August 20-22, 2001
volume 12, no. 144

Behind the Vault

The Pope's Banks in America, the Giannini Family, and the American CIA

Part Two

    By way of that book and the publicity flacks that followed over the years, Bank of America is supposedly owned principally by numerous of their small account holders. A fairy tale supreme. By the 1970s, Bank America, the holding company, was owned principally by the Vatican and the Jesuits, Pope Paul VI's clever army who occassionally see fit to rebuff the Pontiff. In the 1970s, the ownership broadened out to include the French Rothschilds, wrongly identified by know-nothings as "Jewish bankers", actually very Pro-Vatican into many joint finances not exactly compatible with ordinary Jews or the State of Israel.

    By the early 1990s, Bank America stock was steadily declining. More numerous than the traditional Italian and Sicilian mafia, the Japanese underworld, the Yakuza, bought their way into Bank America, becoming a major joint owner. The Yakuza now owns most every bank headquartered in California. The book "Yakuza" by Dubro and Kaplan, tells a lot about the Japanese mafia. In Osaka, Japan, the Yakuza is actually an adjunct of the local police. According to a discussion by the authors on a radio program, more than half of the new buildings built downtown Chicago in the 1980s are owned by the Yakuza. Later in the 1990s, Bank of America and the Giannini family merged their interests publicly with Continental Bank, although the Chicago-based and San Francisco-based money ships had been more or less joined at the hip privately long before that. The office buildings in which are also housed the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, are reportedly bankrupt because of low occupancy but owned reportedly by the Yakuza.

    [Some contend O.J. Simpson was framed up for the two murders because of financial problems developed in enterprises in California he once greatly owned but given, in part, to his ex-wife, Nicole, part of the divorce. Those businesses reportedly were money laundries for the dope traffic controlled by the Yakuza in murderous competition with the Mexican dope gang, the Herreras. OJ once reported to the police that strange orientals were trying to kill him.]

    On behalf of the Pope, the Giannini family has operated in the Chicago-area a so-far low-key operation called First National Bank of Cicero. Historically, Cicero has been the mafia enclave adjunct to Chicago's old West Side. A dominant force in with the Gianninis and that Bank has been Bishop Paul Marcinkus, originally running a Catholic Church in Cicero. Marcinkus went on to become head of the Institute of Religious Works [IOR] commonly called the Vatican Bank. Marcinkus fled the Vatican and took up refuge in Chicago, late in 1991.

    Shortly after Marcinkus returned to Chicago, a purported asset for Israeli intelligence, the Mossad, in December, 1991, was found murdered, mafia-style, not far from the First National Bank of Cicero. A U.S. Bankruptcy Court auctioneer who corruptly skimmed off funds from Bankrupt Estates to contribute to Israel, Wallace Lieberman tried to shake down the Giannini family, their bank in Cicero, and related others, threatening to expose their role in the corrupt traffic in illicit gold, arms, radioactive materials, and such; that they acted jointly with the American CIA, the traditional Italian and Sicilian mafia, and Bank of America.

    The murder of Lieberman was announced in the heavily pro-Vatican and pro-British monarchy Chicago Tribune, in their edition for Christmas Day, 1991, an ironic twist not lost on everyone. Shortly thereafter, Lieberman's son, Barry, was framed up on U.S. treason charges. Barry Lieberman was supposedly caught in the process of supposedly selling to the State of Israel, certain stolen top U.S. military electronic counter-measure radar secret equipment. Actually, equipment abandoned by U.S. forces in the Iraqi and Saudi desert after the short Persian Gulf War.

    With the help of Marcinkus and the Giannini family, an Illinois State Senator, Judy Baar Topinka, from the Berwyn-Cicero area, was elected in 1994, as Illinois Treasurer. On our TV Show in October of that year, she praised the First National Bank of Cicero and former Vatican Bank Chief Marcinkus who she said she knew. She had previously, in some capacity or another, acted as public relations flack for the bank in Cicero. Topinka was re-elected in 1998. So,the former Vatican Bank crook helped install the woman who is in charge of all the State money of Illinois.

Sherman H. Skolnick

For the first part, see Part One

August 16-19, 2001
volume 12, no. 143
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