August 27-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 146

Another Former Pro-lifer sells his soul to satan

    What is it about politics that one would sell their very soul to satan for political gain? What is this fascination with power that one would condone immorality just for the sake of a political party? What is this stranglehold that a political party has over its members that they would deny God, for the tenets of satan?

    The latest in this long list of soul sellers is Dick Gephardt, the Democratic House Minority Leader.

    On Meet the Press on 8-19-01, Dick Gephardt, was one of the guests. Tim Russert, in talking about President George W. Bush’s decision on stem cells, started the discussion by saying that the American people approve of Bush’s decision on stem cells 60 to 34.

    He then asked Gephardt, “When do you think life begins?” Gephardt: “Well, the Supreme Court said between the first and second trimesters

    I MUST interject here. There’s not a reputable embryologist in the entire world, who could deny that human life begins at conception. Since NO embryologist testified before the Supreme Court, it was apparent that the majority of the justices already had their minds made up. They did not want the truth to get in the way of their thinking.

Russert: “Well, what do YOU think?”(when life begins)

Gephardt: “I think the Supreme Court probably had it right and we ought to use the research that can be done on stem cells to find the answers to these dread diseases."

Russert: "When you first came to Congress you proposed a constitutional amendment to ban all abortions. You said on the House floor, life begins at conception. You’ve now, changed you mind?”

Gephardt: "I think the thing to do here is to follow the Supreme Court. I think their decision said it very clearly. That's the policy that ought to be followed."

    Gephardt was elected to Congress in 1976, three years AFTER the Roe Vs Wade decision, which legalized abortions. He was abhorred by that decision and proposed a constitutional amendment to ban all abortions.

    So, what happened -- why the change in mindset? Why does he now accept the proposition that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses?

    The answer is -- he has NO backbone. Honor, integrity and commitment to his moral principles have to take a back-seat to his political career. It is common knowledge that if one wants to climb the Democratic political ladder he/she MUST be pro-choice to kill the unborn.(PCKU)

    Gephardt, they say, will run for the presidency in 2004. It really doesn’t make any difference if Gephardt, or some other Democrat gets the bid -- you know it will be someone, who has NO respect for the sanctity for human life. It's the way of the Democratic party.

    In 1987, Gephardt became the first Democratic candidate to enter the 1988 presidential race. Following that race, in 1989, he was elected by his colleagues to serve as the Democratic Majority Leader. In 1994, when the Republicans took over both Houses, Gephardt, then became the Democratic Minority Leader.

    Al Gore, earlier in his career, when a congressman, also was pro-life. However, since he aspired to move up the Democratic political ladder, he switched. Polls at the time showed that the immoral view of killing unwanted children, would garner more votes, especially among women.

    The Almighty Democratic Party comes first and Almighty God, who said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” has to take a back seat.

    This is what is known as selling one's soul to the devil for political gain. To be pro-choice is to condone a SIN of great magnitude -- the taking of a human life. One has to wonder how a person of faith can possibly be ready to meet their Creator, with this great sin of perpetuating and propagating the killing of His precious children, hanging over their head.

    In Bush’s decision on stem cells, where he does not want any more embryos killed, Gephardt does NOT agree. “We've got to let the research go to where it can go to find the answers to these problems."

    Gephardt has no problem if researchers want to kill as may embryos as it takes.

    This is just another example of the charge, that the Democratic Party has become infiltrated by satan. Besides their condoning the killing of unborn babies and their embracing homosexuality -- both clearly condemned in the Bible -- is that this party has COMPLETELY lost its moral compass.

    Another case in point is when Russert asked Gephardt about Gary Condit:
Russert: "Gary Condit is on the House Intelligence Committee. He is vulnerable to blackmail. Should he step aside -- not have access to the nations foremost secrets, to avoid any possibility of blackmail?"

Gephardt: "I don't think we should rush to judgment We have a legal process in the country and in the House when people are accused of wrongdoing, we must presume that they are innocent until proven guilty. Let the process work. We don't know all the facts."

Russert: "But he is on the House Intelligence Committee -- is he trustworthy, a man of honor?"

Gephardt: "HE IS, he is cooperating with the authorities. He's trying to find this young woman."

Russert: "Has he told you that he had no roll in her (Chandra Levy) disappearance?"

Gephardt: "He has NOT told me that, but he told me he is very disturbed about the whole matter."

    As Clinton, Condit is a serial adulterer, it boggles the mind that Gephardt has the nerve to say that Condit is a "man of honor." Anyone who watched his much ballyhooed rehearsed, evasive, unrepentive interview with Connie Chung over the disappearance and relationship with Chandra Levy could see that is a joke. Forget all the media hoopla. Forget the obstruction of justice and the lying by both of them. Does an honorable man constantly cheat on his wife, even with women almost 30 years younger that he? Does an honorable man refuse to take a police lie detector test?

    Why do Democrats constantly say that “what adults do in their private lives is their own business?” This tiring mantra, after a while, becomes sickening. Why can't Democrats see that immorality IS a serious matter. Why did they vote en masse NOT to remove Clinton from the presidency?

    A county's morality is IMPORTANT. It should be at the top of the list. It should not be shoved to the bottom, as Democrats insist. Look around -- all the headlines that make your skin crawl are the result of immorality. Even now, though some have come close to calling for it, NO Democrat in Congress says the Gary Condit should resign.

    Why can't Democrats understand that, by approving of adultery by those high up in the political spectrum, it sends a bad message to the rest of the populace. Is it any wonder that adultery, infidelity, a total rejection of morals in the USA is skyrocketing?

    Why can't Democrats understand that great societies of the past have been toppled from within, because of moral degeneracy. Especially, why do they want their children exposed to people like Bill Clinton and Condit. There should be no doubt to any thinking person that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS SATAN’S PRIDE AND JOY.

    There was something else that Gephardt said that made my blood boil and it has nothing to do with what I usually write about. It has to do with SPORTS and I just CANNOT pass it up without a comment. I have always been a BIG St. Louis Cardinal baseball fan -- since I was ten years old. Gephardt’s district is the St. Louis area. The following is the exchange:

Russert: "Are you rooting for Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants to beat Mark McGwire's record for 70 home runs?" (in a season)

Gephardt: "I’d be thrilled if he did it."

Russert: "Mark McGwire of the St. Louis Cardinals?"

Gephardt: "I love Mark McGwire, as you know I'm a Cardinal nut."

Russert: "But you’re rooting for Bonds to break the record."

Gephardt: "I'm for all records being broken, I think it's great."

Russert: "Now I know your running for president, here comes California."

Gephardt: (laugh) -- "No, no, if he can do it -- he ought to do it -- I'm for him."

    I don’t know of any true baseball fan, who would want a player from another team to break a record made by a player of the team he/she roots for. Especially, if it’s the single season home run record. For Gephardt to say that he is rooting for Barry Bonds to break the record is -- well, there are no words for it, except to say that I was completely flabbergasted when he said it, since he is supposed to be a Cardinal "nut."

    The above is just a little side dish into the nature off Dick Gephardt. He abandoned GOD for his party and now he has abandoned Mark McGwire and the St. Louis Cardinals (his team) for what -- I don't know? So much for loyalties. Could it be that he just speaks without thinking, or as Tim Russert suggested -- sounds like Gephardt is running for president? (California has more electoral votes than any other state.)

    We know that human life is NOT sacred to Gephardt and the Democratic party, but what I would like to know: IS ANYTHING SACRED TO THEM, OTHER THAN VOTES?

Dr. Frank Joseph

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August 27-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 146
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