August 16-19, 2001
volume 12, no. 143

Know your Faith!
Pass it on!

    His Excellency Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen said it best: "As long as people are not aroused to abuses or evil, they will not support social legislation." Isn't this why we have in society today such overwhelming, maniacal mayhem of the vices of murder (abortion), sodomy, infidelity, graft, greed, drugs, lying, utter selfishness? The brilliant, saintly prelate had it pegged. He knew psychology for what it was and he influenced millions. His inspiring program "Life is Worth Living" was beamed into half the TV's in America every week in prime time on network TV back in the pre-Vatican II days. Ah, those were the days! Yet, have all those who watched and imbued the words of this saintly bishop died off or disappeared? You might think so because there is so little outrage from the 'good' people, from the conservative Catholics who are incensed at what is happening at the local level, but close a blind eye to why it has been allowed to continue.

    From sea to shiny sea, sin has gained such a foothold and cherished place in our politically correct communities that the prophet Isaiah's words in Isaiah 5: 20 ring truer than ever: "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who change darkness into light, and light into darkness, who change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter!"

    Unless you've been in a time warp and just woke up after 40 years in a coma, you have to realize this is exactly what is happening and it's only going to get worse before the cleansing is complete. So what is a loyal Catholic to do? For over two decades we, like the vast majority, just accepted it as a fait accomplis and tried to live with it, going through the motions, always praying. But it kept gnawing at us over and over that something wasn't right, that we were only condoning the evil by not speaking out forcibly, not standing up for what Jesus demands we do as faithful members of His Church Militant.

    Ah, yes, the Church Militant. Only in a few publications other than this one will you see that term that was all but abandoned after Vatican 2. In its place came the notorious 'People of God.' That means everyone for He created all men, no matter their race, creed or persuasion. But that is not what Christ intended for the New Covenant. He established His Church with Simon Peter as the Rock (cf. Matthew 16: 18-19) for those who would follow Him, keep His commandments and - and this is so vital - eat His flesh and drink His blood (cf. John 6: 48-59). The Catholic Church is the only religion who believes, without reservation, in the Transubstantiation - where the bread and wine become His actual Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity. It is the Mysterium Fidei - the Mystery of Faith. With that established, then how can non-Catholics be members of His Church if they do not fully accept Him? They can't. Yet the 'ecumaniacs' continue to deceive and cut corners, read: compromise the True Faith. That began by eliminating the need to fight for the Faith. Ergo, eliminate the term Church Militant and downplay the great Communion of Saints. That way the Church Suffering can more easily be forgotten for they represent the souls in Purgatory and Purgatory doesn't exist in the Protestant mindset. We can't offend the Protestants.

    But it's apparently alright to offend the loyal Catholic and, folks, whether you realize it or not we have been greatly offended. Oh have we! The revelations of this came to light when I read an article by Atila Sinke Guimar„es last year. In it he challenged those who claim to be conservative, concerned Catholics. He did so in such a loving, but firm way and offered verification and syllogisms that I couldn't argue with. Since we had been considered conservative, concerned Catholics I definitely took it as a challenge. I took him up on the challenge and, guess what? He was right. Absolutely, positively right. When you find someone with that kind of logic and truth, you recruit him to help others. As you see we have proudly added Atila and Dr. Marian Horvat to our battalion of regular columnists. We can't encourage you enough to read their material and books. Therein you'll find confirmation to the contradiction of the conciliar Church from all the Popes and Councils before Vatican II.

    Cyndi has detailed in her past columns how our conversion back to the Latin Mass evolved, but I have to tell you it was a shock to the system when first we discovered that the conciliar Church was not the true Roman Catholic Church as set down since Peter and set in stone at and after the Council of Trent, reinforced at Vatican I and confirmed by every Pontiff from Pope Saint Pius V to Pope Pius XII. No, once we started to add it up and compare, the conciliar Church - the one we had been an integral part of for over three decades - more closely resembled the church Martin Luther had called for, not Pius V! Who would you follow?

    Through intense prayer and a growing awareness and frustration that our souls were not being fed and nourished in the Novus Ordo or in the whole curriculum of the modern Church, we found a traditional Chapel here in Vista. Right in our own back yard so to speak. When we first moved back to Southern California four years ago we attended Mass at every parish in North County hoping to find a true home. The Blessed Mother conveyed to Cyndi that eventually we would find the parish where we knew we would truly be 'home.' In God's time the Holy Spirit would guide us there. We had traveled 100 miles round trip several times to the only 'official' Tridentine Mass in San Diego County. Always it was standing room only and beautiful. However, I am limited in the amount of miles I can drive because of my pinched nerves and arthritis. We had always known about the Tridentine Mass in Vista but had not attended because it was 'not approved by Bishop Robert H. Brom.' Never mind that he had been approached several times about the need for more sites for the Tridentine Mass. His naive response was that it was only a few old people who wanted it and they'd die off soon. In truth he is no friend of the Latin Mass. He has made that crystal clear by not establishing another Tridentine Mass anywhere in this vast diocese. It is a region of over one million Catholics that stretches from the Arizona border in the east to the glistening blue Pacific on the west coast, from the Mexican border in the south to Orange and San Bernardino Counties to the north. In this massive area there is only one 'recognized' Tridentine Mass!

    We obediently declined from attending a Mass not approved by the Bishop. After all we didn't want to be disobedient. Then we discovered who really was being disobedient. The bishop himself and the rest of the bishops, who, first of all, have not obeyed Pope John Paul II's strong recommendation to provide the Latin Mass for the faithful per his Ecclesia Dei motu proprio in 1988. Upon further research, we also learned that the Pope's motu proprio was never necessary for indeed, as the Vatican itself has admitted, the Latin Mass was never abrogated. Therefore, permission is not necessary for such a fundamental right and rite of Holy Mother Church. The bishops don't want you to know that for once the general public realizes it, they will demand their priests provide the nourishment that only the Mass of All Ages can provide. With that sure knowledge we could not flee our former parish of Saint Thomas More fast enough. The last Novus Ordo we attended - and ever will attend - came on Ash Wednesday.

    It wasn't as easy as you might think for we had established many friends there, especially within the Knights of Columbus where I had been one of the officers and very involved. A greater group of guys you won't find than a KC Council in every parish. The Knights have always been one of the last bastions of the Church to stay the course. Unfortunately the ecumenical trend within the Church has lulled the Order into a false sense of security and purpose and the Knights have been unknowing pawns in propelling the modernist agenda further in every parish out of obedience to the pastors, who, in turn, have also been pawns, schooled in progressive seminaries, and ready to do whatever their bishop tells them to either impress him or keep him off their backs. You see, sadly, financial bottom line plays the trump card over souls in practically every diocese save for a few you can count on one hand. From our previous writing I think you all know which dioceses those are. Pray Peoria will be blessed with a like successor as Newark takes on a new shine and pray that the Church will ride a Rocky Mountain high and other prelates will emulate the holiness and mission established in Denver. Other than that and a few others, folks, there's not a lot of hope for the shepherds in America. You may refer to past editorials for proof on that.

    The time of our conversion back to the Latin Mass corresponded with the move of St. Thomas More from a mall-front church to a huge parish center that eerily resembles the monstrosity being built in LA, which is treated in Marian Horvat's insightful column The poor church of the rich and the rich church of the poor in this issue, as well as the intercepted Memorendamn Whited Sepulchres. The only difference is the St. Thomas More building cost quite a bit less and has more glass, other than that - not much difference. Neither replicates nor resembles a Roman Catholic church. In fact, the Chapel of Christ the King - where there has been a traditional Latin Mass said every Sunday and every Holy Day for the last five years - is in a building that is more reverent, more Catholic in every way than any church in northern San Diego County. That includes the beautiful Mission Dr. Horvat speaks of in her column. Yes, Christ the King rivals the Mission for imbuing the manifestations of the Faith. It's a small chapel where many bring their own kneelers and everyone kneels. You can hear a pin drop before and after Mass. The Rosary is recited before every Mass as well as Father hearing Confession. No chatter, no social banter. Christ is the focus.

    For anyone from the San Diego area reading this, we invite you to join us at the most reverent Holy Mass you will find anywhere. Just call me at 800-I-DO-PRAY. We also invite Bishop Brom to come on up and see how it really should be done in his diocese. Oh, and while he's waiting for all the old fogies to die out and the Traditional Mass to go the way of the dinosaurs, we might want to warn him of all the young families with oodles of neatly-dressed children and babes in arms that Father encourages so. He always makes a point to acknowledge them and that their cries, their noises are music to his ears for they are the hope and future of Holy Mother Church. The more he allows the kids to be kids, the more they respond by being quiet, attentive and truly weaned on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. All women wear chapel veils and dresses, men dress neatly and respectfully. No cutoffs or low cuts. Oh happy day!

    However, it cannot be a happy day if more do not realize the corruption that has corroded our beloved Church. As we point out in Simply Sheen, you cannot be outraged and oppose evil if it is not exposed for what it is: evil! We don't realize how much evil has permeated the Church since Vatican II. Pope Paul VI confirmed this that satan was in the sanctuary. Do you think in the 25 years since that lucifer has retreated? Not on your life. He has only burrowed deeper, infecting countless more souls in the hierarchy and laity.

    What can be done? Pray! Remember that nothing is impossible with God. Secondly, really get to know your Faith. Study the documents we have provided links to on our site at Sacred Deposit of Faith. Once you also get over the shock of the realization that not all is what you thought it should be, then it's time to pray even more and then roll up the sleeves and get to work. Join the Crusade to keep the True Faith alive. You could be resentful of how you have been duped for so long. You could be resentful of us for bursting the utopian bubble and being the bearer of bad news. On the other hand, you could say 'thank God I found out in time' and will do something to preserve the True Faith - even if that means persecution. Never forget Our Lord's words in Matthew 16: 24-26"If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For he who would save his life will lose it; but he who loses his life for My sake will find it. For what does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?"

    We recently received an e-mail from a reader who remarked that we were becoming entrenched in Tradition. I like that. Yes, we intend to always be entrenched in the Truths and Traditions of the Holy Roman Church. We had thought we were for so many years while riding the coattails of the Vatican II reforms, but in actuality we were not entrenched, we were in a rut, a deep one. We've managed to extricate ourselves from the quicksand of ambiguity and confusion and extend the life line to you by providing clear documentation that will hopefully clarify the confusion and make crystal clear that what the Church had and was before Vatican II was the True Church, the True Faith uncontaminated by Protestant, progressive and modernist ideologies and directives.

    Few realize how deep the cancer goes within the conciliar Church. It is true it began well before Vatican II, all the way back to the French Revolution, the Rothschilds family and freemasonry. We have discovered a writer Sherman H. Skolnick, who has done extensive research on history right up to 2001 and, in an effort to uncover the truths, to weed out the chaff in order to help restore Christ and His Church to His proper place in society, we are going to bring his findings to you in a column called conspiracy unveiled. What he writes is fact which he can back up without revealing the confidential sources. The reason we have put so much credence in his findings is that it corroborates everything Malachi Martin wrote. The late great author Martin is considered a fiction writer, but for those in-the-know, they know what he wrote was not fiction. Only some names were changed to protect the guilty. With the help of the Sanctifier, you should not have any problem putting a name to the faces painted by Martin's magnificent style. The difference between Martin and Skolnick is that the latter is not afraid to name names. While there is much that might shock you in respect to our own government cover-ups, arrangements, deeds, etc. and the corporate involvement, one thread keeps weaving throughout these 'conspiracies' from the time of Abraham Lincoln on. That thread, like it or not, is the Vatican.

    As loyal Catholics we don't like it, especially when you read the complicity, espionage, unholy alliances, and cover-up tactics employed. Yet, to ignore it is only playing the ostrich role. We are led back to Bishop Sheen's words "Evil is not a robber that breaks into our house; it is a tenant to whom the house has been rented." The conciliar Church has been renting our hearts and wrenching them all the while. We need to evict the tenant and establish the true heir to Holy Mother Church for the sake of our very souls! The way this can be done is for more to practice holiness and expose the evil everywhere it exists within the Church. Rid her of the cancer. Get rid of the rascals that scandalize the Church by their inaction and their actions. That can only be accomplished by more knowing their Faith so they will not be led astray and can stand up to the charlatans who have hijacked our beloved Holy Church. We all owe her and her Founder that much. As we can see from the past 40 years, cover-ups have only dug the conciliar Church deeper into the rut that, pretty soon, will just merge with all the other ruts of Protestantism and new age spin-offs that have been formed by those who veered from the True Church because they thought they had a better idea.

    With prayer and through the grace of the Holy Spirit we have been led to impart a beginners kit, so to speak, so that all faithful Catholics can get more charged up and defend the Truths and Traditions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. To all who cherish Holy Mother Church and want to keep the Faith alive it's very simple. It's all about awareness. Know your Faith! Pass it on!

Michael Cain, editor

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August 16-19, 2001
volume 12, no. 143
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