's perspective. In Lesson nine and ten we spoke from Mike's perspective. Now it's Cyndi's turn to share the wife's viewpoint in sharing our oneness with all in this important and sensitive series on the Charism of Congugal Love, possibly only through total obedience to God's Holy Will.

NEXT WEEK: Lesson Twelve: A willingness to love and live God's Will


January 6, 2001
volume 12, no. 6
AT ONE WITH GOD - Special Series on Conjugal Love in attaining Oneness with God

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