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  In order to keep the Faith as it should be known and lived, we provide the information on these pages for those who are serious about knowing more about their Faith so that they might better understand the tenets of our Faith and not be so easily mislead into believing anything that comes down the pike...whether that be from someone in your parish, from the DRE in your diocese, from various outlets intent on telling you how it should be. Find out for yourself the truths as we present a compendium portal of documents from Trent to present day. We guarantee you if you read it all with a discerning heart you will be able to decipher the wheat from the chaff, understand what the absolutes of our Faith are and not be fooled by modernism and ambiguities, no matter how cleverly they are couched. Remember satan is the father of half-truths. You'll find sources at the pages below. Just click on the icons.

Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday issue        August 9-12, 2001        volume 12, no. 141

All the news that's fit to pray over

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How close are we to the mark of the beast?

  Gary Morella has sent us an article by John Vennari, editor of Catholic Family News which is a sign that causes one to wonder how close we are. It is ironically called the "Digital Angel" and it is no angel unless one is referring to the fallen variety. Vennari compiled this from factual articles that do indeed show we are closer than many might think. Beware. For the article The Digital Angel Implant, see SIGNS that cause one to WONDER

51st Anniversary of a prophetic papal decree that went unheeded: Humani generis by Pope Pius XII

   August 12th is the 51st anniversary of the release of Pope Pius XII's masterful and prophetic encyclical Humani generis which deal with false opinions that threatened to undermine the foundations of Catholic doctrine. As we know in retrospect he realized the great dangers ahead and did all he could to deny the modernists' manifesto, going so far as to exile and censor so many who spouted their own agenda in their quest for enlightenment and conformity with the world. As we also know after his death all hell broke loose when Pope John XXIII, who himself had been censored, released all the renegades who proceeded to run roughshod over tradition and the teachings at Vatican II. The results have been catastrophic. One would do well to read His Holiness' encyclical at HUMANI GENERIS. For other Time Capsule events that happened during this time in Church history, see TIME CAPSULES

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Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday issue        August 9-12, 2001        volume 12, no. 141

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